Friday, April 29, 2005

The one with the lunch time kwento

I'm just here in my cube, trying to edit my blog and trying to make a mosaic. We do not have any accomplishments this week, but im just happy that it's Simon's birthday tomorrow. This is his last birthday as a bachelor and i hope it will be a memorable one. (hehehe) This week was a busy one coz i had so much workload, i can't keep up with my w@w mails. hehe, i miss my girlfriends there! but, thank God, we don't have pasok on monday and i can have all the time to check mails, update blogs and wedding preps, of course! we plan to drop by at megamall later to check out the wedding rings on sale at Karat Gold. Was able to meet up with Alain & may of Matus last sunday, and it was ok. they gave us 4 quotations, and we still have to compare it with two more jewelers. did'nt get the chance to pay clarice & paul this week. was hoping we could pay na next week so we can move on with other suppliers. okay, have to work again.

Behbeh's mosaic

Behbeh's mosaic
Originally uploaded by Simon-Jacque.

As inspired by our good KFC-w@wie friends, Mai and Paul, this is our first mosaic.

Friday, April 22, 2005

The one with the free invites!

God is so good! yes! He really knows the desires of our hearts and He will never forsake nor leave His own. We are really tightening our belts for our wedding, and choosing Printed Matter to do our invites was, I know, one of the best decisions we've made so far. But then again, may mas blessing pa pala dun. A couple in our church had a printing press business before (di namin alam) and i was just so happy that they offered to do our invites...for FREE! as in, pili daw kme pinaka-mahal na design and sila na bahala. we were nahihiya at first pero we realized na pag blessing yan, di yan dapat tinatanggihan. :) and I know, God will bless them more for their generous hearts. yun lang, i'm just so thankful at may nag-sponsor ng isang item ng wedding namin...oh by the way, di pa namin sila Principal sposors ha. hehe, kakatuwa tlga!

Happy 6th year and 2 months behbeh! i love you and i'am just so excited to finally waking up everyday with you by my side! muah! God bless you! (kaya lang, tagal mo dumating. hehe, may date pa tayo!!!)

Saturday, April 16, 2005

The one with the eye blogs

I'am feeling so sleepy na.
I just realized that I've been in front of the computer for 5 straight hours...whew! grabe! pero it's quite a fulfilling experience. i got to link some friends already. Got to link our wedding resources, and got to change the font styles and in our blog. yipee! next project, music and clock, and also the pics and the countdown! hehe, dami pa pala!
oh well, i need to rest my tired eyes na.

Friday, April 15, 2005

The one with a boring Friday

i know, i know, i's a weekend, most of the malls are having "mallwide sales",and we dont have work tomorrow. i have all the reasons to enjoy this day, but apparently, i'm just not in a perky mood. ewan ko ba?! parang i just want to go home and sleep, watch "Friends", read my book, and clean up my room. yun lang. i don't want to do anything that concerns office work, or other people's problems. sometimes, ang hirap when you are being affected by other people's concerns. ikaw din nahihirapan. but i know, God has put me in this situation for a lot of reasons. yun lang. i'm still thankful pa rin naman. im just not my usual self. oh well, baka ang kelangan ko tlga is quiet time with God. o sya! later...

Thursday, April 14, 2005

The One with Paul Vincent

we went to the studio of paul vincent last night. funny now that i remember what happened yesterday. nagkatampuhan pa kme ni simon before kme punta dun. hehe. but everything went well. we just commuted and rode the MRT, then a cab from SM North. meeting him was worth it naman coz simon had a great time talking to him. he sturck on his "joking nerve" last night and paul and simon were just laughing the whole time. kme din ni ivee(his asst.), tawa rin ng tawa. super! simon mentioned kc na he wants to arrange the musical scoring of our video...tas mala star wars daw ang sounds! hahaha..eto naman si paul, hirit! bigla daw lalabas si darth vader! anyah! but he's really nice. so low-profile and easy to talk to. his works are okay with me. medyo simple layout nga lang but i think it can be fixed naman. he still does other styles din naman eh like montage prints, and the like. it really depends on the couple's preference. simon was satisfied with his packages. he wants to get him na talga. ako din naman eh. just have to check one more supplier. hehe. OC-OC! that's it! saya lang. had a great time again prepping for the big day!

Sunday, April 10, 2005

The one with the 'Printed Matter' invites

Simon and i went to Printed Matter yesterday to check them out. so cool, we'll definitely get their services sabi ni beh. phoebe and kerwin are mabait and very accommodating. I like suppliers who are like that, yung kahit ano pagawa mo, they'll try to do that to meet your standards. then, we came up with out top 3 invites. the first one we both like was a booklet type of invite. nice, 55pesos only. you dont have to put any small cards in it na coz it's all there, even the map and the rsvp card. then, there's the second one, the invite that simon liked. well, it's a 2-page invite, simple but so elegant. i like it also. its 40 pesos lang. hehe. good deal. then, the third one is an invite in a bottle. cute! pero we still have to look for a bottle supplier na cheap. then, phoebe will work out on a design for our invites. she want to push thru with the enchantment/fairy tale thing. i trust her taste and style so i said yes. im so excited with the output...which reminds me, i have to email her the text. yun lang, just so excited about our invites. on the side pala, we also went to decisive moments to check out their packages. although bery nice, mejo umiral ang pagka-tsinoy ng simon ko and asked us to look for other suppliers pa. :)

Friday, April 08, 2005

The One with the wedding blog

grabe, this wedding blog is really challenging my nerves! hehe...i never expected i'll exert effort on understanding what HTML is and how this thing works. oh well, saya naman eh. and i'm doing this syempre for my beh! muah! actually, i still have to learn so many things such as the music, clock, links and uploading photos. haaayyy!! if i can just have the time... .