Thursday, December 15, 2005

The one with one week to go!

We are exactly one week from our wedding...excitement is rushing in...grabe! kakatuwa how God works in our lives. super dami realizations and learnings that make us more humble before God.

we attended Richard and Amor's wedding. their venue is the same venue as ours so we basically had a glimpse of what our venue would look like. It was breath-taking...promise! i just can't help but be teary-eyed because of joy that God has given them the favor of a perfect weather. nakaka-blessed talaga. now, we have really realized that there is no one to really ask favor from but God.

tapos, on our way home, Simon and I were talking about our wedding. Sabi ko, "lam mo kahit nga umulan sa wedding natin, i just realized that it has been so much for me to ask everything...the mere fact that God gave us the provision for the wedding is already a miracle. We never thought that this wedding preparation will not give us so much headache from where we will get the resources. He provided for everything. And so, we know that He will also provide the stars and the moon for our wedding. God is good. Made us realized to really pray that God will give us a wedding that will be successful...successful because we were able to glorify God's name through the wedding and that we will offer our wedding to Him and His name alone.

I texted clarice. Told her to change the layout of our wedding ceremony and reception, to change it back to the original layout, a separate ceremony and reception. That's the only thing i asked for my wedding...and of course a rain-free weather.

We plan to go to Prayer Mountain one of these days and pray for our wedding and all other details that cover it. :)

God bless to all December brides!

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

The one with last meeting

Starbucks, 6th level, shangri-la...was our venue on our last meeting with clarice. grabe, when he said nga na "see you on thursday..." parang kme, "huh?thursday?" "oo, sa wedding nyo..." yikes! ikakasala na nga kme! hahaha...

things i realized last night:
1. yes, i'd have to admit, a part of me has fears sa weather on that day. she asked, "hindi ka natatakot? or is it just faith?" lam mo, natatakot nga ako, pero it's more on whether it rains or not, i know, His works and plans are for the best.

2. Yes, we are specific in praying for a rain-free weather on our wedding day...but more importantly, He made me realize that we should pray more and trust that His plans for us on the wedding will succeed and that we will only glorify His name sa wedding namin.

3. Simon texted me yesterday, "basta ang important sa ken katabi kita habang kakanta ako sa wedding natin and okay nako nun" It will be OUR day...all ours! so kahit ano mangyari...para sa amin yun...

yun lang, kaya super excited na ulit me for next week. imagine, next week, misis nako!!!

Monday, December 12, 2005

The one with the 10-day countdown

10 days to go!!! it did'nt rain...i plan to take my leave starting friday, pero di pako nagpapa-alam. hehehe. thankfully, when we had a meeting yesterday for the parade, we appointed two other officemates to be the stage director and logistics coordinator. yey! ibig sabihin, sila na bahala and i can just 'sulpot' there anytime...(oh i hope ganun nga mangyari...)

yun still praying for a rain-free weather...please Lord...ayoko lang po talaga mag-tent...kc mahal...hehehe...

Thursday, December 08, 2005

The one with being normal

Finally...a share of my own wedding tension and pressure. hahaha. ive been telling my friends and even some of my close w@wies na nawe-weirduhan ako that we are so letting go na agad as early as now. sabi naman ng iba kong friends, that's because prepared na nga daw kme. not really, dami pa kme kulang, wala na nga lang me keber. hehe. and despite the major changes that i posted earlier, relaxed pa rin kme ni simon.

then...last night, i had the first wedding tension of my life...a fight with my mom.

of all people na ayoko maka-away, it's my mom. kc we have the same ugali, same malditahan, same kulit, and same lahat. dalawa lang kc kme girl sa family. the reason behind the fight was really petty, i dont wanna even talk about it anymore kc super babaw talaga. pero i snapped, and so did she. it was not really sampalan at sabihan ng masasakit na salita...di naman kme ganun. hehe.

but in our family, madali kme magbati. i texted her this morning na sorry and she texted back: "we love you anak and sori din. pasensya na at bumabata ako eh"'s their anniversary today and we'll go out for dinner.

la lang, i realized that hey, natetense nako and im glad at na-overcome ko naman. i dont wanna be a bridezilla on the day mismo. pero i still to be "kondisyoned" pa na everything will be okay.

i love my mom...

happy wedding ulyfel! :)

Wednesday, December 07, 2005

The one with last-minute decisions

Two weeks before the wedding and here we are shocked with a lot of changes for the wedding. ganito ba talaga yun? pero relaxed mode pa rin naman kme ni simon. nakakatawa lang coz some of the decisions we made before were really discussed between us and tumagal coz nahirapan kme i-decide...tapos biglang change of plans... here's what iam talking about...

~ our pastor will not have his permit before our wedding day. we had to go back and ask Pastor B again to officiate us. Unfortunately, he still has to check if his permit is still okay and has not expired yet. so, now we're waiting...misalls have been printed, photocopied and binded already. i just hope walang ma-ooverhaul masyado. a part of me is saying, "you should have followed your heart."

~ the keyboardist for our reception backed out. grrrh! this is easy as i just texted john santos to extend their musicians to reception. unfortunately, they can only rehearse with our singers/friends 2 hours before the ceremony. that leaves us and my coordinator to change all our timetable on the wedding day and make everything earlier. nyahaha.

~ the singer for the ceremony is not keeping in touch. despite of all the texts and calls of simon, incomunicado pa rin sya. so, we have to ask again john for their singers, kung available pa. sa reception, okay na kme. (so far)

~ my mom requested for a nice bridal car...something that we really had the least priority in. okay rin lang, we will just get the benz of john santos.

this is, i know, the tip of the iceberg pa lang. pero ok lang. i know we will still be married and will have the wedding of our dreams. details lang to...

~ on a lighter note, our house is having shape already. kakatuwa, buying stuffs for the house. pero di nakakatuwa ung gastos. hahaha. we bought sofa set na, curtains, lamps, wall mirror for visual illusion effect (hehe), shower, christmas tree and decors, and lights. yun pa lang. I will separate muna the payments for the suppliers, then we can buy na cguro the dining table and mattress. yey!

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

The one with being a Bride

It’s just two weeks before our wedding day! Time flies so fast. I wonder where it all went. It seems like it has been just yesterday that we were looking for a venue, then a caterer, then a photographer, so on and so forth. But we enjoyed every bit of preparing…tiring but enjoyable. Oh and yes, I too, have met and made many friends along our wedding preparations, something that I will forever be grateful for.

It took us exactly a year to prepare for our wedding. And I think I’d have to agree that there are really stages that a bride undergoes when preparing for a wedding. Some of the stages may happen at the same time, some may come first and others later than expected depending on the couple. Here’s what I have to say:

The “elated” couple – After having been proposed to and having that “This is it!” feeling, a bride will be overwhelmed with so many wedding ideas and concepts that she has since she started making pillow cases her veil. This is when you formally talk about your wedding, where you are excited and eager to sit down and discuss what kind of wedding you want to have. This is where you share your dream wedding to your fiancé and hopefully he will agree (read: budget! Haha)

The “booking” couple – Oh yes, excitement keeps rushing in…This is where you feel that the perfect venue you’ve always dreamt of has been filled in already, where you will feel that the time you started preparing is so little, you’d want to move your wedding to another date. Haha, you’d realize that all your “dream” suppliers have been booked already. I think this is a very critical time for a couple since this stage gives them the whole idea of their wedding, how much budget they’d have to allot for the wedding, church or garden wedding?, how many guests? But more importantly, I love this stage especially the part when you attend all bridal fairs, and I love that sense of fulfillment and assurance you get after you book a supplier, that feeling that everything’s starting to take shape. I think this is the longest and most enjoyable stage in a couple’s preparation because even before weeks before your wedding, one way or another, there will still be a need to buy something (like shoes, party poppers, accessories, and other last minute wedding rush)

The “coffee” couple – After booking our major suppliers, Simon and I would schedule our meetings, usually long-hours coffee meetings on a Friday night, and prepare all the necessary checklists, schedules of meetings, measurements, fittings, invitation mock-ups, shopping...I could have all day writing our list and still not have enough time! But it’s fun. This is where you bond with your fiancé, you get the kilig feeling that he wants to prepare with you. Although, sometimes, this is a breeding ground for petty arguments as well. I remember the time when we fought about the make-up artist I want to book. I ended up looking for another more affordable MUA and although I didn’t book the previous one, I ended up being friends with her. (hi bakla!)

The “oh, please” couple – I consider myself a sucker for weddings. This is my favorite occasion. But come to think of it, I never realize that we will come to a point that we are so anxious for that day to come and that we want to finish all our pending stuffs and deal with it. This is a time for us when we are more excited of the “life” after the wedding, rather than the wedding day itself. I think what triggered us to move on to this phase was when we found our house and we are so excited designing our home and living together in one roof. I think this happened 2 months before the wedding, when we’re done booking almost all suppliers, we’re running errands for gown fittings, finalizing invitations, etc. You’d wish that you’ll see the end of the tunnel and be a wife already. Haha, funny but true! You just can’t wait to know when all the meetings and signing of contracts will end.

The “what else?” couple – I had my share of wedding nightmares barely 2 months before the wedding and after that one dream, that’s it. Thank God, I did’nt reach the point where I can’t sleep and can’t eat because of wedding jitters. For me, this stage is a test of my Oc-ness. I’d open my computer as soon as I come home from work and complete my customized checklist, wedding supplier requirements, wedding day timeframe, and OTD coordinator notes. I’d also update my file of wedding receipts, budget checklist and other to do lists. I’d also look for something to work on and would always think of doing something for the wedding. (usually ending up with a terrible back ache) I’am a hands-on bride and I always want to know what happens to every detail of my wedding. That’s why when we’d meet our coordinator, she’d always tell me this: “please, don’t do my job.” And laugh. Haha, but it’s true. I’d always look for something to do. Parang if I don’t do anything at all or don’t sleep late, I feel like I’m not ready for the wedding. Weird noh?!

The “letting go” couple – Now we are finally in this stage. This is the stage where you feel that you’ve exerted all your powers for the wedding already and that no matter what changes might happen, you’d still end up being married. I started letting go when I had another coffee cum meeting with my coordinator. I was in the middle of giving her notes, then she just put her hand on my lap, stared at me and said, “sis, no matter what happens, you will get married and be happy.” That’s my cue! After that, I started letting go and just enjoy the last few weeks of my single years. I would want to agree that being a little prepared and having an OC vein is finally paying off, and don’t get me wrong, we still have a lot to do, we just feel assured knowing that everything will fall in its right places (hopefully).

The “no choice” couple – this is the other twin of the “letting go” couple since they happen at almost the same time. Just when you are trying to let go and relax, certain parts in your wedding will change and will leave you no choice but to get the second best option. For one, our Officiating pastor will not be able to get his license before our wedding. Just when we had all misalettes done and ready already, he told us that. Second, our musician/friend of my groom backed out and we had no choice but to extend our ceremony musicians to reception. Given that they can only do rehearsals two hours before the ceremony, our pictorial schedule and timetable will all be moved earlier since most of my entourage will be our singers as well. This is also the time when you will deal with the hardest part of the wedding…the guestlist. When you’ve assigned one person at this table, he will text you and tell you that he’s not sure if he can come. And so you are dumbfounded and left with more problems if you want to just cut him off the list and invite others or retain his name and just accept the fact that a certain seat might be empty on your wedding day. Talking about changes, huh? I think every couple, in one way or the other, will experience these. What will set the difference is how you see the situation and how good your second best option is. Remember, this is the best time to say… “Breathe….Relax…”

One friend wrote, exert all your efforts in preparations, set your expectations low. And I think that’s what we are practicing right now. I don’t expect that we will have a perfect wedding (well, for one, nobody else will), neither a free-glitch wedding…What’s more important is that your heart, mind and body are prepared to take another journey with the person God has brought you to. And that no matter what happens…even if one table is empty, the projector is not working, or even if it rains (oh but I pray that it wont)…at the end of the day, you will be full of joy knowing that you are finally married… :)

Above all these, the most important stage in the wedding is the realization that God has blessed me with the man I’ve always prayed for. I know Simon is the one blessing I will always be grateful for and that I will always see and feel God’s love through him. So no matter how our wedding day will turn out, or how bridezilla I might evolve into…It will always be my dream wedding come true. :)

Jacque Fermin
(this post I dedicate to all my dear friends in w@w, my sistahs and best friends who will soon get married, suppliers whom i've shared my excitement with: Clarice, Emily; dream supplier-turned-friend Madge, my correspondent Marbee, and to the one i experience these stages with...Simon)

Monday, December 05, 2005

The one with 17 days to go!

Waaahhhh!!! ang lapit na...i can hear the wedding bells. i can't help but be elated with all that's happening... :)

i've a confession...tinatamad nako mag-work. haha. lagi na me late pumasok and im having a hard time focusing pag naiisip ko wedding namin. tapos, of all people ako pa ang ni-assign to be the overall coordinator for the parade of our corporate year-end which is the day BEFORE the wedding. diba?! labo! i will be the legwork and will work during the preparations for it, pero on the day itself...di nako ako yun noh! haha.

Manila Bulletin - thanks to my constant correspondent and editor of About Weddings of Manila Bulletin, Marbee Go. I can say i found a friend in her. kahit di pa kme meet in person, we've been exchanging mails since the 1st issue of WE came out. love her for choosing our pics sa wedding announcements...and it's big...and centered! hehe. muah!

Sofa set - yesterday, Dec. 4, simon and i were just talking about a new sofa set as our last priority. while drving, we passed by a furniture store and came out with a receipt on hand...for the sofa set! bwahahaha. it's an impulse buy i know, pero lam mo yung feeling pag may nakita ka and you fell in love with it. well, it's because it's mura and comfy pa rin. for delivery sya today together with our mirror and aluminum rods for the curtains. hehe. excited nga!

Wedding details - im still wrappings gifts for ento, suppliers, etc. tapos nyan, gallery naman then im okay. nakakatawa lang, dami changes nangyari over the weekend pero di naman kme na-rattle. our pastor who supposed to officiate us wont have his license out before our wedding. pero he suggested that he officiates us pa rin pero somebody else will sign. ok lang :) second, the keyboard player whom we hired for our reception backed out as he has so many obligations. being a friend of simon, di na namin pinagalitan or something...bahala na lang sya. so we just texted john and told him na we're requesting them to extend til the reception na. hehe. yun lang naman!

Thursday, December 01, 2005

The one with December na!

Yey!!! December na!!! Merry Christmas to all and Happy wedding! hahaha... i can't wait...texted all our friends, and PS that starting today, may they help us pray for a stress-free and rain-free wedding! (although i know, it won't rain!) here are some tips couple tend to forget but shouldnt:

1. a fancy ballpen when signing the contract - kc minsan sa picture-taking, panget kung panda ballpen lang diba? hehe
2. pay your suppliers ng balances nila
3. kanino isasakay ang mga gifts - lagi daw to nakakalimutan
4. match or lighter for the candles
5. no matter what, maglalagay ako ng blue skies sa bag ko...mainit ang ulo ko pag gutom...di ako pwede nagugutom..hahaha
6. when walking down the aisle, dont forget to look at your groom. wag tumingin kahit saan, tingin lang kay h2b at enjoy that blissful moment.
7. don't forget to provide a car for your h2b...and a driver. :)
8. disposable food containers - some caterers will provide for this, pero some will not. so, make sure you have lang... make a sticker na rin with your names on it para personalized... :)
9. enjoy the first kiss - wag ma-conscious
10. Madge Lejano's flower over flower position - i got this tip from madge of course (diba concon?). yung bouquet nyo daw, not so high and not so low...tamang natatakpan kunwari ang flower nyo. haha, kaya flower over flower.
11. tell your parents "thank you" and "i love you"
12. tell your h2b na "I love you"
13. Pray and thank God for everything.

yun lang!!! and the countdown begins...

Wednesday, November 30, 2005

The one with artista night

An evening with the stars...what can i say??! honestly, im not an avid fan...oh no, im not even a fan of Pinoy Big Brother pero attending ABS-CBN's party last night was a blast, i must say. it gave me a good break from all wedding preparations. it was a christmas party were there were lots of prizes raffled off, saw so many artistas (oh face it! every pinoy is a sucker for artistas at one way or the other!) so there, kahit di ko kilala most of them, we had pictures taken with them. haha. let loose and be yourself! saw really nice faces like nikki (coke), iya, heart, jericho, kuh (exotic i must say!), martin, kris, toni, john estrada(na gusto ko tapunan ng wine!hehe), anne curtis, sarah, erik santos, john lloyd, bea alonozo, shaina, claudine, pinoy cast like rico, bob, chx, jenny, rachel, direk, and of course...sam milby! my goodness, got to take pics with some of these people pero kay sam no puedo kc super dami tao. haha. i even talked to his bouncer and even asked if we can have a pic with him. hahaha, hindi daw fan o! i dont know, i really dont know them pero pa-picture pa rin me...that's when i realized that im a true pinoy..sucker for pictrues with artistas! hahaha...but the grandest pic i must make mention was that with Gabby Lopez. oh my goodness...ang gwapo! kahit oldie na. hehe.

On friday, i will come prepared. GMA will host a christmas party and this time, i'll bring simon's digicam and dress up in a partyish look. yey! one night with the kapamilyas won't make me a traitor right?! :)

rubbing elbows with Gabby. :)

naks! direk!

glimpse kay sam
nandyan ako katabi nya...di nga lang kita. hihihi...

victor neri and some rich guy
o cge na nga...nagpa-akbay na lang ako kay victor neri. paconsuelo. hahaha.

Monday, November 28, 2005

The one with sakit sa katawan

Eh bakit nga ba ako naghahanap ng sakit sa katawan?! ha?! i made envelopes for our invitation. mejo pricey envelopes nila phoebe so i did some, pero yung PS and ento invites we got from them. tapos, we asked them to make a one-page invite for other guests. additional lang kc kaya we just opted for a simpler one. it ended up that di ako masyado satisfied. for one, lumiit sya. oh well, di ko alam kc na liliitan nila eh. so nilagyan ko ng board to make it bigger in size. then, nag-print me ng ento list na hindi naman dapat! oh no! di talaga me mapakali eh. hehe. well, almost done na naman with the printing, cut na lang.

my super thanks to one of my bestest friends, jannet, for helping me out with my kaprichuhan. mare, super salamat for doing all the things na pinapagawa ko. i owe you big time! muah!

24 days to go! yahoo!!!

Saturday, November 26, 2005

The one with alta so

So...nag feeling rich kme ni simon last saturday. it was supposed to be a long weekend for us sa office since monday was declared a holiday by GMA. unfortunately, it was a working saturday. sa super katamad mag work nun, the Rustan's year-end sale made me file my half-day leave, together with my two ofcmates, Ritz and Lissa. hehe. sulit na rin. got to buy my mom a maidenform brassiere, from 1700 to 400! beat that. i got to buy a sports bra also na maidenform for 200 lang. tapos, citre shine gel, 140 only, the citre shine na hair serum is 165 only, big size na. bought also Denenes colognes for 15pesos only! grabe!

to add to that, we are scheduled for our bridal registry shopping at rustan's. ganun pala yun noh, feeling rich talaga kme, we were like, "gusto ko yan...cge 2...chaka eto..." then someone would write down all we want. haha. ang mejo off lang was the girl who assisted us. she's nice, pretty and accommodating. yun nga lang, may kausap lagi sa cellfone and nakikipag-away pa. nyeh! mejo may clients lang naman sya diba?! yun lang, pero the rest was okay. nakakapagod nga lang mamili. we had a "mixed" registry, meaning may generic items pa rin sa list and specific ones para guests can choose diba.

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

The one with a month to go!

Today marks exactly one month before our BIG day! yahoo! after all the preparations, hard work, decisions, and endless pangungulit sa suppliers...this is it! hahaha...and coincidentally, this post is my 112th! 1+1 = 2 and 2 is 22! hahaha...galing noh?! would want to make updates sana eh pero baka humaba pa itong post ko...tomorrow na lang. i'm also printing pa our guest sheets. super tagal bago ma-print dahil hirap makahanap ng ink.

started my day pala texting all our suppliers that one month na lang at wedding na namin. hehe.

nga lang, kung kelan naman one month na lang, had to change pa my celfone number...huhuhu...ang hirap pa naman maglipat ng contacts and inform everybody of my new number. haay! kapagod nga eh.

happy monthsary simon! i'am very excited to be Mrs. Simon Peter Tan! love you beh!

Monday, November 21, 2005

The one with our care bears

This is a little off the theme, pero tagal ko na pangarap to put two hugging teddy bears sa bridal car namin. hehe. found something before pero this is more perfect and even bigger than the first one so binili ko na. naku, lagot ako kay simon! hehehe.

the "i love you" thing is corny i know...will cover that na lang. hehe

back of our bears: magka-akbay sila

also, thanks to my w@wie friend cathy (pa-autograph!) who suggested to put a veil para mukha silang bride and groom. will try my best to dress them up both...naku, hanap na naman ng sakit sa katawan. actually, may nabibili na costumes, but they cost really mahal. so, gawa na lang tayo. wish ko lang diba?!

Sunday, November 20, 2005

The one with the Shower

What a way to spend a sunday evening than have it with our parents and godparents?! grabe, the Shower of blessings really blew our minds...and our hearts! as in! opening prayer pa lang, umiiyak nako coz i really felt that God was there with us, blessing each and every member there. we arrived 5:45pm, 45minutes late (what else is new?!hehe) and started at around 6:30 pm. the opening prayer was led by Pastor Super and and introduction made by Sister Tetess. Shower of Blessings is a tradition originated by the Hebrews when they send a person into his adulthood. There are actually 7 stages where one is being blessed and we are on the sixth stage already - coming to the adulthood, (seventh stage being that of receiving your womanhood/manhood) in releasing kc a person from their parents, kelangan sinasabi sya verbally eh. In that way, talagang dinedeclare mo to God and to people that you are being released from your parents in preparation to cleaving to your spouse. And this is the purpose of that Shower of BLessings. It's the first time our church did that and super nagalak kme and honored that Simon and I were chosen to be the first to be given those blessings. sabi nga dun, everything that they say and pray for, lahat yun came from God...kaya yun ang nakaka-blessed.

the first part was when I was released by my parents...they described me as a person, how my parents are confident that simon will take care of me (iba pala pag sinasabi nila tlaga), and how they will miss me. after hugging and kissing my parents, i walked down the little carpet wherein at the end of the carpet stands our ninangs ready to welcome me to the womanhood. ang saya! and then they hugged me and welcomed me. I then shouted, "I'm a woman na!" hahaha...

the second part was simon's turn, as usual...comedy na naman lumabas...hehe. kc his dad's kwento was not about up nya with simon's brother daw. kakatawa talaga. anyway, tita alma said her prayer for both of us. (all their prayers and blessings were written down so we can keep them) kaka-touch lang talaga. then he crossed over also and was welcomed into manhood.

the next part was when all our godparents gave us their blessings, and prayers...kaka-touched, superb! they really prepared for it. and everytime they say their blessings, naooverwhelm ako of God's goodness. feel na feel namin na andun talaga sya blessing us. i will post some of our favorite lines so you guys can be blessed also.

after that, we said our thanks and response and accepted their blessings. and i cried again. hehe, kc super happy ako. we really looked forward to this and it was really worth in! thank you Lord. never had i imagined that we will really experience the roles of our godparents (kc sabi nila sa regalo lang daw ang mga ninongs..hehe) we prayed for our godparents talaga...they were carefully chosen and now i know why...

everyone was saying while we were eating na dapat maging tradition na yun sa magkaron ng Shower of blessings to everyone who will get married. our special thanks to Pastor Super and Tita Tetess for welcoming us to their home and for the whole idea...we were so blessed. sabi nga ng dad ko and i quote, "kung sino man ang pasimuno nito...salamat sayo" hahaha.

pics to follow... we went home with smiles in our faces...haay!

The one with walang pahinga (part 2)

the following day, ganun pa rin. after church, had breakfast muna sa Hot Loops na baong opened lang lapit sa church(with SILs, simon, and lanlan) tapos fit sila gowns nila. hahaha. may mga alterations na natatawa na lang ako. pero overall, they exceeded my expectations. malinis sila tumahi and kahit masikip ang shop at may mga konting problems sa gowns, i can say, sulit na sila and didnt give me a hard time. pinipilit ko pa ngang sukatin gown ng MOH ko eh. hehehe...gusto ko talaga mag-try eh. :)

tapos, went straight to galleria na with achie. we met james and oliver there (her business associates) they presented their product portfolio to me. it was more of a mock-up presentation wherein im the client kunwari. then i'll give comments and suggestions to better understand their presentation. hope i was able to shed some light naman to them. :)

tapos, accidentally bought our first new christmas tree! simon showed it to me and gusto nya talaga. when i saw it and knew na P1,500 lang sya...go na kme! withdrew some money and bought it. it's a 6ft, fiber optic christmas tree! ganda talaga sa gabi. no need to put christmas lights as there are light already (coz of the fibers nga) nice talaga sya (pics to follow) then, bought cake din for the Shower of blessings...and the details on a separate post.

more busy days to follow... :)

si manong, nipapack-up christmas tree namin
our christmas tree

si simon, nitatanggal na. di mapigilan, set-up na sa house namin
di mapigilan
ayaw ma-rotate eh...sowee

first christmas tree
voila! no christmas lights...just the magic of the fiber optics. :) wala pa rin decor yan...our very own christmas tree!

Saturday, November 19, 2005

The one with palit lang ng damit ang pahinga

Super hectic...whew! went to meet clarice sa west avenue ng 1:00 (read: 1:45pm) as usual late kme as ever! ano ba ito?! kinakabahan pa kme kc muntik na talaga kme maubusan ng in! i dont usually look at the meter kc eh when im driving kaya ayun...tapos, it lasted for an hour ata. nakakatawa lang kc "pinapagalitan" nako ni clarice. ginagawa ko daw ang trabaho nya. hay! eh i cant help it talaga eh. the activities and schedules i did was very similar to what they will also do. pinakita nya pa nga sa ken yung format. haha, para lang daw matahimik ako. pero the thing hindi ko makayanan, is that di daw nila ako bibigyan ng copy nun.. as in "What?!" parang naloka ako nun. although i understand their (simon and clarice) point, di ko lang talaga ata kaya na i dont have an idea ng mga details ng wedding. haha, may sayad na talaga ako! kc naman sabi nga ni clarice, di daw pwede kc ang tendency will be for me to check every now and then kung may namiss or may nagawa na, etc. hahaha. mukhang papaluin talaga ako ni clarice sa wedding namin ha. hahaha. sabi ko nga, di pa OC yan kc di pa panicky ngayon eh...normal lang.

after the meeting, we went to Robert Camba for a meeting. met up with ate connie, chose na the motiffs, cover sa table, ceremony set-up, etc. na change na plans namin, same aread na kme ng venue and reception, although mejo malayo-layo pa rin naman ang reception. sabi ko lang kay clarice and specifically mentioned na ayoko lang may uupo sa reception table as seating there will make them draw their attention to kwentuhan and not listen to the ceremony. kaya we paid additional chairs talga para lahat dun lang nakaupo. yun, okay nako dun. syempre, food tasting kme ever!

after that, went to Printed Matter to get our invites! yey! tapos na! ganda! i asked phoebe that we will order more pero one-page na lang para P20 lang. this is for the guests lang talaga na di kelangan ng ento list. :)

after that, went home saglit and changed outifts tapos alis kme ulit ni simon. off to greenbelt for a bridal shower dinner with my college friends. ate at Italliani's and kwentuhan lang...saya!

tapos, umuwi na. (sa wakas! i thought i won't be able to end this post..hehe)

Friday, November 18, 2005

The one with accidental gimmick

It's a friday and i did'tn go to the office since i want to interview some breeders and dog owners for my work. anyhow, i was done after lunch and did'nt come back to the office na. naan texted us that she took a leave. so naisip ko to meet naan and jannet and have them try their gowns na. we went to the shop and stayed there for more than an hour. my goodness! ang dami nilang eche-bureche. hehe. tumagal kme coz of the corset kay jannet. kc when naan tried out the gown, okay na sya...ang may problem pala eh yung body ni jannet. (hehe, sorry mare, love you!) but we were able to make some alterations, so she can emphasize her body form more. their gowns are really simple, same design lang sila but really nice.

after that, we went to the mall. met na simon there and did some malling...namiss ko yun ha. simon was like..."oh no, kung si jacque pa nga lang napapagod nako mag-malling, tatlo pa kaya?!" hahaha. pero he had fun naman din to the point that we didnt watch a movie na and strolled with them na lang...mas masaya pa. we ate at jollibee, bought some stuffs like christmas decor, CD, cream puffs (yummy!), etc. we even bought penoy. after the malling, we went to jannet's place and watched TV lang and hang out. ate everything we bought na food. haha, ang sakit ng tyan namin ni naan coz we were lying down sa carpet while eating...(read: buhay baboy!)

truly, one accidental gimmick na super saya.

greenwich time!
just had to take a pic of this... 22 eh! hehe ;)

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

The one with Shower of Blessings

Among all the preparations we have for our wedding, this is by far, the one I’am looking forward to the most. This invitation was made by two of our godparents, Pastor Super and Ninang Tetess when we had dinner with them last month. We are so excited as all our ninongs and ninangs in the church will gather this Sunday and bring with them their prayers, speak blessings for Simon and me and for our future marriage. This is a first! Our parents will also be there so they can also give us their blessings. They want to incorporate it in the wedding pero matagal sya so we felt na mas okay if we set a separate venue for it. Haay! Ka-excite lang! There will also be a potbless for a sumptuous dinner. Wala lang, super blessed lang kme to have all of them prepare for this. Parang it makes us feel na everybody is so supportive of our decision and that they want to give their blessings to us. kaka-touch lang talaga...

this is their invitation they made for us:
shower of blessings

Sunday, November 13, 2005

The one with sipon...

i have sipon...sniff, sniff. but that didnt stop me from wedding preps! bwahaha. di pa naman ako pwede magkasipon coz hindi ko pwede mahawahan si simon, matagal kc sya magkasipon and it usually goes with ubo naman. haay. kaya mejo layo-layo muna. anyway, from what i wrote down in my last entry, here's what transpired over the weekend...

friday night - avenetto pa rin with simon. wasnt able to have dinner with my sistahs kaya nag soul food na lang kme ni simon. whenever we feel tired talaga and wasted, this is where we go to for comfort (tummy terms) hehe.

saturday - went to divi with SIL jane. hahaha. napabili kme ng christmas tree ng wala sa oras. my goodness! na sales talk kme! kahit ako na nasa marketing, tiklop! pero from 1,500 nabili nya ng 600 yung christmas tree. ( i wonder how much it really costs) we just took the LRT that day kaya ayun mega buhat sya. hahaha. we dropped by at printed matter na rin to finalize the invites and nag order na rin. will get it on nov. 19. which reminds me we have to finalize the number of invites. i ordered 50 muna eh. i bought some stuff lang sa divi. nag-canvass rin me ng tulle, pero naisip ko na lang yung cheap na chiffon na lang ang pang-drape ko. sana maging ok yung na-iimagine ko ang i hope it's feasible. i also started na with the misalette string na nilagyan ko ng beads. post me pics as soon as tapos na. misalette is for final editing pa ni clarice eh.

sunday - had counseling; fit my gown for the 2nd time. this time, fit na sya sa ken. mejo masikip pa nga coz i gained weight. that's why i really have to be serious sa mom fit her gown too. she also gained weight, as in ayaw masara...oh no!! so both of us have to really be serious na sa pagpapapayat. nagpa-add me ng colored beads which i will see next week. kung gusto ko pa rin dagdagan, dadagdagan nila ng handpaint na. i also dropped by at catahay na to check the ento gowns. whew! mejo lumuwag ang pakiramdam ko when i saw that the gowns are pretty naman pala. kinakabahan talaga ako sa kanila coz feeling ko hindi nila naaalala yung mga sinasabi ko. buti na are some of the tops ng gowns. i also brought my MOH dun para pa-measure sya. kakapanganak lang kc kaya ngayon lang sya nagpasukat. :)

top of ento gown
this gown has a drape...we actually got this design from one of Linoi's evening gowns...i did'nt expect na magagaya nila.

top of ento gown2
this design is for my two bridesmaids who are give them more body. nice din...di ko lang masyado nakunan ng maayos. hehe.

now, i only have to wait for the SS gowns and my MOH's...naku, sana okay din :)

Thursday, November 10, 2005

The one with dami pending for weekend

whew! i still have so many things to do and buy this weekend. Here are some things I noted para di ko makalimutan:

Nov. 12 - Saturday
Divi trip with Jane - 7am to 1pm
Pick-up invites from Printed Matter - 2pm
Fitting of gown - 4pm
DIY stuff (luminaries, misalette cover, others) - 5pm onwards
Ento gown fitting - 6pm in between DIY stuff

Nov. 13 - Sunday
Church - 8am to 10am
Couseling - 10:30 to 12pm
Caterer visit - 1pm or Spa at Tranquility Spa
Guest list and envelope printing - 4pm onwards

Other things di pa kasama dyan... haaayy..busy-busy-busy...

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

The one with thoughts, thoughts, thoughts

Wala lang...In life talaga, there are things we really can't understand. We usually have mixed emotions on situations that we are faced in. Pero one thing i know, God is good and God loves me. He will never forsake me and leave my side. I know He has a purpose for everything and I know that all His plans are for the best, even if there are times that i might not understand why things have to happen, I just know and feel comforted that He is there for me.

Cguro, sa dami lang ng mga nangyayari sa buhay, you just can't help but be overwhelmed. i feel happy knowing that i'll spend the rest of my life with the man i know God has brought me to. just the thought of it makes me feel of God's love more and more. He has answered my every prayer when He gave me Simon and I will forever be grateful for that.

i feel sad naman leaving my parents and all the memories i have in our house. as old as it is, i love that house. i can run around our house blindfolded and not trip. i love how big my room is and how i have all my childhood and teenage stuff all stocked under my bed. i love the fact that when i don't feel well, my mom and my dad are just by the other room, i can just knock on their door and receive the care and comfort they give. i love my kuya whom i always have arguments with, pero super lambing if he's in the mood. i love my small brother whom i share my kakulitan with and whom i share my kwentos with esp on my way to work, and his way to school. (both my brothers dont mind if we hold hands or embrace each other in public).i love our dogs and the smell of our puppies who turn to 'bratdogs' when i arrive home. i love the neighborhood i have grown up in. my childhood friends whom i've been with for the past 20 years of my life. i know not many are blessed with this kind of friendship and i know it's borderless. our geographical location is not the only reason why we are friends. all these, i will miss.

But then again, as I would always say this...God is good and He has a reason for everything. I will miss them terribly but I can always go to our house and meet my parents. To add pa, I have two more parents to give love and care to. I'll miss my room but hey, we have a new house that is ours alone, we can still run and shout all day long without no one to disturb. I still love my kuya, and at least we can have less arguments...hahaha. and my small brother (one year gap only) whom i have given the permission to get my room. at least, i've left him some remembrance..kalat ko. haha. i will miss my best friends but they can always visit us and have a new venue for our 'girls chika/bonding time'. it's always mixed emotions for me you know.

I'am excited to live everyday with Simon, to budget all our finances, to decide if we will eat chickenjoy today or cook, to clean the house with him, to watch all our DVDs and Friends episodes with him, to sleep beside him, wake up beside him, pray our morning prayer with him, and go to church together (as in coming from one house!) I feel secured that God will provide all our needs. human as iam, we all feel the need for security, but I know God is always there for us. We want to live a simple life, and a life that only God will be glorified. So no matter what life leads us to, I will always feel grateful and happy that we are together...and live to be Mr. and Mrs. Tan. I love you Simon!

oh no! and this is not yet a week before the wedding ha. hehe.

The one with the weirdest dream

Welcome me to the club! last sunday, after the bridal shower, i just had my own share of wild wedding dreams, or should i say, nightmares? it was really weird. pag gising ko na lang, natawa na lang ako coz i know it won't happen. well, here are reasons why:

parang sa dream ko, present time sya eh. and i thought na nov. 22 daw ang wedding namin and not dec. 22. after that, we rushed to finish so many things...and ended up getting married ng Nov. 21!!! halleeerr! how can i forget such things diba?! as in, wala daw guests kc nga nov. 22 pa ang wedding. and ang weird pa dun, an hour before the wedding, my MUA wala pa daw. si paul vincent (my photog) naghihintay lang sa amin to be finished dressing up. and most of all, my coordinator, Clarice wala rin daw. as in ako ang nagpapaka-coordinator running last minute preps! oh mi gas! kaloka talaga. but aside from that, lahat all set na...wala nga lang guests!!! hahaha

oh diba?! it's so weird....monday morning, i texted angie and clarice. natawa lang sila and texted na kabaligtaran daw ang mangyayari so wag ko daw problemahin yun. actually, di naman talaga. nakakatawa lang! :)

Monday, November 07, 2005

The one with the Surprise!!!

grabe, i'm still in shock and surprised about the bridal shower my best friends threw for me! as in! they are real blessings in my life. well, two weeks ago, while we were designing our fans, they kept on asking na about my schedule on nov. 5. knowing that i have work, we simply cant schedule any other plans for wedding preps, so i just said im free from afternoon onwards. after a few days, my friend jannet missent a text, so i had some hints about their plans. and man, they kept on asking me about nov. 5. parang so many plans agad sa nov. 5. hahaha. when that day came, nawala lang yung doubts ko when jill texted me of the final plans na dinner lang sa bayview hotel and walking sa baywalk, treat ng bf nya na si jhon. so i said to myself, "ahh, feeling ko lang pala yun" hehehe. upon arriving at bayview park hotel, wala pa sila sa dinner so nag ocular muna kme ni simon. baka lang magustuhan din namin yung hotel. after seeing the suite, we went to look for the superior rooms. and i don't know, ikot lang kme ng ikot na parang hindi alam nung bellboy kung saan nya kme papa-ocular. he was even listening sa mga pinto kung saan maingay. hahaha. and weird talaga. sabi ko nga kay simon eh, "taga-dito ba tlga yan?!" he even asked us, "ma'am, ano pong room ulit yun?" sabi ko, "nyeh! malay ko eh ikaw yung kausap ng reception" hahaha. finally, he knocked at room 1211. sabi ko, bakit kayo magoocular sa may tao na naka-occupy?. someone opened the door, and was shocked to see my friends! hahaha. i was dumbfounded for minutes. tapos i hugged lang simon kc gulat tlga me and mejo sad din kc uuwi sya mag-isa and di kme magkasama. hehe, OA! and so, when i entered our room, ang ganda. it was a "Honeymooner theme". pero sa totoo lang, it was more of a "Hooters theme" to me. bwahaha. they had costumes, pink spaghetti strap blouse, pink satin shorty-shorts...kulang na lang roller skates. hahaha. i cant even post their pics at baka di na sila pumayag maging 'abay' ko tlga. everything was coordinated and in pink, to match our motiff. haha. from the slippers down to the rose petals and bath stuffs they gave me for my warm bubble bath...delicious! all in pink! i had a 45-min bath. sa pag relax ko, i just cant help but pray and thank God for the gift of friendship i share with them. we've been friends for the longest time, as in naka-panty pa lang kme at dumedede pa eh freinds na kme. hahaha. and i know very few have neighbors who end up as real friends. and im one of those. anyway, we played games. the very original truth or consequence...or Strip!, charades where they had to act out something that describes me and i have to guess what that is. pag hindi nahulaan, kakain ng chocolate, iinom ng one glass of water, or kakain ng junk food. but the highlight of the party was they made me wear a gift they bought from Velvet Rose. i cant even describe what the lingerie is called, pero it barely covers the important parts. hahaha. luckily, it was my period that time so i had to wear the panty over the panty im wearing na. haha, my goodness, bat ko ba kinukwento pati ito?! pero in fairness, i love it on me. as in ang sexy! hahaha. tapos, we stayed til 3am i think and woke up at 8am to eat breakfast and chika-chika pa. super saya talaga! they really prepared for it, as in! and feeling ko talaga princess ako that time and pinagsisilbihan nila ako...literally! they prepared my bubble bath, which had rose petals, with candles, aromatherapy. on our bed was my pantulog na pink rin, pink rose, and a bag from velvet rose. the best talaga! sa carpet were candles and rose petals as well.

after checking out, we went to chowking for lunch (naubos na kc budget eh) and stayed there for like 1 and a half hours na as if di kme nagkita ng matagal. haha. then, we visited our venue and took pictures! ang saya! na-emote ko na naman ang venue namin...really nice! mejo humid nga lang at that time. hopefully, sa wedding namin hindi. :)

was really tired from the party but it was really fun! i'll post pics later.

since some of the pics are really censored (hehe), eto lang muna po.

bath tub
warm bubble bath they prepared for me

our slippers!

hooters' shorts nila!

more pictures to follow!!!

Thursday, November 03, 2005

The one with our proposal published

Upon my last check on my office email, I chanced upon an unknown name. I wanted to delete it agad coz i thought junk mail lang. when i read the subject line "proposal", i opened it thinking that it's business-related. (read:entrepreneur)

and then, the 1st paragraph he was apologizing for not replying agad. then, i read on. he then told us that our wedding proposal story will be featured in their book, First Filipino wedding proposal book! ang cool talaga. i have yet to post his email to me. super he made my day! he asked for our complete wedding info, a picture of us, and a little something about us. galing talaga!

launch date to be announced pa and we will be given free copies pa! yey! ang saya! hahaha. our wedding proposal is not something that you imagine na makikita lang sa movies ha. it's something anyone can relate to kc di sya superficial. hehe.

here is their email to us...

Hi there!

I’m terribly sorry for not having gotten back to you regarding your wedding proposal story. We’ve run into some issues, but we’re back on track.

With this, we’re pleased to inform you that your proposal story has made it into our book! Congratulations!

May I please ask that you send us a photograph of the two of you through email, 300dpi, and not larger than 4 inches in width and height?

Also, please reply to this email with the following information:
Your Names:
Your Ages:
Wedding Date:
Wedding Venue (Church? Garden?):
Any special information you’d like readers to know about you (limit to 2 sentences, please):

We’ll inform you of the book launch date so you can join us, get your free copy of the book as a thank you, and be recognized as contributors to the first
Filipino wedding proposal book in history! 

Thank you for all your help, and God bless your union!

Yours truly,

Ganns and Cathy Deen

The one with the big candle, not terno

hehehe. our Big candle does not match the two other candles. pero i cant change it na coz i love the design. ang gusto ko nga palitan eh yung dalwang small candles eh pero i've put so much effort na dun, i dont want to change a thing. okay lang naman siguro yun. it's our wedding anyway...hehe.

Jac's pics Ü(546)

The one with OUR house

yahoo! biggest thanks to God for giving us a quick answer to our prayer if we want the house/apartment in Marick Subdivision. galing! no sweat! went there last tuesday, Nov. 2 and paid the dp the following day. that easy! we fell in love with the place the minute we laid eyes on the house. no exag! it's not yet done and it's not an elite type of apartment, pero super ganda and gaan ng aura and ambiance. we can perfectly imagine ourselves running around the house and shouting lang with no one to disturb. saya-saya! we paid na the dp and simon will start to move in as early as december 1 para di kme mahirapan with moving in. yey! thanks to Abi ni Romy for referring the place. Hi neighbor!!! hahaha. blessing talaga ni Lord yun. when we showed the pics to my mom and simon's mom, they also like the place. yey ulit!

Jac's pics Ü(549)
Unit C (rightmost), UNit A is where Abi and Romy will live! yahoo, neighbor wawie!

Jac's pics Ü(550)
di pa to tapos ha, kaya ganyan itsura nyan. pero excited nako i-post. haha.

Jac's pics Ü(547)
once we're done designing the place, compare it ha. before and after! hihi

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

The one with lighting the way

Finally, im done with our unity candles. but have'nt posted the big one kc pinapatuyo ko pa. it's almost the same thing...puro beads. hehe.

here are a couple of pictures. well, i basically used tacky glue lang over an acetate film and poured the beads and voila!!!

Jac's pics Ü(496)
upclose shot...naks!

Jac's pics Ü(495)
100% pure love!!!

Monday, October 31, 2005

The one with DIYers

It is always nice when you have Do-it-yourself stuff for your wedding...but what's nicer if you do it with your love-ones... one of my bestest friend said, "what a way to spend a perfect sunday afternoon..." haha.

we spent our day designing fans we'd give out for our guests (in case mainitan sila) originally, i wanted it to be just white...but since jannet, naan, and jill volunteered to help me out...what the heck! we played with the fans! i called it an "express yourself" right or wrong design, no rules, no standards, just design it the way you feel like it. and boy we had so much fun! as in, kaka-addict! my mom and i bought 60pcs. and we were able to finish 40pcs in just one afternoon! cool! my friend jannet even brought some home and she stayed until 11am just to finish it. haha, addict!!! then, kanina jill was asking me if we still have to make some more...galing! im really having so much fun preparing for the wedding esp. when i have my friends to share my excitement with. not to mention, my mom also designed some. hihihi... :)

Jac's pics Ü(539)
some of our master pieces..yey! nice, dont you think?

Jac's pics Ü(536)
party poppers for our exit...i hope this is enough na. sayang din kc eh. hehe.

Jac's pics Ü(535)
pang design sa basket na lalagyan ng paraphernalia

ritz and i went for an "oceanic shopping" last wednesday. i bought na a pearl-finish box for the coins (until now, still dont know if i want the unity coins) and for the rings. cute, both boxes are heart-shaped, different styles with rhinestones on it. i also bought a cake slicer from which i will design it na lang and a christening cross for my bestfriend's cute baby, keisha! i also bought 5 heart-shaped pill boxes that are so cute. pang-gift cguro. ka-addict mamili sa oceanic, sale kc eh.

Jac's pics Ü(533)

Jac's pics Ü(534)
ang cute noh?!

we still have a lot to do for the wedding and now that it's bakasyon, sana may ma-accomplish kme.

Jac's pics Ü(545)
our bible...cost me something but it's all worth it.

Friday, October 28, 2005

The one with they eyebags

grabe!!! ang sleeping hours ko lang everyday is 4 hours and nanggagalit na mga eyebags ko! waah!! but thank God tapos na presentation ko. oh well, may mga revisions pero okay lang. at least, they like the idea. next week meron ulit pero mejo nakapag-start nako dun so sana hindi na masyado puyat. back to wedding preps ulit me!!! yahoo!! ive so many kwentos, dont know lang where to start. hehe.

54 days na lang po kme! grabe nato!! really have to double time everything! went to divi last saturday (bday of my mom) bought party poppers, fans, beads, etc. etc. post ko pics later. went to the Longest empty buffet...ever! worst talaga! wasnt even able to enter eastwood sa sobrang traffic and dami ng tao. my mom just texted me and sabi nya wala na daw food so uwi na lang kme. buti na lang, galing kme sa wedding nun before eastwood. at least nakakain ng konti.

Thursday, October 20, 2005

The one with the license

Finally...we were able to file na our marriage license. yahoo! we attended the pre-marriage counselling that lasted for an hour and a half. then, had a 10-minute break where we ate junk food and sarsi. (hehe, we had no choice, that's the only food sa munisipyo) then attended the family planning seminar. in fairness, i learned a lot esp at the family planning coz i really dont have an idea about contraceptive methods, except for the things i learned from high school which was ages ago. hehe. and after that, i paid P350 while simon was filling up the form. and voila...we can claim our license on nov. 2! yey!

i bought na rin our Bible for the wedding. it's a Bride's Bible, cost me P1600 but i think it's worth it since i can use it naman na as my personal bible na rin which will put more special meaning to it since i'll start a new life, might as well own a new Bible. :)

what else...oh last night, we met up with our friends coz it's naan's birthday. it was a simple dinner but we sure did have some fun! lam mo yung we were so sleepy na but no one would want to go home. hehe. we're all neighbors pero we rarely see each other. kaloka lang when naan told us na "ano ba kayo, ilang buwan na lang si jacque sa greenpark, kelan ba tayo meet ulit?" as in what?! gulat ako and napa-emote lang. hehe. two months na lang ako sa house namin....haaayyy!!!

Happy birthday ate norene and evah!!!

Monday, October 17, 2005

The one with the best chicken curry

Last night, we were blessed to have been invited over dinner with two of our godparents, Pastor Super and Tita Tetess. we started at 530 pm, kwento-kwento about our preparations. excited as i always am, tuwang-tuwa sila at we're almost done with the preparations and that we look like we're having so much fun preparing for the wedding. also, they were delighted to know that we are spending for the wedding and that they feel that it's a nice gesture to prove to our parents that we can stand on our own.

Above everything else, we learned so many things. everytime they spoke, napapa-smile lang kme ni simon and stared at each other. both in our minds we were thinking that we made the right decision of getting them. we are blessed with wonderful godparents, people that we really know and whom we see God's grace in their lives. some of the things i remembered were:

1. We choose the lifestyle we want. whether material or immaterial, dapat pag uusapan talaga natin with our h2b the life that we want to live when we start our family. people who get married do not take this seriously kc feeling nila, walang magbabago at ganun pa rin. yes, it may still be the same...pero since you will be one flesh, you have to live life in accordance to what you both want and what God wants for you.

2. Tayong mga girls are the missing rib of our in! They will not admit this, pero we complete them. We are the one who is responsible for making them who they are, kung magiging responsible father ba sila or husband. We should take heed and let them take the headship. No matter how dominant we are, we should let them take over. Our responsibility is to pray for them...pray for them, and be their shield.

3. The only responsibility of the wife is to submit...Husband if in gravest situation can give his own life for his in, pwede silang magpakamatay for us. biblical daw eh, that i have to check. pero pastor yun nagsabi eh, so im sure, nasa Bible nga yun. hehe.

On Nov. 20, they will throw a "shower-blessing party" for us. all our godparents in the church including our parents will write their blessings for us and give it to us and release us. we won;t have the luxury of time to do it on our weding ceremony that's why dun na nila gagawin. super excited ako dun.

Oh and the chicken curry is the best!!! grabe, until now, mouth-watering pa rin sya. haha.. yummy!!!

Saturday, October 15, 2005

The one with "oh, that hurts!"

Our manicurist did my nails last sunday and my big toe got really swollen three days after. bad trip! now, im just at home, di maka-alis for preps...although i've so much to do here sa bahay so, okay lang. hehe. para maiba naman ang weekend at mag stay lang sa house. so, what happened over the week???hmmm...nothing much, my bestfriend gave birth to a little and healthy baby girl, Keisha. my w@wie friend got married na...Yna and Xean! yahoo! i'd have to work this weekend to finish my marketing plan...huhuhu..we went to Galleria last night and had dinner with the Jacelas, Doc Bob and Ma'am Mares...our ninong ang ninang. had so much fun talking about our wedding and their wedding years before...we got to compare how much time has evolved wedding preparations and how different it was before...(read:Betamax for your video...hehehe) we were also with Ariel anf Yna who got them as godparents also. :)

re wedding preps???hmmm...none so much except that i got news from my officemate that we have a corporate account in Diamond Hotel! yipee! at least mapapamura me ng konti! yey! also, my friend Shiela who works in Richmonde naman told me she's gonna give me one room for us ni simon..yey! ulit! hehe. thank you Lord for the blessings.

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

The one with taking down notes

We met up with our coordinator turned friend, Clarice last night at Starbucks in Shangri-la. syempre, masaya. bilin ni simon and i quote, "beh, straight to the point muna ha before ang chikahan" hahaha. and we did just that. sya nga itong patawa ng patawa kaya di kme dere-derecho sa meeting. simon liked how the meeting went. as in, he was impressed of how good clarice is. ang Pro daw, she gave us a rundown of the wedding requirements, the ceremony and the reception. after two hours of checking statuses, scheduling this and that...we're done with the 2-hour meeting. katawa lang coz i kept on taking down notes. my goodness, sakit ko to. i always have a small notebook with me or ballpen, para when i want to write something, i wont forget it. kaya ayun, when i was writing notes about our meeting, sabi ni clarice "sana wag na mag take down notes diba kc nawawalan ng saysay ang pagiging coordinator ko" sabay tawa...hahaha.loka-loka talaga yun. so i stopped na lang, and asked for a copy of the minutes ng meeting esp the reception program. hahaha, ganun din.

Glad that 80% naman of what she asked me eh taken cared of na (i hope!) and unti na lang ang mga bilin nya. here's what i remembered (since bawal mag notes! haha):
1. AVP pics
2. MTV shoot should be 7 mins or less
3. last meeting with caterer kasama dapat sya
4. finalize invites on Oct. 14. pero sana kahit 21 na lang.
5. email the wedding ceremony, edited version
6. hotel reservations

yan lang ata...the rest wala naman sya na pinakulit. buti na lang. ako lang ang nangungulit sa sarili ko. hahaha.

sa tingin mo lang, can we finish preparing for the wedding before November ends? hmmmm..let's wait and see

Monday, October 10, 2005

The one with the house quest...again

And so we we have to find a place again where we can stay...haaayy! super excited pa naman kme sana. yesterday, simon broke the news that the tenants currently living in the house asked for an extension until march of next year. huhuhu...our ninang naman gave in to their request since they're dear to them as well. haaayy! okay lang. we'll look muna for a place to rent while waiting for the house. eto namang mga parents ko, mega offer pa rin ng house namin for us to stay in. not that i don't want to live with them anymore, super excited lang ako na bumukod with simon. hehe.

Wednesday, October 05, 2005

The one with panic buying

Took a leave today expecting that we can finish our application for our marriage license. unfortunately, wednesday is the only pre-marriage counseling day sa cainta municipal hall. tsk, tsk. rather than be irritated about it, we spent the rest of the day shopping for our wedding stuff. yipee, we were able to buy the ff (in chronological order):

Simon's barong - Even before pa, Simon wanted his barong sa Exclusively His na talaga. i showed him some samples of mang rey's pina fabrics, and hindi nya nagustuhan so we still ended up with Exclusively His. happy naman kme because their designs and material are more pino and ganda ng pina. we got the Piña raya embro. ang gwapo ng simon ko. hehe. Chinese collar, half-open. all for P5,800 with camisa chino.
simon's barong-front

simon's barong-back

My wedding shoes - after the barong, we had our lunch na sa megamall and then went off to look for shoes for me and pants for simon. grabe, of all the stores we went to...babagsak din lang pala ako sa SM department store. haha. but the shoes are really nice, as in! i love the design. unique, simple pero rock! and the fit is ok. sarap din maglakad sa shoes na nabili ko. it's a shantung fabric, with 3 rhinestones, ankle-sling back na pa-twirl sa paa ko, or something like that. ang sexy sa paa. all for P600 pesos! good buy, dont you think?

my wedding shoes

wedding shoes

Simon's pants - since we're in the dept. store na, we looked for pants na rin for him. we initially wanted G2000 na lang, kaya lang di ako masyado kampante sa fit sa dulo ng pants. mga pants nya naman eh Chancellor 9000, so yun na rin ang nibili namin. the material is nice, soft ang bagsak and makapal, plus wrinkle-free ekek. P900 pesos lang. :) we had it altered na rin dun for P35 only.

pants and belt

Simon's belt - bought it at Mc Jim, reversible belt for P450 only. hehe. bargains!

Unity candle - finally, i got hold of our unity candle already and i started making teh design last night. wanted to finish it agad kaya lang wala pa time eh. pero ang design nya is puro colored beads pa rin, pink and gold, then may swarovski as accents sa design. hehe.

Honeymoon tickets - we have our tickets na to Boracay!!! yipee. we availed the PAL smiles of my officemate and he said it's up to us na lang how much we want to pay for it since wala rin naman sya gastos dun. sabi ng iba kong ofcmate, give him 4k for everything, 2 round trip tickets, Manila - Kalibo. about the resort, papa-help na lang kme sa sales rep. namin sa office who is assigned there. we're so excited, naghahanap nako ng swimsuit. oh and i hope matupad dream ko makapag-wear ng 2pc. (haha, baka bumaha sa bora bigla!)

House - yipee again! one of our ninangs, suprisingly paid us a visit dito sa manila. kc nasa canada na sila, and very timely naman that the house that they used to live in, aalis na yung tenants dun so she offered the house to us at an "inaanak" presyo. 2 storey house, 3 bedrooms, with garage...all for 5k! galing noh!? the apartments that we find usu. is mga 3,500 pero room lang talaga yun, so feeling namin good deal na yung 5k for a house. plus, we dont mind if it's a little farther kc free na naman gas ko by next year eh.

Saturday, October 01, 2005

The one with the First

yipee...first time ko nakita sarili ko sa newspaper...and thank God it's not in the front page...

thanks to marbee for a very wonderful issue of About Weddings (and for all the emails we've been exchanging)...thanks to Benz and John for a very nice write-up. I miss the EB in! when i saw the article, naalala ko lahat ng mga happenings nung night na yun...saya talaga! oh well...kakamiss lang...

cover page (love the diving couples)

here are bits and pieces of the pictures...
huli ka! hehe

class pic with a little of me eating a donut! yummy!

the other half of the pic... :)

you can go to for more stories about the EB!

The one with more pictures

Gutom na gutom nako...pero i've not yet eaten anything since lunch kasi gusto ko muna matapos ang resizing and uploading of the pics. katuwa... to my friends, you can view our studio pre-nups at

haayy...di ko na ma-upload dito sa blog as it will eat up more space...pero will try to make a flickr digest na lang.

happy picture-picture!


hmm....what happened during the week? nothing much except for the pictorial, work pa rin and our dinner with 2 of our principal sponsors, pastor bong and sis. gina. grabe, after the dinner (na late ako ng 1 hour! kahiya tlga!) i told simon na super i see ourselves sa kanila. yung feeling namin when we get older...ganun kame, parang sila. as in! Ninang Gina kasi is the typical modern Filipina...strong, frank, independent woman. Pastor Bong naman is quiet, wise, modest and has humor din. and parang ganun kme eh. when they told us about a story na natakot daw si pastor bong sa aso and he hid himseld behind ninag gina...hahaha...natawa talaga kme, kc ganun din si simon sa ken.

there are really times na ako yung nagba-baby and most of the time ako yung baby sa amin dalawa. when i asked him last night over dinner, "beh, sino ang lagi na pa-baby sa atin?" and it took us a while before we reached to an answer...pareho lang.

im still uploading pics right now...

Friday, September 30, 2005

The one with a glimpse

It's so hard to upload the pics...ang lalaki ng files. when i use my pc at home, dali lang baguhin properties ng pics eh. dunno with the pc here sa ofc. anyway, eto muna...intro ng pics... :) more pics to come!

retouch by madge
pa-start na ang shoot...last retouch by madge

ang gaganda namin
ang cute...mukha na kmeng tao...hehe

sleep nako
sleep nako...

staring somewhere
"direk...magkaiba yung tinitingnan namin..."

bitin...will upload more pics later...

Thursday, September 29, 2005

The one with another pre-nups

Last night, we had a pre-nup shoot at the studio of Jong sa Pictures and Profiles. we availed the free pre-nups being a w@w tag holder. here is a message i posted sa w@w:

as part of the w@w tag accredited suppliers at dahil nawili kme sa pictures (hehe), we availed the free pre-nups offered by Jong(Imagine-nation) sa studio nila sa Pictures & Profiles. katuwa lang, magka-text kme the other night,wala nga lang daw sya nun coz sa batangas sya, pero ok lang. here are my inputs:

1. di kme prepared - kala namin, since free sya baka unting poses lang or something. di namin alam na super dami shots pala! as in, pwede change costume, hairdo, etc. i just brought jeans, and shirt. si simon naman polo lang. di pa kme color-coordinated. hehe. but it still turned out ok. pero yung free pre-nups, walang styling yun ha. we just talked to madge and set a date para sabay-sabay na.

2. my make-up with madge was....simply the best!!! girl ako bigla! haha. i wasnt able to get her for my wedding, kaya kahit man lang sa pre-nups eh matupad ang pangarap ko na mamake-upan ni madge lejano. haha. ang gaan ng kamay. feeling ko nga di nya ko minemake-upan eh. para syang nagpa-paint while doing my make-up. galing ng color combination. di sya naglagay ng any foundation/powder sa neck ko pero sa pictures, pantay ang kulay ko...promise! no photoshop magic ekek yun. the best! sabi nya, di pa daw sya satisfied sa make-up ko. ako naman si...helllo???!! ang ganda kaya. perfectionist kc yun eh. :) at least, natupad na dream make-up with madge and A! that gay!!! katuwa...tawa kme ng tawa...naloka ang lola mo sa kanya! haha. kahit si simon, tuwa sa kanya eh. pinakita pa sa amin ang mga panalo nyang pageant pictures, the best! mas sexy pa sa ken eh. :)

3. the pre-nups consists of mga 100 shots cguro, estimate. may mga solo pictures pa lang, for portfolio purposes. hehe. they even took a before and after picture namin para naman sa presentation ni madge. nakakatawa yung before pic!

4. the pre-nups is free, yes...ang babayaran mo lang eh yung prints, prices of which start at P75 for 4R, 2 copies ata. if you want to burn the whole shoot, P2,500 sya. dun nga lang mejo mapapamahal. we decided to choose mga 10-20 lang pics cguro kc may pre-nups na naman kme eh.

5. but overall, sulit sya. not the usual studio pre-nups. galing! ang hirap nga lang pumili ng pics kc ang daming magandang shots. kaya sa mga may w@w tags,
avail nyo na ang pre-nups... :)

oh, i'll post some pics mamaya sa blog...pero sa camera lang namin ito ha kc di pa namin nakukuha yung pics sa pre-nups eh. para lang you'll have an idea sa make-up ni madge sa ken.

later ko post yung mga pics... :) one more thing accomplished sa preps! :)

oh and we watched Transporter 2 after the pre-nups. ang ganda ng movie!!! grabe!!! another DVD to collect. :)

Tuesday, September 27, 2005

The one with do-do's

Things done over the weekend:
- measurements ng one more abay and dp made to catahay - check!
- measurements ng mga daddies and brothers for the barongs nila - check!
- unity candles ordered and delivered today - check!
- booked bridal car from JJS - check!
- got the CD from Paul vincent - check!
- had it copied for the person who will do our AVP, guest sheet etc. - check!
- scheduled dinner with 2 of our PS on thursday - check!
- scheduled pre-nups with madge sa studio ni jong, wednesday - check!

Things to do for the rest of the week:
- design the unity candle
- pre-nups with madge
- look for barongs sa Exclusively His, another option for simon's barong. di nya masyado type yung kay mang rey eh.
- meet John on friday to pay for the bridal car and submit the songs for our wedding ceremony

Monday, September 26, 2005

The one with more guests

Last friday, had a really serious meeting with simon. we went to have dinner muna sa Shakey's, then off to figaro to start our coffee vis-a-vis meeting for our wedding. this is by far, one of our most "sit-down" meetings we had as we stayed there til 1am discussing about wedding stuff and guest list!! oh yes, the most madugo part of it all...our guest list. i know, many brides will agree to me that we want to stick to the budget that we set but at the same time we also want to see the faces of the special people in our lives present at our wedding. haaay!!! so hard.

but you know, God is really good. As early as now, we are already 98% complete for the budget/money that we've allocated for the wedding. With this, we can invite more guests kc may contingency naman. dang with the budget, 20 to 25 additional people will not make us beggars naman siguro after the wedding. haha, ang OA. from 150 kc, it's 175 na plus 10 people under waitlisted. and mas masaya kme with the decision we made. and so we are also making more invites! yipee! i told him about a post i read from w@w. it's a post made by benz. sabi dun, they regret not inviting some people na til now pag nakikita nila, nahihiya pa rin sila. something like that. and it really struck me...if i want to really invite these people, i'm sure we can work it out. masyado lang kc ako si "stick to the budget" person. kc ayoko nung ubos biyaya. but i know naman, God is blessing us and that He's paving the way for us.

hehe, dami na-emote ha. so there, done with the guest list, entourage list, scheduled our pre-nups sa studio ni jong on wednesday(make up by madge!yahoo!), 1st sunday of october-we will go to hotels and Puerta real for ocular, oct. 4 file our marriage license, oct-shoot for our AVP, and so on and so forth.

Monday, September 19, 2005

The one with 3-straight day gimmick

our weekend was a really tiring one. i bet we were able to at least go to 4 malls this weekend. kapagod, man! but it was a fulfilling one.

friday, after a long meeting at holiday inn, i met up with meng (yikes!) to give her the ringsizer. actually, i just passed by starbucks and literally threw her the ringsizer. as embarassing as it seemed, i hope she forgave me for that. sorry tlga sis, i'll make it up to you, promise! muah! then, went to robinson's metro east to meet simon kc watch daw kme movie. hehe, much to our surprise, closed na ang last full show and we werent able to watch a movie. lungkot! we just ate at Avenetto...yummy!

saturday, big day for us! we started our "simon's day" sa sta.lucia to check out on barongs. it was his day kc allotted yun for his barong canvass and wedding shoes. hehe. ang mahal pala sa exclusively His. i mean, for pina cocoon and pina jusi, their prices are reasonable enough. pero sa pina tlga, man! ang mahal. aabot ng 9k for a raya/raja embroidery. he loves that kind of embro eh. ang ganda nga naman.

so we went to shang na. checked out rustan's first and mejo mahal. then, magpapa-register na sana kme when the girl told us that there is an ongoing bridal fair and dun na daw kme magpa-register. yahoo! so we went there and talked to some suppliers we've met before like little dreams and mosaic moments. we'll definitely have one mosaic made for us. promise namin yun, super ganda eh. ang bait pa ni rico. after that, nagpa-register na tlga kme. yey! we are scheduled for our choosing of items on nov. 26. then, we were led by the girl sa pampering section where i had a free facial and hand massage and si simon, hand massage din. sarap, feeling princess! pero napabili nga lang me ng clinique set. hehe. k lang, worth it naman eh. and, i have two make-overs pa that i can schedule with, one with lancome and one with chanel. yipee! sarap! after that, we went to megamall na since di kme successful sa barong and shoes sa shang. stroll, stroll and there was Wade shoes. kala ko mahal ang guy shoes nila, di naman pala masyado. and tara...may wedding shoes na si simon! hehe. saya! P1,900 lang. haha. dahil sa pagod na kme, i just told him to check out mang rey casedo for the barong who we will meet this sunday for swatches and measurement if ever okay sya.

sunday, went to Market! Market for a dog show dapat. kaya lang, na-cancel ata coz of the weather. so we just went there to stroll-stroll ulit. di kme masyado nagtagal coz pagod pa kme from the tiring day we had nung saturday. hehe.

yun lang...tiring but a fulfilling one. :)

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

The one with 100 days na lang!

grabe, today is exactly one hundred days to go before our wedding! yahoo! ang saya lang! actually, im waiting for simon right now and sunduin nya daw me and we're gonna celebrate vis-a-vis meet for our wedding preps. it's been a while since our last serious meeting. hehe. anyway, here are my updates: (try ko to write everything i can)
caterer - Robert camba - paid 20% already. confirmed additional amenities not included in the package. confirmed suppliers' meals also (no extra charge daw kc may contingency naman!) yahoo. :)
venue - Puerta Real gardens - paid 50% pa rin. di pa kme ocular. sana this sunday pwede.
Bridal gown - Ysabelle's/Bridal factory - had fitting with actual tela and some beadworks. im satisfied. mejo luwag lang. will have another fitting on november.
Barong for simon - wala pa, pero baka ysabelle's na rin para one supplier lang.
Moms gowns - Ysabelle's - measurements taken na and paid dp na rin.
Dads' barongs - Ysabelle's - measurements scheduled on saturday kc nasa korea si daddy when the moms had their measurements
Ento gowns - Catahay bridal shop - 3 memebers to be measured pa. try to schedule this week. no dp yet pero sure na yan
Music - JJS - will send the CD next week for the list of songs.
Photo/Video - Paul Vincent Photography - had our pre-nups na. yipee! will pay din 10k cguro this week, 2nd payment.
Back-up photog - Roj Amado - dp paid
Shoes namin - wala pa rin
MUA - Angie Cruz - had trial make-up na and super satisfied naman me. will settle dp this week also.
cake - Emily Uy of Sugarbox - syempre, okay nato. final design and details okay na. full payment this week as requested by simon.
Invites - Printed Matter - eto waiting lang sila sa amin coz we have'nt finalized the names yet. pero all mock-ups are okay na.
Save the date magnets - DIY - distributed na :)
Souvenirs - DIY - okay na rin! :)
Luminaries - DIY - nilinis na namin pero still need to replace the bases of the lumis.
License and docs - wala pa. hihihi. October pa kc schedule namin nito eh
Counseling - c/o our Pastor - on our 4th session already. learning a lot ha. :)
Unity candle - candle factory in cainta - will buy this saturday for DIY din
LCD projector - c/o our church - free, pahiram. hehe :)
AVP - c/o Jill - as soon as i get the pre-nup pics, i can turn over all our pics to her na. :)
OTD coordinator - Clarice - will soon start working with her na. yipee!

di ko na maalala yung iba, to follow na lang. okay, have to go! have to buy Kraft punchers pa pala! happy 100th day!

Saturday, September 10, 2005

The one with my first fitting

went to Ysabelle's/Bridal factory for my fitting. strict si rhoda, ayaw pakuha ng pic nung gown..baka mawala daw ang element of surprise. hehe. here's my inputs on my gown:

1. i love the design. akong-ako sya. parehong preho sa sketch. (syempre!)
2. i did'nt know empire cut looks good on me.
3. i love the beadworks
4. maluwag sya! ibig sabihin pumayat ako! yahoo!

1. sa likod...naiiksian ang mga mommies...parang kulang daw at hindi lapat na lapat sa ground
2. more beadworks sa flap thingy ko and sa loob nung gown. i mean the 2nd cloth..basta, dun...di ko ma-explain masyado eh
3. my mom is looking for the drama...pero sa ken okay sya! gusto ata umiyak ako para may drama eh. bwahaha
4. to put colored stones (light ones) para mas may color ang gown and livelier tingnan.

but overall, i love what i saw! as in! they never failed my expectations. excited na me for my next fitting a month before the wedding kc papapayat pa me eh.

after my fitting, my mom and i went to emphasis salon to use the GC i have. grabe, ang sarap and ang sosyal ng place. hehe. buti nakapag-relax naman. :)

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

The one with it's a small world! chatting with ayene right now...ang na-shock ako when she sent me this note, "uy, abay namin ang brother mo!" whaaat??!!! ano ba?! hahaha. it so happened na bestfriend si h2b nya (loy) and si mike, younger brother ko. katuwa! hope to see you again sis! coffee tayo please lang! hahaha.

The one with yesterday's pre-nups

yey! ang bilis, was able to view na agad our pre-nup pics in UP and Wildlife. grabe, would you believe, it was drizzling the whole time ng shoot namin. naks! shoot! kala mo naman artista. hehe. anyway, we started at around 330pm. sa UP muna. i love the angles, iba si paul. you would never think na alam mo yung place na yun kc iba ang mga angles nya. they (paul and wife, ivy) are so fun to be with. puro tawanan lang kme and joke ng joke. there was this time na naka-pose pa rin kme, sabi ni paul "huy, tapos na dyan...tara na!" hehe, ma-carried away ba daw?! nabasa pa ang mga buttoms namin coz of the grass pero cge pa rin...ang saya eh!

sa wildlife naman, good thing we were able to catch the sunset. hehe. i so love this pic na may rays pa tlga. ang romantic. basta, the best ka paul! keep it up! thanks also for the note you posted sa website mo, katuwa! thanks! we had a great time! wala na bang susunod na pre-nups? hehe







Monday, September 05, 2005

The one with tomorrow's pre-nups

oh i hope it does'nt rain tomorrow coz it's our pre-nups day! :) excited na kme ni simon to work with paul...we chose UP and wildlife for the venues kc kung manila na naman, eh dun na yung venue namin diba? i will also take a leave tomorrow para makapag-ready na rin coz my trial make up with angie cruz is at 10am. hehe, syempre wedding muna...

anyway, mali ang countdown ko. hehe. it's not yet 100 days to go...1 week pa pala before that. i thought nagloloko lang yung countdown ko sa sidebar eh. hihihi...

Saturday, September 03, 2005

The one with 100 days to go

We went to Robert Camba kanina just to settle 2nd payment and of course, confirm additional amenitites na pwede isama...hehehe. syempre for free. katuwa lang, Robert is really mabait. we made sure na medyo maaga kme mag-finalize nung mga additional amenities coz it's a first come, first serve basis. we got the gold antique candelabra centerpieces. hmmm, di na kme papagawa ng centerpiece, la na budget for that eh. also got the open gazebo, white pillars, and may isa pa eh...kalimot ko lang. tapos nag food tasting ulit kme. haha, this is the 6th time i guess. kc everytime na lang na punta kme dun, di ka papaalisin if you don't eat. good thing, i only had one sandwich for breakfast and lunch. then, nag-grocery kme (este si simon lang pala kc sya nagbayad eh..hehe), and ate at home na.

i also know that today is exactly 100 days before our wedding day! yahoo! saya far, preps are okay. will go shopping tomorrow for our outfits for our pre-nups...naks! new outfit pa ha. haha. although, we'll just buy pang-top na okay. will try to look na rin for barong ni simon and pants nya. excited na sya eh. i think he likes the ready-made barongs na..pero bahala na, we'll see.

ano pa ba?! ay yeah, my dog gave birth...cute 6 little puppies. but unfortunately, one had to go agad...weak sya tlga since pinanganak sya coz sya yung 'suhe', that's why tootsie had to undergo a CS section coz nakabara sya, or something like that. wawa nga eh...i hope my Kikay will survive... she will be our new baby sana ni simon eh. will pray for Kikay.

Saturday, August 27, 2005

The one with the EB day!

ilang oras na lang and it's our Grand EB na!!! can't wait...ang boring dito sa office. nababaliw nako sa katamaran ko ngayon...hehehe. i really dont like working saturdays, parang na-deprive ako sa social life ko. ahehee...buti na lang may EB later.

last night, went out with my SILs...ang saya and ang kulit namin! katuwa! we went to Shang mall. would you believe, pare-pareho kme ng outfit..all wearing black top. hehehe. ate at Tokyo, tokyo...and had tea and desserts at the Dome. ang saya talaga nila kasama. im so blessed with my SILs.

Thursday, August 25, 2005

The one with 5 days already

It's been five days already and i still receive greetings from friends, esp. from w@wies. nakakataba lang ng puso. thanks. si achie benz nag-start ng lahat ng to eh when she posted this email last aug. 20. and PMs, texts and other posts followed.

>yahoo! minor details na lang!!! :) congrats sa ating
>mga october brides!!!este, december pala!
>hahaha...super ready na ba at pwede na ikasal sa
>october?! hahaha.


Sigurado ka di ka papahiya sa akin ha. Pag ikaw mag pa nic sa nov o dec loko mo! :)

Happy Birthday girl! Thanks very much for all the help you gave me. You saved my ass and my sanity several times na with this BYP ; )

Hope you had fun... pssst pag tapos mo mag celebrate paki tapos na yung directory ha :)p

0 /0/[:]\ /@\ ___
// \\ / _ \____)
John & Bennette Rana
EDSA Shrine/Ilustrado SMPPI
KittyKite - 8-5-99

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

The one with the W@w Peer Award

Being a w@wie has always been a fun experience for me. i got to meet new friends whom i can share my wedding excitement with me, i can ask anything and for sure, i'll get a reply soon...super saya lang tlga.

and in return, i answer and help other brides who ask favors din. parang sabi ko nga before, it's one way lang of giving back to w@w what i also get from it. it's nice when people appreciate what you do for them...and with that thank you for nominating me in 4 categories....o davah?! parang speech ko na to noh?! hahaha.

last aug. 23, the votes came in and much to my surprise, napasama pako sa 4 categories. kakatawa talaga! to think na hindi na nga me masyado nagpo-post eh..and here are the categories:

Most Friendly- Charo ni Jovan;Jacque ni Simon;Milette ni Jojo
Most Helpful - Aggie ni Edil;Jacque ni Simon;Mec ni Jojo;Milette ni Jojo
EBest of them all - Jacque ni Simon;Mai ni Paul;Tin ni Archie;Wella ni Nikki
Darling of the group - Aggie ni Edil;Jacque ni Simon;Mec ni Jojo

honestly, i wont stand out much sa most helpful coz aggie, millet, esp. mec are really masipag sa replying to the w@wies. sa Ebest of all naman, di rin ako pwede dyan kc si wella and si tin babatukan ako ng mga yun if i win kc nga di ako sumipot sa EB ng south. hehe. so i guess, that leaves me to most friendly and Darling of the group! hahaha...asa pa me. oh well, being nominated alone is in fact an honor na. so i can settle for that. thanks benz and john! see you all on saturday!

Monday, August 22, 2005

The one with 4 months to go!

It's a month over a quarter na lang. For the major details, make-up na lang ang kulang. For the minor details, marami pang kulang! hahaha. pero trying to really give time to preps and work...sana makayanan ng powers namin ni simon to! God bless. excited na kme!

The one with our Save the date magnets

Gave this out to entourage, principal sponsors, families and some special guests! i asked my SIL to buy magnetic sheets for me. for 50pcs, i used 4 magnetic sheets. simple pero very multi-functional as well. they can place it on the ref and have their notes clipped on it or something. our guests love it. na-aamaze sila and cant believe that it's just paper na dinikitan ng magnet and costs P10 each. mejo pricey for me pero ok lang, unti lang naman eh.

save the date magnets

The one with picture-picture!

my invites
my cake by emily uy
my birthday cake, a gift from emily uy of Sugarbox!
closer look
closer look
my childhood friends
childhood friends, my bestfriends
families namin
our families
sisters: skokie, merci, achie, me, jane, and oliver(ayy!napasama!)
parang may glass noh?!
at the arcade after the party..parang may glass noh?! kunwari lang yan. hehe