Thursday, October 26, 2006

The one with an itchy feeling

Im 5 months and 3 days na! yahoo! 3 months and 2 more weeks to go!!! two weeks from now, the endless bet on whether baby tan is a francesca or a benjamin will finally end. Nov. 7 is our schedule for our ultrasound. we are still thinking if we want the 3d ultrasound or not. i heard from a co-w@wie that there's a cheaper rate in De los Santos hospital ata. not so sure but we'll check. siguro pag 7 months na para we can really see baby tan's face. (kung kamukha ko ba o si simon.hehe)

I feel super happy that our little bundle of joy has made Simon soooo ecstatic and talaga nga naman na kahit pagod sya from work, pag uwi nya, sasabihin ko na gumalaw si baby and kikiss nya tummy ko and kakausapin si baby. haaayyy...saya! he'd always tell baby na love nya si baby. excited na sya turuan si baby kumanta and tumugtog. hahaha. and he will always put his ear on my tummy to hear baby's heartbeat. wala lang, tumatanda na talaga ako!!!

Baby Tan is getting really active since i got on my fifth month. promise! walang araw that i wont feel him/her move. meron mga times na para syang nagsi-swim, minsan nagkikick...etc. and since lumalaki na tyan ko, im starting to feel the itch sometimes. it's not so often pero i bought na rin shea body butter from body shop and the Elovera cream prescribed by my OB. after i take a bath, mega moisturize ang whole body...sarap! hehehe.

friends are starting notice that my nose is getting slightly bigger than before (?!) as in talaga?! in denial pako eh. hehehe. pero yung face ko feel ko na lumalaki na talaga. pero yung nose, ayoko ata tanggapin?!?! hahaha.

We checked in with our friends last Oct. 23 at Astoria Hotel. wala lang, we just want to have fun and unwind sana dahil wala naman pasok the following day because of Ramadan. Nag-playstation ang mga boys, nag-swim and nag chikahan ang mga girls. we are 3 couples plus jannet. super fun! it has always been exciting when im with my besties. parang my world suddenly stops pag kasama ko sila. yung parang wala ako iniisip na iba pag sila kasama namin...basta masaya.

And first time ko mag-swim na preggy me. With the exception of our bohol trip since I was not aware that I was pregnant then. Anyway, I had so much fun. Mejo mabigat nga lang pakiramdam ko than before and nakakatuwa when the lifeguard asked Naan kung buntis ba daw ang kasama nya…finally, mukha na talaga akong buntis!!! Hahaha. Pero natatawa din ako with myself coz wala na mag-fit sa ken na swimsuit and I wasn’t able to buy a new one. I just wore a spandex top and board shorts na super haba naman. Nyahaha. pics to follow, as usual.

o cge, more kwentos to come...uwi nako.

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

The one with company anniversary

Another event took place last night at the Crowne Plaza Hotel...grabe, sunod-sunod ang mga least i think this is the last main event for this year. yey! here's a pic of how we looked last night. our theme is Oscar's awards kaya lahat kme...gaganda at gwapo!

hehehe...halata bang preggy me dyan?!

i bought the dress at People are people...super rush yan kasi talagang i didnt have the time to look for a dress because i took a rest the whole weekend. i had cramps kasi last thursday night because of stress siguro and took the whole day off ng friday. kawawa nga si baby. i felt guilty at the same time kasi im overworking without thinking of my baby. kasi kung ako lang, kaya ko talaga, but my baby wants to rest at certain time of the day. haaayyy...napaiyak nga ako nung Friday morning kasi the first time i had the cramps, nag rest lang me and i felt fine. eto medyo it took a while before i felt better. im sorry baby ha but i promise to take it easy for ka ni mommy and daddy lagi...

on a lighter note, Simon took me shopping for maternity clothes! yahoo! ang saya! he bought me pants and two blouses. actually, love ko yung fabric nung blouses...para syang kamiseta...pero di ko talaga gusto yung may tali sa likod. hehehe. i saw this really nice store in Rustan's..positive signal and brand and this is what i bought naman.

this is how i look like at exactly five months...ang nice nung blouse noh?! and ang laki na ng tyan ko!!! hihihi...

hehe...more kwentos to come...and pictures! work muna me.

Friday, October 06, 2006

The one with The moves...

October 1, at exactly 4pm, we felt baby T's movement for the first time! grabe, sooo precious! The feeling is overwhelming! Tawanan nga kme ng tawanan eh kasi super saya. Prayer kasi talaga ni simon that he’d be there when I feel the movement para ma-feel nya rin daw. And answered prayer sya! Naramdaman namin pareho. Kasi at first, I felt a big pop sa right side of my tummy. Then, I told it to simon. Nasa bed kme nun eh. I told him to feel my tummy and he put his right cheek sa tummy ko. Pag lagay na pag lagay nya, he felt a soft kick sa kanya! Haha. Sinipa sya ni baby! Ako naman, it’s like butterflies in my stomach. As in, nag titingle sya. Ang galing! God is good! can't wait naman for the baby to kick and tumble. nyahaha.

October 5 - First day at the World Trade center for the Agri-link. grabe, successful launching and exhibit! taob lahat ng ibang exhibitors! yung booth namin ang the best!!! can you imagine a spa inside the World Trade Center?! hanep! plus, we had the human statues for our entertainment. everyone was stopping by and looking at our gimmicks. nakakasarap ng feeling when you hear people say na "ang galing naman nyan", "ang ganda naman ng booth nila", "wow, pano yan?!" hahaha. thank you Lord.

October 6 - Sumabay kme kala jane pauwi and dropped by na rin sa greenland to say hi to the inlaws. ang cool! when i saw nanay (simon's lola) bigla gumalaw si simon nakaramdam kasi hawak nya tummy ko. everytime he'd touch it, gusto ni baby. when mommy alma touched baby, gumagalaw. tuwang-tuwa sila! hahaha. ang saya nga naman! more stories and pictures to come...talagang pa-suspense epek! hehehe.