Tuesday, February 26, 2013

The one with fun-filled weekend

And so Simone's party has ended. It was a part-by-part celebration, we made sure she'll have fun and we're so happy she did. :) We started with spending the whole day with her on her exact bday, asking her where she wants to go, what she wants to do etc. it's like whatever you want, we won't contest bday plan. haha. We capped off the evening with a dinner buffet at intercontinental hotel.  I got vouchers which i used immediately.     I'll post a separate story and review on that.  Sunday we had a simple party with family and closest friends and her classmates of course.  She wanted a fairy party so we gave her just that.  It was simple yet so much fun for her.  I was computing costs of a hotel stay with family, dine out and a school party vis-a-vis the shakeys party and it practically cost the same so we I headed on with booking shakey's instead. haha.  Simon had fun as well.  Later did he realize that it was fun to throw a party coz Simone gets to bring home lots of toys and gifts. :)

Monday, it was a spur of the moment thing.  We decided to drive to tagaytay with Heart. It was Heart's first out of town trip and Simon was not complaining with the long drive.  haha.  It was so much fun not having to worry about your car breaking down because Heart is all brand new. ahehehe.  We went to Picnic Grove, dined in Celina's for a buffet, then stayed at Kimberly Hotel for playground, farm visit, farm animal feeding and petting plus herb shopping :) We had so much fun.  Went home with lots of loads, pineapples, fresh carabao milk, kesong puti, and veggies :)

All in all...it was perfect! happy birthday again my baby! We love you!

More separate stories on each event. hehe. ;)

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

the one with restaurant play

My real order was sushi,sashimi and maki. Haha. And when i asked about the discount she said "free discount" which means no discount.hahaha.

The one with no daddy

Whenever they fight,you'd see this sigb.haha. at first i got a little concerned that the two dont't get along until i learned from my other friends that their hubbies anddaughter figjt all the time as well. whew!

The one with love letter to Simone

I want to start this personal tradition of writing a letter to my daughter every birthday and to start it off, here's one:

February 21, 2013

Simone is 6

Dear Simone,

As the day’s nearing, I found myself remembering several years back.  The time when I had you, your first poop, the first time you got sick, how I used to cry in the office everyday because I had to leave you behind, and everything else in fast, chronological order seemed to appear like a movie trailer.  I can’t believe it’s been six years.

Thank you Simone for growing to become the daughter I have always prayed for.  I pray that you will always follow God’s path in your life, as young as may be.  I thank the Lord for adding another year into your life.  I thank Him because He has entrusted me with such a big blessing in the life of you and I will always feel grateful that He gave me you.

This year, I’ve seen a lot of growth in you.  The transition of being a toddler to a preschooler has been an interesting one.  I love that you’re very interested in studying and learning.  It makes me happy that you enjoy what you do in school.  I’m proud of all your accomplishments.  It’s not what you have accomplished but it’s the effort that you put into that I’m at my proudest mom-self. J Thank you for being the sweetest daughter, always making notes to mommy, making love letters and banners saying “You’re the best mommy”.  Thank you that even at a young age, you always try to take care of mommy. Thank you for your super funny antics, jokes, quotable quotes that not only make my day complete, but those who read my FB wall as well.  Thank you for being a student who always have the initiative to study.  I’m so happy I don’t have to force you to do your assignments.  I’m just glad I’m blessed with who you are.  You’re not a perfect daughter but im not a perfect mom.  We’ll always have things to quarrel about, you’ll always find ways to be “mad” at daddy but know that we will always love you anak.  We will always take care of you as God has entrusted us with the greatest blessing of our lives… you J


Mommy :)

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

The one with latest accomplishment

It was supposed to be just dinner with my bestest friends...but things turned out differently.

You see, Simon has always been known as someone's who is really good in convincing people to try out new brands, new things.  He can really be a great agent, i tell you.  But this time, things turned around.  While we were having dinner, I was cornered by my friends to consider buying a brand new Mirage for Simon.  They computed Simon's taxi expenses, repair expenses of his old car, so we' be able to compare.  And they also could'nt find the logic why we'd have to wait to move in to the new house before we buy another car.  So after much convincing, Simon and I talked about it the whole monday.  We made a table of our options and compared the two vis-a-vis.  Then it was just so fast.  But we feel more excited for it.  He's been working hard to provide for us, he deserves it so we contacted the Jason and Naan's agent, asked for a computation and went to the office the following day.  We did'nt realize it would be that fast, it took simon to think longer when he bought me a laptop that it took him to pay the reservation fee.

The following day we were able to sell his old car immediately.  Among the 4 interested buyers who were all starting to panic to buy it the night we posted it, only one came during the meet up.  It was as if it was meant for him and he was a pastor. cool!

So anyway, two hours after, we found ourselves driving to Manila showroom and getting giddily excited to reserve and submit our requirements. :) Finally, we were able to submit and pay for reservation fee. we won't get the unit though right away. On our way home, the bank called already for the approval of our loan which made us more excited. Now we can't wait!

I'm so happy I made my husband happy. In a way, it was still a surprise since he's not expecting he'd have a car so soon, and a new one for that matter.  Thank you Lord for the provision. Thank you for the blessing.  Always use us to be good stewards of your blessings.

And to Simon, im glad you liked it. as i always tell you, you deserve it beh. i love you so much!

Sunday, February 10, 2013

The one with a time for everything

These past few weeks were quite a roller coaster ride for our family.  We found out we're pregnant last dec21.  I was nervous and excited at the same time.  When we had our ultrasound, the sonologist can't confirm yet our pregnancy since it was just a gestational sac then.  We waited for a week for another ultrasound.  It had a development, the sac had a yolk sac already but she still could'nt confirm pregnancy.  It was painful for not being able to confirm pregnancy yet.  We could'nt share the joy of having another baby.  We could'nt express how much blessed we feel, we'd want to announce it already.  We can't do it because it's not yet confirmed.  So we decided to wait a month long instead of just another week so we'd be really sure if everything is fine.  After almost a month, went back to sonologist and found out that the yolk sac did'nt grow anymore.  It was the same size as our last ultrasound.  And now it seemed more flat, like a deflated balloon.  I was the first to ask the sonologist if the baby did not progress anymore and she said, "no, it did not grow anymore"  I was sad of course but I was surprised actually to find out i did'nt cry.  It was God's grace that gave me the comfort to handle this well.  I and my husband were able to accept and move on as soon as we knew about the news, knowing that God knows better.

We may not had the chance to announce it proudly in FB, record the announcement for cd replication but it was an enlightening experience to know and appreciate the miracle of life on a deeper perspective. thank you Lord.