Tuesday, April 03, 2007

The one with playpen set for sale

My mom in law is making these 100% cotton playpen mattress and bolters and pillows for very reasonable prices. Please feel free to leave a message or text me at 0920-051-8513 for orders. :D

For only P700.00 (original market price is P1,000.00++ in baby stores), playpen mattress of standard size, 2 pcs. bolsters and 1 pc. pillow. Comes in different colors, 100% cotton, washable.

Packed in a bag with handle

Comes in different colors...blue, white, pink, yellow, cream, etc.

The one with a month and a half

isn't she cute?! she already knows how to look at the camera and pose. :D

my OB and everyone loves this pic...parang ang laki-laki na daw nya at hindi one month old. hahaha. she loves to sleep with one hand on her face.

o diba?! spaghetti strap ang lola mo! bwahaha...kikay!

her eyes says it all...theyre so expressive. :D

can you believe she looked like this when she was just 3 days? tapos ngayon, big girl na sya!

at one month...i hope you can see how cute her dress is on her. she looks small beside us but she's not. hahaha.

at one and a half month, our baby simone has made so much progress. she's over 12 lbs already and 58 cm. she created a different cry already, one that's louder and more defined. simon said he thinks simone and i have the same voice quality and pitch. hehe. her eyes are just so expressive. she loves to sleep on anyone's chest with one hand on her face. she does'nt look like a fragile baby anymore, that im sure. we just love her dearly. we celebrated her one month with a cake and spaghetti! and her lola (simon's mom) made her a cute sunday dress that we fit into her on that day...ang cute sobra!!!

for more pictures, check out http://simonjacque.multiply.com

The one with a birthing story

We have waited for this moment to come and she has finally arrived. At 38 weeks, I gave birth to Francesca Simone last Feb. 21 at 9:32 p.m. at The Medical City. She weighed 7.6 lbs and measured 51cm. She’s big for a girl, that’s what the doctors told us. And with this special moment of our lives, I’d like to share with you how much we were blessed with the miracle of life.

Feb. 21 at 4:00 in the morning, I felt a certain kind of discharge. For weeks, I’ve been feeling mild contractions and since we’ve been waiting since Feb. 14 for my labor to start, we are pretty much anticipating every moment that this might be it. I’ve had several sleepless nights and uncomfortable contractions, back pains sometimes but no leg cramps. I was advised to walk as much as I can so the baby would go down and position herself. The irony of it is that I was confined last Christmas due to a slight opening of the cervix and now, I’d have to push her down more through walking. She does’nt wanna go out anymore. Hahaha. After much malling and strolling, I saw a brown-colored discharge that early morning. I read somewhere that it might be a false labor since it had to be light pink or red discharge. I observed my contractions and told Simon at 6:30 a.m. that I think I wanna go to the hospital. I called my OB and described to her everything. She advised me to take a bath, eat breakfast and go directly to the hospital. Of course, since it will take a while before I get to have a good bath again, I indulged myself to good shower that lasted for almost an hour. Hahaha. After that, we checked if everything is in the car, baby bag, daddy bag and mommy bag. Actually, at the back of our minds, we were still thinking that it might be a false labor and that doctor might still advise us to go home. I think that’s the main reason why we were so relaxed. Hehe.

At that time, I was feeling really uncomfortable. I’d feel contractions and I felt really hot. As in kakaligo ko lang, tagaktak na pawis ko. We hit the road at around 8:30 am, with neighbor Abi saying good luck to me. Haha. If you think we headed straight to the hospital, we did’nt. We passed by the studio to check on things. Hahaha. True! I even went up three floors to check the music studio and listen to simon as he talked to his mom and gave all bilins. You see, we’re not superheroes. We just wanted to do everything at the same time. Hahaha. Investing in a business and having a baby. Mind you, it’s not a piece of cake but we enjoyed it. Para rin siguro hindi kme mainip waiting for baby simone, we took the time to prepare the studio. At ang nakakatawa pa dun, we schedule the soft opening of the studio on Feb. 22 (our anniversary as boyfriend and girlfriend) so syempre, ang anak ko gusto talaga ng grand entrance kaya sinabayan nya. Gusto nya lagi special occasions eh, just like last Christmas when I was confined. At the center of our busy schedules and Christmas rush, she wanted to get attention as well. Hahha. Manang-mana sa mommy!

We arrived at the hospital at 11:30 a.m. I felt comfortable despite the mild contractions. We headed directly to the pre-labor room and when I told the doctors that Dr. Fuentes advised me to go there, they were expecting us na pala. Yikes! My OB headed to her clinic agad after our call. Hehehe. When resident doctor checked on me, I was 2-3cm still. Actually, its barely 3cm. My OB phoned me and asked me if I wanted to go home and walk muna or stay na sa hospital to go into labor already. Syempre, naisip ko na mapapraning din me if we go home and wait for the painful contractions to come so I told her that we’d stay in the hospital. I asked her when’s the expected date of delivery. The latest if Feb. 22. I was given something for enema, changed outfit and surrendered all my things to Simon. Simon, on the other hand, had to get a room for us. Before he got a room, he went to the pre-labor room first to check on me and say goodbye temporarily. We knew that we won’t be able to see each other for a while kaya we kissed each other and said our ‘I love you’s’. After that, I was groomed for the labor room na.

At 12:30 p.m., I was in the Labor room. No hubbies were allowed to go inside. That’s why I really wanted to get the Lamaze room as soon as im into active labor already. In the labor room, im not allowed to eat or drink anything. Pero my OB gave me milk lang to last for the whole day at least. Sana pala marami na ko kinain nung breakfast. Hahaha. Anyway, at around 1:30 p.m., I was advised by resident doctor that they rupture my membranes so we can speed up contractions and dilation. Just before they rupture my membranes, I felt a really big discharge. I asked the nurse to check on it and saw that my water bag already broke with some bloody show. Hehe. Parang alam na alam ng baby ko kung kelan sya sisingit ano?! After that, I started to feel real good contractions. They’re getting stronger and stronger. I kept on praying that there’d be good progress sa pag-dilate ko. After an hour and a half, I was 4cm already. I told doctor that I wanted to be transferred already to the Lamaze room. I wanted to see Simon already. The contractions are getting stronger and I wanted Simon to be there beside me. After 30 minutes, I saw him na in the Lamaze room. He was in a blue suit provided by the hospital. Maganda yung Lamaze room. There’s always a doctor beside me to check my contractions and blood pressure. There’s TV, celfones are allowed and other gadgets. Hahaha. I still remember Simon taking pictures of the room and pati ako kinukunan while on labor. Kainis. There was a time when he was just beside me holding my hand while I go into another contraction. Every contraction, I just closed my eyes and prayed, thinking that the pain is one step nearer into seeing my baby. When I turned 5cm, I asked the doctor for the painless already. Akala ko kaya ko yung pain. Hindi rin pala. Hahaha. With the anesthesia, ditto ako pinaka-praning to be honest. As in, I kept on praying for God to touch the hands of my anesthesiologist. I heard not-so-good stories about improper injection of anesthesia and either the mom suffers or the child. Syempre, God is in control of everything kaya I just kept on praying that time. My supposed anesthesiologist was Dr. Uson. Unfortunately, he was caught in traffic that time and aother anesthesiologist did all the work. She’s a blessing. I forgot to get her name sa sobrang kaba ko nun pero she was sooo good. I got all the moral support I needed from her. She explained to me everything and she’s like an instant friend. Yung tipong I felt her concern and sincerity that time. There were two nurses who assisted her. They held my legs to make sure I won’t move a bit. Simon was by my other side the whole time, holding my hand and just looking at me to make me feel comfortable. The only thing that hurt was the local anesthesia. After that, effortless na yung epidural, which is a little cold when injected. Hehe. After 15 minutes, I felt numb in my legs, wala nako masyado maramdaman and that’s anesthesia taking place. Every contraction na, wala na me nararamdaman. This was the time daw that I can take a rest before the delivery.

After an hour or so, I felt another batch of discharge on me. Alam ko marami sya. For every contraction, there’s a blood clot that would go out as well. My OB got alarmed as there was so much blood coming out of me. She informed me that if the bleeding does not stop, she’d have to open me up. I was 5cm at that time and my contractions are turning really good already, with close intervals and becoming stronger each time. Resident doctors and my OB asked me if my sonologist mentioned something about low-lying placenta. As far as I can remember, the sonologist in Medical City informed me that my placenta was normal when I had my last ultrasound last December, the time I was confined. I don’t know what happened but it turned out that I have a low-lying placenta. For every contraction, my baby would come down but placenta would block my baby’s way. Normally, baby should come out first, then the placenta. In my case, it was baby and placenta racing to go out. Syempre, I don’t want to stress my baby so much but I still requested my OB to observe me for another hour or two. I was not conditioned to have a C-section delivery kasi I was being groomed for a normal delivery. Plus, I know the pain of a C-section delivery. I don’t wanna go through that coz I want to take care of my baby myself and be able to carry her as much as I can.

After two hours, there was no bleeding. The resident doctor was happy and I turned 6cm already. But after another hour, another batch of blood clots came out. This time it was really, really disturbing for my OB and the doctors there. When my OB saw me at 9:00 pm, she said that she’d have to open me up already. I don’t look good already as a lot of blood has come out. Namumutla na daw ako and if we insist on normal delivery, my baby might be stressed also and suffer during delivery. I looked at Simon. We stared at each other as we were not prepared for an operation. I’d have to internalize the fact that I will be opened up. Naisip ko na lang ang baby ko and said to myself na I’ve waited so long for this moment to finally see her and kiss her. Kahit anong mangyari sa ken basta walang masama mangyari kay baby, okay lang sa akin. And so we agreed for the operation. We prayed and I told Simon to just keep on praying during the operation. We stared at each other for a long time and tears just fell. They were not tears of fear or sadness or disappointment. It was tears of love --- love that let us know that everything will be alright, and the love that we have for our baby.

At 9:15 p.m., I was brought to the operating room. There were like 10 people inside, I don’t know which ones were doctors and nurses. Pero everyone was so relaxed. The temperature inside was just right. I was feeling a little nervouse having to lie down the operating bed with everyone around me. I could hear the instruments being prepared. I was totally awake the whole time. It was good daw, according to my OB, that Im awake. They were all talking to me to make me feel relaxed. I have one doctor just above my head, my anesthesiologist on my right, and Simon on my left. Yes, he was also there inside the operating room. I’m glad that my doctor allowed him to go inside. There was a cover so I wont be able to see what’s happening. Eh the thing is, I was able to still see the operation going on since the light on the ceiling created a reflection of everything that was happening. Hehehe. I was not scared pero the feeling that I’d have to stretch my arms, as if being crucified, is uncomfortable.

I cant feel anything from below my chest downwards. As in nada. Then, my OB informed me that they will start na. I was looking at Simon the whole time. I told my anesthesiologist to not leave my side. She just held my hand the whole time, she was really an instant friend. I’d hear words of encouragement from her and the doctor above my head. Hehehe. I’d always ask Simon what was happening, but I can actually see the reflection in the ceiling. I saw them cutting me, from which after a few minutes, I felt pressure in my tummy, as if they were punching me and pushing my tummy to let the baby come down. And they were really pushing my tummy. Simon would tell me that it’s almost over. I can hear all the personnel talking to each other as if the baby is really nearing to her delivery. 9:31 p.m., Simon was advised by another nurse to ready his camera for pictures and video. And that’s the time I knew that the time is nearing. At 9:32 p.m., I heard my OB announced the most precious phrase, “Baby OUT!” waaahhh!!! Just after a few seconds, I heard a big baby cry. That’s my baby! And I just felt myself crying, as in tears just flowed. Sobrang I can’t describe the feeling. I felt super blessed that it was real…I already have a child. As in, God has blessed us with the opportunity to raise a person, a person that will become His child. Ibang klase yung feeling eh. Until now, everytime I’d remember her first cry, ibang klase yung joy that comes along with it. My anesthesiologist congratulated me for a job well done.

Simon had to go and see the baby being cleaned up, just to make sure that everything’s okay and to take pictures as well, while I was being stitched back. When baby was all tidy na, a doctor brought her to my left boob to let her suck a little and to create that bond. We had some picture-taking, our first family picture, mother and daughter and daddy and daughter. So cool! I was up and awake the whole time. Yun nga lang, nag picture-taking, di man lang ako nakapag-powder. Eh ang puti kaya ng anak ko, kaya kakahiya tumabi sa kanya. Hahaha. She’s sooo precious! She looks like an angel, so red and white.

After I’ve been stitched up, I was brought to the recovery room and stayed there for two hours. I remembered asking the nurse or doctor there (can’t remember actually) where my baby is and if my husband can go to the recovery room. At around 1:30 in the morning, I was already brought to our room. Room 506. I saw Simon there with my mom. There were visitors who came already while I was still at labor. Hehe. Hindi naman sila masyado excited. Pero happy kami and they joined my family to pray for my safe delivery. I was so happy to see Simon coz it was almost 3 hours that we have’nt seen each other. My mom told me not to talk yet coz of the stitches.

Having to be operated
It was not easy to be operated. For one, I was not set to deliver Simone via C–section. I’ve always prayed that for a normal delivery and I thought all along that everything will turn out the way we expected it to. When Dr. Fuentes told me that she’s had to open me up, I felt a little sad. I looked at Simon and then I thought, my baby’s safety is far more important than what I wanted so I agreed to be operated.

I can’t stand for the first day. I only slept almost the whole day to regain my strength. I was not able to see baby Simone for one day since I could’nt even walk or stand up. Simon brought pictures of her when they saw her during viewing time. She was soooo cute! Hahaha.

Second day, at around 4am, I tried to get up and asked Simon to bring me to the nursery room so I could breastfeed her already. I was brought there thru a wheelchair. When the nurse saw me, she asked if I could walk straight. Given that it was the first time that I walked after the operation, I was, admittedly, a little groggy and could not stand straight. She suggested that I see the baby after a few hours after I practice walking around. Heck, when we left the nursery, Simon saw me crying. Hahaha. Kasi naman, it’s as if I was neglected to see my own child. Super nalungkot talaga me. Simon told me not to worry coz I’ll see her in a few hours. Kainis talaga yung nurse na yun! Hahaha.

The next time I tried to see my baby, I succeeded. I was so excited, I was able to walk from the nursery door to the breastfeeding room. When she was brought to me, she was still sleeping. She’s sooo beautiful, I could’nt believe that we are her parents. She’s maputi and she blushes everytime she makes ‘inat’. She has perfect fingers which she got from her dad, perfect nose which she got from me, perfect lips and chin which she got from her dad. She also has a birthmark at her right arm which she got from our side, my mom and my brother have the same birthmark as well. From the Tan side, she got the trademark index toe that all Simon’s siblings have. Super nakakatuwa that she’s a little of everybody kaya everyone is so happy that they share something with baby Simone.

I was talking to her while she was breastfeeding on me. I kept on telling her I love her and that she was all worth the pain and more. It was a mom-daughter moment for me. Having to see her and hold her for the first time paved the way to motherhood. Yes, I’am a mom already. We are parents. We have been given a chance to raise a person to become a child of God and follow God’s will in her life. We’ve been given a privilege that not everyone is being blessed upon. We are thankful that she is healthy and that she is everything we have prayed for and much, much more.

At the hospital
I pretty much recovered on the second day. I was advised to walk around so everything inside will return to its normal place. Hehe. I was asked to count my farts, to lie down on my side, either left or right. I had three different kinds of whatever stuck on me thru needles: the blood transfusion, dextrose and pain reliever. On the second day, the one pack of blood was emptied and thank God, tinanggal na sya agad. Feeling ko kasi super may sakit ako seeing blood flow to get inside of me. My hemoglobin dropped from 120 to 80 kasi. I still had a catheter pero it was also removed the second day so I could walk to the bathroom for comfort needs. It was one of the hardest thing to do—having to sit on the toilet bowl. The stitch kasi is so low (bikini cut) that it would hurt everytime I bent. Simon would assist me and would change my maternity pads and clean myself. Sobrang it was a proof of our love. He really took care of my every need.

to be continued...this post is really long na. :D