Wednesday, July 27, 2005

The one with Kapuso

Yesterday, Simon is an official Kapuso na. hindi sa artist center ng GMA ha. hehe. He was offered a job by GMA in New Media dept. very apt for him, as in! katuwa nga eh. well, he's not looking for a job talaga kc ayaw nya nga ng 8-5 job. he always works alone. he does his projects with his clients sa house nila and money transfer na lang. pero syempre, if there's an opportunity, grab it. super excited sya coz parang hindi daw work yung gagawin nya. plus there's also shifting in work hours, meaning he can still make projects for his other clients, na di naman bawal sa GMA. La lang, galing lang talaga ni Lord to give to us what He thinks is best for us...and God's plans are always for the best.

Tuesday, July 26, 2005

The one with the souvenir boxes

after shopping in Divi for boxes for our souvenirs, syempre, kinareer na naman namin ni simon ang paggawa ng design. i so love him when he volunteers to help out on my DIYs (kahit minsan tatawanan na lang ako nun dahil naghahanap daw ako ng sakit sa katawan) hahaha. but it's true, i don't know why i love to do things by myself. it gives me a thrill when i get to finish a beautiful piece of anything. haha.

so anyway, here are some of my finished products. naks naman! almost done na nga eh coz ang bilis lang gumawa.
if you're wondering about the shimmering thingy sa cover, those are micro-beads or sugar beads. when i brought a sample to phoebe para lam nya what i was talking about, gusto rin nya magpagawa for her wedding. hala! eh november na kaya un. wish ko lang i can find the time to make her boxes also.

o diba? you dont need souvenir tags na kc naka-paste na sa cover ung label namin.

plus, its multi-functional coz you can use it as a jewelry box as well

at least, one more item to cross out nako sa preps!

Sunday, July 24, 2005

The one with the final design

syempre pa, it's always fun to meet with our cake designer Emily of Sugarbox. we may have exceeded with our cake budget but i know it's all worth it. ang saya! she made a sketch na of the design, although pencil lang eh so baka di masyado ma-appreciate ung details. but when she explained it to me kanina, as in "oh my gas!" ang ganda! aliw ako. exactly how i wanted it. puros beads, pearls, may castles, may topper na hinaharanahan ako ni h2b, furs, airbrush, at lahat na ng effects. she even asked for our pic at nabigyan ko na rin sya, para kamukha namin ung toppers. sabi ko, "dapat sexy ako dyan ha." sabi nya, "di naman cake tong ginagawa ko eh, museum project!" hahaha...katawa talaga un.

all the dots that you see are beads and pearls. that's the 18" na edible cake namin, may door pa na nakabukas. all the castles are gumpaste

these are the other two layers of our cake na pinahiwalay ko to make a little village. connecting the two cakes is a bridge na may naka-hang na mga gold beads and pearls...tapos ung bridge, puno din ng beads. haha. ang OA namin noh, puro beads, wala ng cake. simon is holding a guitar, hinaharanahan me. ako naman, flowers lang. behind us are castles also na gumpaste. these we can keep after the wedding. galing noh! nakatabi sya dun sa biggest cake namin, pero naka-lift ung pinaka-cake namin para sya ang highlight.

mini-cakes will be something like that. may castle din for the 12 pcs and dun sa other 12 pcs, roses naman. castles for ninongs, roses for ninangs.

eto naman, i asked for a quotation para ibigay sa mga guests while waiting. sana lang hindi mahal. pero kung mahal, i can ask my SIL to make something like this. kayang kaya nya to! cute noh? parang ayaw ko na nga galawin eh.

Friday, July 22, 2005

The one with the Leave

i took a leave from work to attend to my wedding preps. well, i want to balance lang my life. after the exams and the interview i just had, i felt that it was time for me to prepare naman for the wedding. paid na the 50% for JJS and 50% for roj amado yesterday.

today, i went to Divi with Skokie. before dun, we dropped by muna at phoebe's to get the stickers and save-the-date cards. happy me, simple pero rock sya. then, i showed her the cover of the box i was talking about. natuwa, at gusto rin magpagawa for her wedding. haha. i hope i can find the time. she wanted to print out na the labels that will serve as my souvenir "tag". bumili muna kme ng boxes sa tabora. dapat brown boxes until i saw these capiz-like na heart-shaped boxes. cute sya, as in! white nga lang. i bought it kahit mas ganda ung paper box kc mas tipid un since i don't have to paint it anymore. plus, it's smaller so unti beads lang lagay ko. i'am so excited to start on it. hopefully, matapos ko sya before tuesday.

then, pag uwi ko super sakit ulo ko. pero we went out for dinner pa rin kc monthsary namin and i want to spend time pa rin with simon. grabe ung kain ko sa Kenny Rogers, gutom na gutom daw me. haha. Happy monthsary beh! 5 months na lang and we're married na! praise God! yahoo!

Thursday, July 21, 2005

The one with Abstract Reasoning

Saturday, i had an interview as part of my assessment. it was a casual iterview, more like a backgrounder. it went well. was able to answer all her questions. then, ms. belen explained to me the results of my exam. all other dimensions were the best in remarks. My ratings range from Above Average, High Average, and Superior(even for my supervisory skills) EXCEPT for ONE. i cannot believe what i saw, i got a BELOW average for my Abstract reasoning. when you assess it, that's the IQ of one's person. oh my gas! i was dumbfounded and really could'nt believe it. when i was in college kc it was always a high average for me. well, ms. belen explained that once a person starts working, bumababa daw talaga ang IQ, plus it's not the quotient used nowadays, may EQ na. sila nga daw na teachers, below average rin. i still did'nt want to accept it. hehe. naging ignoramus na ba ako coz of work o sadyang pre-occupied na lang ako sa preps?! well, i'm not really bothered that it will affect my assessment coz i know all the other dimensions will compensate for it, di ko lang matanggap...sana kahit man lang Average..huhuhu

Wednesday, July 20, 2005

The one with the Recipes

EB with concon, tin and of course, our coordinator-friend, clarice. we call ourselves clarice brides! haha. had fun chatting with them, sharing experiences with suppliers, at pine-pressure na rin nila me sa MUA ko. ano ba?! ako naman, di nape-pressure. haha. pero im still on the hunt. buti na lang humabol si tin sa EB namin. tuwa nga ako eh, from Sucat punta pa talaga sya Eastwood. grabe noh?! ganun nya kme ka-love. naks! love you sis. pics to follow...

The one with the Wedding Essentials, 2nd edition

i just can't help but be impressed with the latest Wedding Essentials Magazine. i luckily found a copy in NBS and bought it at 270 instead of 250 bucks. ok lang, so worth it. why? la lang, i just feel that i can relate to their stories more than those mags that feature celebrity brides. well, no offense to them, i just find WE a very informative mag for me. plus, got to see my friends and suppliers there like clarice, abie, millet, phoebe of printed matter, mimi abesamis, etc.

in my excitement, i emailed the editor, marbee go (such a sweet gurl) and was surprised to get a reply the following day. since then, she has been a regular correspondent already. she's in california right now and is homesick. i hope she gets back agad, but a least her stay naman there is for a good cause, to study and learn more about her field. hope to keep in touch with her pa rin, despite of their super busy schedules. i just love it when i meet new friends, kahit sa w@w natutuwa ako pag may mga bago me nakaka-chat or email.

Monday, July 18, 2005

The one with Excel file

Had coffee with concon and madge at Figaro. kakatuwa si madge, kung ano daw ginaling nya sa arts and make-up, sya naman ang wala sa Microsoft Excel program. hehe, cute talaga nung baklang un. had so much fun with them na kahit na puyat na naman ako eh okay lang sa ken. nice to have found good friends in them...mga baklita! haha

Sunday, July 17, 2005

The one with the sofa set

It was a tiring yet fun sunday. i slept late last night coz i had to finish the compilation of suppliers' listings for the w@w's bridal yellow pages. glad to be able to help achie benz. anyway, after church we passed by this furniture shop on our way home. these are some of the sofas that we love to have for our place after our wedding:
Jac's pics Ü(312)

Jac's pics Ü(310)

well, di sya masyado ma-appreciate coz of the plastic pero they're really nice. i let simon do the designing and conceptualizing of our apartment eh kc interested talaga sya and excited. hehe. syempre, sino bang hindi diba?!

before we went home, we bought lechon manok for daddy napahapyaw ung topic na wag muna daw kme umalis sa house kc sayang daw ang rental. we insisted na bubukod na kme agad for us to learn how to live on our own, and nalungkot sya bigla. daddy's girl kc ako eh...parang feeling ko in denial pa sya na aalis agad ako sa house. kaya sabi ko na lang, malapit rin lang naman ang lilipatan namin eh and lagi kme walang ulam kaya we will most likely stay din sa house lagi. hahaha.. na-sad din ako eh kaya lang i dont want to show it to my dad...mga iyakin kc kme eh. hehe

The one with the first wedding gift

oh yes, we got our first wedding gift...from my parents. katuwa, unexpected talaga since we did'nt want to ask anything from them. cguro nakikita na we really are working hard to save for our wedding and they want to help in their own way. galing nga eh. it's not a big, big amount pero super makakatulong talaga sa amin ni simon. ang galing ni Lord. when he gives blessings, He pours them! the money was originally intended for my jewelry set pero sabi ni mommy mas appropriate daw if we use it for the wedding para pareho kme ni simon ma-benefit. thank you Lord talaga!

tapos eto pa...simon has so many projects ngayon from his clients na nakaka-bless talaga. as in! in a week's time, twice na sya nakapag-deposit for our fund. grabe, we are so grateful and napapaiyak na lang kme sa tuwa not because of the monetary value pero more on the assurance that God is giving us blessings para ikasal na talaga! super galing talaga ni Lord! when you really walk by faith, everything will be for the best. and me naman, i'm up for a new position in the challenges pero it's really a good break. Praise God!

sa tuwa namin, we bought gifts for ourselves. hehe, gumastos ba daw agad. simon bought an MP3 for work din naman nya and i bought a flash disk to store all wedding documents. (speaking of being an OC) thank you Lord talaga kme.

Saturday, July 16, 2005

The one with a wwwwahhhhhh!

grabe, i took a battery of 7 tests for my assessment at work...sakit sa ulo! literal...parang ayaw magpa-promote ng office namin eh. hahaha. but thank God tapos na and im waiting for the results and schedule of our interview naman. I just pray na maging okay lahat. God's will. thanks for all those who prayed with me.

The one with the Makati EB

syempre, kahit hindi ako taga-makati...i still volunteered to attend this EB! haha. there was a time na they were talking about sang mga building nila, hehe. wala ako masagot. nyah! anyway, it's always fun when i meet up with my w@wie friends. iba ang bonding kc we share common! we never run out of things to say. eto ang mga na-meet ko:
Jac's pics Ü(307)
yna - my kumare! finally, na-meet ko na sya...phonepal, textmate, ka-emotan sa suppliers, buti na lang na-meet ko na. sweet girl! lagi naka-smile!
wella - juice! kelangan pa ba i-memorize ito?! maloloka ako dito. buti na lang di kme magkatabi...hahaha.
chris - i miss this girl. buti nagkita uli kme. thanks at sinundo nya me sa ofc and hinatid dahil coding me eh. sinamahan pa me buy CDs for simon. thanks!
Jac's pics Ü(309)
mai - eto pa ang isang finally! ang ka-update ko sa preps...hehe. buti sis, di ka na nahiya lapitan me. sorry, di nako masyado makadaldal nung magkatabi tayo kc napagod ako kay wella eh.
cindy and lei - mga sis, please, please update us of you preps ha. you need to report next week on any updates! hehe..ako, napapapanic mode din eh

Jac's pics Ü(308)
geri - love moves in mysterious ways...un lang po, bow! (with matching peace sign yan)

can't wait for the next to follow...

Friday, July 15, 2005

The one with getting JJS and Roj Amado

yipee, kahit busy me ngayong week sa work, i was able to meet JJS Wedding symphony for our ceremony music and got to text Roj Amado (finally!) as our back-up photographer. ang saya! last thursday, i met up with dante coz john was not available and gusto ko na makita demo cd nila. nagustuhan ko naman. simon was not able to habol na sa meeting eh, dami pa tinapos na projects. anyway, sila na rin ang orchestra ni claudine barretto sa wedding nila on january. cool! may pareho kmeng suppliers ni claudine. haha, trio nga lang ung sa ken. hihihi...

then, thanks to wella, was able to keep in touch na with roj and told him that i will deposit my dp next week. hehe, syempre, sa kuripot kong to tumawad pa me if he can deduct na butal na P500. aba! pumayag sya, galing-galing! katuwa. meet ko sya next week for contract and payment. yipee!

Tuesday, July 12, 2005

The one with 'If Only'

Jac's pics Ü(305)
watched the premiere of "If only" starring Jennifer love hewitt and paul nichols. last minute, my officemate got two complimentary tickets. she can't go, so who better else to give the tickets to than to her ofcmate na moviegirl...that's me! here are my ratings:
1. i like how the story unfolded. you'll watch it til the end. simple script pero nakaka-relate kahit sino.
2. galing ng twist ng story.
3. i cried like a baby esp. dun sa scene where paul nichols' watch broke...and alam nya na that something bad will happen to jennifer.
4. can't think of any other ending better for the movie
5. cute ng accent ni paul. ang payat ni jennifer! parang tingting. di nga sya sexy tingnan kahit naka lingerie lang eh. hehe.

basta overall, we love the movie. it's 4 for me on a scale of 5! simon watched it with super curiosity and excitement kung ano mangyayari. hihihi...

Monday, July 11, 2005

The one with so many to do's

just came back from our conference and i missed wedding preps! syempre, miss ko rin si simon. haha. lagi nga kme send MMS eh. it was a successful mid-year conference. every night, puyat kme pero masaya sya and na-eexcite kme at we might be able to go to Beijing and Hong kong next year! yahoo! isip ko nga eh, pano kaya kung dun din honeymoon namin? in a span of 4 months, punta me HK twice? hehe. i'am also up for a new position in brand management and super na-eexcite me and nervous din. pray na maging okay ang assessment sa ken. kaya lang syempre, additional workload na naman and super mag eat up tlaga of my time. but simon is very supportive naman and alam nya how much i wanted taht position.

Jac's pics Ü(294)
Ritz and me: naks, parang star olympics ang dating noh?!

anyway, as soon as we're back in manila, the first thing i did was to meet up with my coordinator at eastwood. we had a rundown of the things that were done and needed to be done pa...and oh no, dami ko pa to do's! hehe. well, sabi ni clarice, dami nako nagawa and i'm so far from being behind schedule. pero syempre, from my point of view, dami ko pa gusto gawin. hahaha. here's a list of the things i have to cross out before this month ends:
1. Ento gowns - will go to Divi this saturday to check out recommended gown makers. pag wala pa rin dun, si farley na.
2. Barong - should be able to meet up with Rey Casedo na rin for simon's barong
3. Boxes na really cheap in Divi - this saturday na rin
4. Hotel hopping - some time in mid-july na saturday rin
5. Hire na a trio for the ceremony. sa reception, no problem na kme eh. am thinking of JJS kung reasonable price.
6. Go to Robert Camba to as re CD player, if pwede rectangular shaped tables
7. ask Paul Vincent for a sampler video
8. ask our sponsor, tita nora, if they will sponsor our invites. printed matter is just a call away
9. meet emily uy on july 23
10. draft our wedding program
11. start of marriage counseling with our pastor
12. Finalize printed matters this saturday-save the date, stickers, souvenir tags, fans, and ty cards (?)
13. review our budget checklist
14. magpapayat!!!

she even gave me a notebook wherein lahat ng details ng wedding andun. i did'nt want to write on it nung una kc ang white-white nya. hahaha. after my productive meeting with clarice, we watched Fantastic Four! promise ko kc kay simon na as soon as nakabalik na me, watch kme movie with popcorn! haha. ang ganda ng movie in fairness. i love marvel comics!

The one with the violin

ever since simon gave me a violin last year nung birthday ko, di ko pa sya nagalaw until the day after grace's wedding. we met kc their violinist and na-inspire ulit ako to learn. well, twinkle-twinkle little stars pa lang ang alam ko. haha. kinakapa lang kc namin ni simon eh.

Jac's pics Ü(258)
kayanin ko kaya sa first dance namin, tugtog muna kme ni simon, tas pag dating ng chorus, chaka lang kme sasayaw? :) now, that will be really something to look forward to.

Sunday, July 03, 2005

The one with our Sun Chika phones

After going to church, i was hesitant to go to galleria kc we're still not sure if our units are available na. on our way home, sa EDSA kme, when i got a text from SUN telling me na ready na units namin! yahoo!

New sun phones

we actually have our phones na pero we opted to get sun phones para ma-lessen ung bill namin na umaabot to 2k per month! ang OA noh?! hehe. :)

Saturday, July 02, 2005

The one with oh no!

Oh no talaga!!! ang dami work, next week na ang national conference namin, had so many things to do for wedding preps, have to make my marketing plan, waaaahhhh!!!! sabay-sabay sya nangyayari...i don't know what to do first. hehe, pero surprisingly calmado pa naman me. i just feel that this month will be a very busy month for me. as in, plan ko mag todo ng preps. hehe. had to cancel my meeting with clarice today coz have to overstay sa ofc...haaayy! and almost the whole of next week, wala me coz of the conference. i'll miss my behbeh.

how was my week?? hmm, just the usual busy one. attended a seminar that will make or break my career. hehe. katuwa, my group won best presentation! ang saya lang. gave me hope that i can do best with what i'm being given of sa work. also, last thursday, we went out ni simon to eat PIZZA sa Avenetto. happy lang kc nag-crave sya ng pizza and kahit mejo titipid kme, pinagbigyan namin craving namin and ang saya! haha. :)

Jac's pics Ü(281)
yummy, favorite Bacon cheesebuger pie!

Jac's pics Ü(276)
date sa Avenetto

had a date with my friend jannet last night. dinner kme sa french baker and kwentuhan ever. katuwa un kwentuhan ng kahit ano about me kc she really remembers everything...meaning nakikinig tlga sya sa lahat ng kwento ko.

it's July 2 na and we're a little over of five months na lang! yahoo!!! so looking forward. dami pa kelangan i-accomplish pero mas important ung fact na i'll spend my all my days with my simon after we get married. can't wait!