Thursday, June 24, 2010

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Friday, June 11, 2010

The one with dreaming again

We were at a wedding the other day and simon suddenly asked me how i will react if ever we'd be able to get a house as early as next year. Just the thought of it made me really, really excited. I know as of the moment we still can't afford a new home but God can work miracles here. :) I also am sure he won't surprise me with one since i know our bank accounts like the back of my hand. hahaha. but it's a good thought where he's at. :)

Honestly, even used motorhomes will be a winner, as long as it's something we can call our own. :)

The one with almost a hit

I was travelling Commonwealth avenue yesterday and a car suddenly appeared to my right. I honked on her and shouter at her. i know i was at the right of way. she was even staring at me because we almost hit each other. i hate it when people curse you and get angry at you feeling that they are right wherein fact they are the ones who made a mistake. in tagalog, "inuunahan ka ng galit" so that people won't notice the wrong you did.

I'm just glad we have auto insurance just in case hit happened. praise God for His protection.

The one with school girl

Haaayyy....we found our school for simone. Finally, we were able to find the right school for her. Simon, i can see, is still a little hesitant about the idea but he has to move on and accept the fact that his daughter is a school girl already.

Kinderville is a developmental/progressive school. They are activity-based and not the traditional way of teaching. I homeschool simone and i still want to be a hands on mom even if she starts schooling already and we've been looking for a progressive/developmental school for quite some time already.

When the owner talked to simone, she noticed that simone grips her crayons like a big girl already and that she knows her basic already. She encouraged us that we enroll her to Jr. Kinder and not nursery. hahaha. my husband has'nt moved on with the nursery idea and now she's telling us about jr. kinder?! hahaha.

But i also thought that simone might get bored with nursery. She already knows her stuff and that she might be underchallenged with the other kids in the room. by the way, the class only gets 10 per class. :)

We will enroll her next week and she starts school on June 16. wohoo! praise God! sooner or later, guys in tuxedos will come over the house to invite her to prom. waaaah!!!

Tuesday, June 08, 2010

The one with bookworm

I love buying books. not the pricey ones, just the ones that i'd be interested reading. Unfortunately for the books i bought, some of it are still unturned and it pains me that i can't spend the same time with them compared to when i was single and all i do is lock myself in the room and read the whole day. i know i can still do it now and i know some moms who still do. i just can't find the attitude i used to have with books. My list of to read books is piling up. hahaha. Even the magazine i recently bought, so far the topic about online life insurance is the only thing i was able to browse. harharhar.

i really should get into reading again.

The one with family day

For those of you who constantly read this blog, you would know by now that monday is our sacred day. :) And we see to it that we'd spend our day bonding and having that family day, away from our work and everything else. I always look forward to our mondays. When people are busy going back to work, we'd find ourselves still lying in bed and enjoying the stillness of the day. haha.

Just yesterday, we spent our day buying stuff for the house. We bought a washing machine since our old one's spinner broke down and the cost if half of the cost of a new washing machine. I also bought (finally!) a juicer for the house. The juicer is for simone's veggies and fruit purees and for us as well. So excited to use it! I almost bought a table after seeing the contemporary coffee tables in the furniture section. they will really go along with my dream "reading area" in the house but i felt that it's not really an urgent thing so i forego with buying it and bought a shoe organizer instead. hahaha.

I know I'm one of the few who could say this but I just love monday! ;)

The one with dressing him up

I've always loved shopping for simon. Back in college when we first met, i thought to myself that if there's one thing i would want to "improve" about simon, it's how he used to dress up. haha. i mean, he's not "baduy", he actually can put things together and look good on him. I just found him too formal then, going to school wearing slacks and leather shoes everyday. hahaha. So when i met him, he was introduced to the world of sneakers, shirts and jeans. :)

When we went shopping last week, I had fun choosing clothes for him and approving / disapproving whatever he holds on to. hahaha. and it's a good thing that most of the time, we found ourselves approving of each other's taste. He was able to buy nice men's polo shirts for him, a nice Memo pants, a new belt, and a hair gel. haha. I bought undies for myself. I just recently shopped and have'nt worn some of the clothes i bought so i thought i'd feel guilty having to buy again. ahehe.

The one with proteus

My only fitness equipment in the house is a stationary bike. And it took me three long years before i finally started using it...promise! If not for the nutritionist i've consulted, it would still be gathering gust by now and a constant display in the house. I can't consider myself a serious workout person now but i would like to believe that there is really a difference with working out rather than just sitting and pigging out while watching a movie. And hopefully i'd always do the former. ;)

Here are some tips you could use:
~ Make sure that your kid is asleep already or still asleep when you work out or else you'd end up having a "passenger" while biking
~ Stretch a little before biking
~ Start with level 1 for warm up, then after about 5km, go to level 2, then level 3. I always stop at level 2. that's ok with me.
~ Watching tv while biking works for me. I would never notice passing by of time and would be surprised that i biked 20km already. :) yey

Sunday, June 06, 2010

The one with another set

I'm currently doing my to do list. well, some of it here are long overdue and some i just thought of now. haha.

~ enroll simone. we've finally decided on enrolling her this year! yey!
~ follow up on BIR requirements
~ meet up with my supplier for food carts
~ pay bills. hehe
~ make calling cards, IDs and tshirts for Partyboosters
~ make an online backup pictures of the recent parties we did

Waah and the list keeps getting longer. I'll stop right here and start doing some.

The one wtih grocery list

Been busy with parties, I forgot to do our grocery for weeks. kaloka! so what i did last night, after the party, i headed to the grocery with simone and maru. Never, never go to the grocery hungry. I've not eaten lunch and it's 9pm when we arrived hypermart. I bought a lot of things and food, the barcode scanner must have stopped in the middle of the scanning our items. hahaha. I even told maru that the grocery should last for at least a month. Too bad, forgot my fishes. :( I hope there's a faster way of cleaning the fish so i would'nt have to go back to the section. hehe.

The one with nutritionist again

I met with our nutritionist again and I was with Jill and Jenny. I I learned a lot again and being health-conscious is not really a piece of cake. (oh cake, i can't eat those too! huhuhu) i had some cheat days last weekend but i did'nt feel guilty at all. i know i need those comfort food to give me the energy. haha.

She also told me that canola, corn oil are not good for us. If there is any oil best for our body, it's rice bran oil. if you can't find any, palm oil is acceptable but not all necessarily beneficial. Apparently, a high burning point should be what we should look for in a cooking oil. At least a high burning point won't overuse your exhaust fan and inogen oxygen concentrator for some. haha.

After that, I bought two big cooking oil. I'am really not sure if this is all marketing but i guess there's some truth in it. ;)

Wednesday, June 02, 2010

The one with she's back

Ate Maru is back. hehe. She was on vacation for almost two months. To be honest, a part of us were thinking that if ever she would'nt go back, it would'nt be such a bad thing at all. we were kinda adjusted already with her absence. we were able to get a "reliever" in the form of ate delia who was our first housekeeper. She's a stay out helper and she went to our house 3x a week. we enjoyed and savored the privacy we had. But i'm sure having maru back will have lots of positive effects also. She has been a very good assistant and helper, helping me carry the burdens in preparing for parties so in a way she was like my wrinkle creams combined. hahaha.

Tuesday, June 01, 2010

The one with new gear

I bought a new badminton racket and i'm so excited to use it. It's a Dunlop brand, really really nice. It's a little pricey but perfect for a beginner like me. I also wanted to buy new shoes. I keep on getting blisters from playing badminton. I seriously want to do this on a regular basis, hoping that it will be as effective as the natural weight loss supplements i take. ;) We also plan to enroll in a badminton clinic so we'd be more knowledgeable about the technicalities and we won't be ashamed playing beside the pros. hahaha.

The one with first movie

We are so proud of simone. she watched her first big screen movie last friday and we can't be happier. She was so behave, so excited and watched the whole film. Here are some points that you might want to consider:

~ it is important that you know your child's sleeping pattern. simone gets cranky at times when she's sleepy already that's why we chose a screening time where we think she'd be most awake. she sleeps late so a last full show is good for us. :) i thought i'd consider reading about acnepril review because of the fear that i might actually get acne from staying super late. haha

~ it's as important that your kid knows the movie characters. simone loves shrek and she knows the other characters because we've completed the Happy meal toys already.

~ conditioning is the key. hours before the movie, i was conditioning simone already of what the movie house might look like, how dark it could be, cold and that we have to finish the movie and how she can't leave while the movie is running. true enough, she was really behave and she finished the whole movie

~ buy all the food and things that can help her in case your kid gets cranky ;)

after the movie, simon thanked simone for letting us watch a movie again and finish it. :) thank you baby.

The one with debate

The other night, we found ourselved debating whether it's a good idea to send simone to school this year. and here's our reasons, well of course, im on the "go-to-school-this-year team"

Why she should go to school:
~ i really think and feel that she's ready for school. she loves learning, she loves activities that are school related
~ i dont want her to have a hard time adjusting with school if i send her next year
~ I want her to have a more structured manner of learning
~ I want her to be able to meet more kids her age

Why she should not go to school yet:
~ She will be 3.4 years old by June. i started school at age 5. simon at age 4
~ I homeschool her
~ When you start to send her to school, that's the start of the 20-year schooling already, no backing out
~ Playschool is better than a real school at her age now. Next school year is better for simone

Whew! we even went to topics like educational plans and term life insurance rates and how much these things cost. haha. but honestly, even if i have my own good points and would want to put my foot down, i really want to be fair to simon and to give us more time to think things out. i want the decision to come from both of us and not just one was convinced by the other. hehe.

The one with struggle

My weight has been going back and forth in the scale for weeks and i'd lose some weight and gain it again after a few days of "letting go" with food intake. i did'nt know it will be this hard. The diet supplements are not as helpful as i also keep on forgetting to take them as prescribed by my nutritionist. Preparing three kinds of meals is also taxing. See i have to provide food for simon, food for simone and food for my diet. whew!

i just hope i'd have improvements in the next weeks. it's 8 kilos to go and i dont want to give up now.