Sunday, September 16, 2012

The one with funny notes

It's been a while since my last update of Simone-related stories, i posted this in FB and got a lot of laughs from these. :)

A post she wrote and put up in the ref saying that her milk supply is low already. haha

We're always looking for these mosquito killers so she found a place to put them and labeled the area. :)

The one with more books!

When i posted something in my FB wall about being a walking zombie ever since simone got sick, a lot of friends, specially moms messaged me and sent their well wishes for simone.  I felt comforted just with this act of concern from them.  But when a fellow mom ( we're not that really close so her gesture caught me by surprise) messaged me and told me she will send books to Simone hoping that she'll feel better upon seeing them, I can't help but be overwhelmed with the thoughtful gesture.  you know, it's not just about the books, but it's more of the thought that a fellow mom understands the panic, stress and pain im feeling and that she has thought of a way for one's child to feel better and just do that without anything in return.  For that, i feel sooooo humbled and blessed.

Thank you Carmelyn Reyes-Latoja for being so thoughtful.

PS. Carmelyn Reyes-Latoja is a book illustrator of sandy's books which can be found at :)

Friday, September 14, 2012

The one with wahm

I know my life has a greater purpose.  It has become more evident when I had Simone.  It was like suddenly, my life is'nt just about me, nor just about us as a couple but as a family.  And because of this, my husband and I made decisions that are life-changing, things that we know only God can control...and so far, He's the best sailor of our journey.

To cut the long story short, I became a work-at-home mom.  And many times, I find myself having a hard time juggling things; being a mom, a wife, a homemaker, an entrepreneur, a driver, a nanny, a cook, and whatever else you can label me.  haha.  I never complained.  There are just days that you don't see the end of your things to do list, hehe. But when my sister-in-law, Merci, told me while we were having our usual YM chat nights, that she sees me as an embodiment of a wahm, i was like, "yeah right!" haha.  She told me that i inspire her and she sees me as one of her motivations.  I'm glad that she sees me that way.  At least, somehow I know I'am able to motivate or encourage another mom who wants to find her fulfillment as well, as an individual (whether an entrep or an employee) and as a mom.  I'd be forever grateful that God gave me a business I can call my own, something to make my passion concrete and still be able to take care of my kid and husband.

And for that, I'm proud to be a WAHM :)

Thursday, September 13, 2012

The one with what to expect when you're expecting

When i saw this film, i wondered how they could put it into film, a book that explains everything that you can expect when you're expecting.  And after watching the film, I felt a stronger desier to have a second baby! waah! i want the baby now...i want another miracle of life and I hope God will grant and bless us with one more baby. I want to have that baby bump again, to feel someone inside me is growing and to take care of another God's blessing.

The one with crazy and sick

Even if Simone is 5 already, I still can't get used to the fact that she can get sick anytime, anywhere, and that it's one of the "awful inevitables" of growing up.  She got sick, three days straight which is unusual so I had her checked up with her pedia again just so we could rule out dengue. (gosh, i really hate dengue) praise God, it's negative and that it's just cough and flu. 

We could'nt think straight, we could'nt work.  We could'nt show her how affected and how crazy her fever makes us.

And when her fever was gone, she requested for her Gelarti which she had been requesting for the longest time. hahaha. and because i can't say no to a just-recovered-from-fever kid, i gave in and bought the Hello kitty gelarti. hahaha. I'd rather spoil her than see her sick :)

thank you Lord for healing Simone.