Friday, February 18, 2005

We have a venue na...finally!!!

We're so happy that we have found the place where we will get married. It's a garden in Intramuros named Puerta Real gardens. The place is so spacious, it has a small garden where we can have the ceremony and a big garden to accommodate us for the reception. kakatuwa lang. then, my Simon called me up yesterday and told me that it won't rain come Dec. 22, our wedding day. He had his quiet time with the Lord and really prayed for the weather. Then, he was assured that everything will be taken cared of by God. He's the Master of the Universe and has control over everything. Praise God! then, all my worries and fears were washed away. God is so good. He really knows the desires of our hearts.

We are so excited, we went out for dinner to celebrate!!! hahaha... so looking forward for more adventures in preparing for our wedding.

Wednesday, February 16, 2005

My first post

Today is the day where Simon will reserve our venue for our wedding. haaayyyy!!! after all that happened. super ka-pressure pala. our wedding is not until December but the difficulty of finding the perfect venue is the hardest for far! It came to the point na napaluha ko after reading a friend's email. And she was right, everything naman that we pray for are given by God eh, so I don't have to worry about any rain or storm come our wedding day. We had a first choice in mind, but then again, I still felt good with the venue we chose. haaayyy!

I'm just excited that we're finally getting a venue for our wedding, and that we could start getting our suppliers... Thanks.