Tuesday, June 08, 2010

The one with proteus

My only fitness equipment in the house is a stationary bike. And it took me three long years before i finally started using it...promise! If not for the nutritionist i've consulted, it would still be gathering gust by now and a constant display in the house. I can't consider myself a serious workout person now but i would like to believe that there is really a difference with working out rather than just sitting and pigging out while watching a movie. And hopefully i'd always do the former. ;)

Here are some tips you could use:
~ Make sure that your kid is asleep already or still asleep when you work out or else you'd end up having a "passenger" while biking
~ Stretch a little before biking
~ Start with level 1 for warm up, then after about 5km, go to level 2, then level 3. I always stop at level 2. that's ok with me.
~ Watching tv while biking works for me. I would never notice passing by of time and would be surprised that i biked 20km already. :) yey

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