Friday, November 23, 2012

The one with stage mom

The thing about getting your child into a competition is that you'd want your child to do her best, without her feeling the pressure of winning, or worst, feeling pressured to win because you are pressured for her to win. I don't know if that makes sense, but truth be told, contemplating as I am now about her recent competition, it looks as if it's always harder for the parents than it was for their kids. LOL. I mean, I had to remind myself over and over again to just be cool about it. I even thought about getting a memory foam mattress just to help me remember! Joke!

Anyway, I know I already told you about Simone winning 2nd place in the competition (it's Rizal-wide, by the way), and I also promised to write more about the details, but I just wanna rehash it again because I'm just so proud of our baby. I'm happy that Simone didn't get into her usual dramatic self and that her talents shone as a result. Congratulations, Simone!

The one with musician's wife

As a musician's wife, I know how it is to be like a "sounding board" of newly composed songs and music ideas of a musically busy mind. Not that I'm complaining. In fact, I feel kind of honored to be the first to hear of a song, to contribute my own ideas and sometimes, to be asked to sing some lines myself for a recording.

So yeah, what is there to complain about, even if I'm finding it increasingly hard to find enough space in the house to keep all Simon's music equipment in. And I'm just thinking about it now because I wondered if I should give him something of the musical variety for Christmas or maybe buy him something like those latest keyboards. But then, between you and me, Simon has more keyboards than he has time to play with them. What can I say, boys and their toys.

I'm sure I'll think of something :)

Thursday, November 22, 2012

The one with another venture

I was meeting with a client yesterday and i found out that their business is manufacturing and supplying leather goods.  They are the only two top leather manufacturers and I got curious about the costs of the leather.  While she was sharing info about the business, i got excited about what we can do with these leather.  We can buy just a few sheets and try making wallets, cellphone covers etc and others out of these leather goods. Man, i hope i can make simple bags, best custom drawstring bags, wallets and passport holders. It would be a great venture to start. If only i can easily do what i can think of. :)

The one with gifts for family

As always, every year i find it hard to think of what gifts to buy for our families.  Normally, people will start shopping gifts for their families first before friends and co-workers. I do it backwards.  haha. I need to spend the whole day shopping for them.  For my mom, i thought of buying an LCD tv (since LED is still pricey) but my brothers have to pitch in haha.  A good flat panel mount will be nice to put in their wall.  I'll ask my brothers first.  What about my husband? what should i give him this christmas??? hmmm...lots of questions to answer.

The one with christmas shopping

I'm so happy i've finally started on my christmas shopping.  For a change, i wanted to finish it before the end of this month (okay, i'm exagerrating, maybe before second week of december is a better deadline) I was with my bestfriend anne, when i decided to start on buying gifts even if i don't have that list yet.  haha. And so far, i was able to buy gifts for all my three godchildren with anne, for all of simone's classmates, and three of simon's godkids.  We have a lot of boys as godkids and i don't have that much choices for gifts to buy for them. it's either a shirt or a toy. hahaha, how lame of me. :P

Merry Christmas!!!

The one with farm living

Mec, a good friend of mine, was sharing their family experience on Balik Bukid.  While i was reading her blog, i can't help but be amused with the simplest of what life has to offer.  You know, no mall or no extravagant toy can measure up to the experience of feeding an animal, petting a rabbit and riding a horse! I thought bringing an equestrian riding apparel would deem fit, but i realize you'd get all muddy and wet after all the sand play, and outdoor games.  Hmmm, i wish someday we could do this with simone and her cousins. (that is if my sister in law, jane, would'nt find it eeky to play on the sand, haha)

The one with good results

We've been using ozein ozonator for almost two months now and i could'nt be happier with the results.  For the first tihave to me, Simone has'nt caught any allergic attacks yet (and i hope she won't have one again).  Just the fact that we don't have to go to the clinic anymore, run some tests on her esp those blood tests whenever she's sick, is something i will give credit to the ozein.  We also got the ozein mobile so we can use it in the car.  I have yet to try and ozonate the water, vegetables and meat.  My bestfriend anne (who was out agent for ozein) told me that the videos on ozein about ozonating chicken and vegetables is just amazing.  I'm sure to try it next week, after this weekend's events. :)

The one with first competition

I could not believe that my daughter was chosen by her school as one of their representatives on Department of Education's Kindergarten Festival of Talents.  Her category was story reading.  When Teacher Noemi told me about it, i was mixed emotions.  I felt so happy that she was chosen, a proof that she's enjoying and thriving in school, but at the same time felt so scared about what effect it might have on her.  I was scared of myself actually.  I was not sure if i can just relax and let her enjoy just like that.  I have a tendency to be an OA (overacting) mom and i have to condition myself to be guarded at all times.   So when i told my husband about it, he was more hesitant than excited about the news.  After much talking and a deal that should she decide not to read, or throw tantrums, we would'nt force her to read at all. haha. As long as she likes to join the competition, and as long as she enjoys it, we'll let her  compete :)

And she got 2nd place! praise God. more stories to come about what happened on the day.

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

The one with christmas shopping!

Hark the herald angel singing falalala lalala.

Yes I am singing a Christmas song because I already feel chrimasy now. I have a long list of gift giving but I have fun with my daughter simone "wrapping" all the gifts we shop last Wednesday.
Lucky for me I got all of them on sale. That’s what I like about this season you get stuffs you want at low, low prices without sacrificing the quality. I had a meeting with my client also last Wednesday and she noticed a pair of earrings I’m wearing ( which was included to the shopping list i did). She loves it and I learned that when it comes to jewelries, she is a walking encyclopedia. She even told me that there's scott kay mens and i was like "what's that again?" i dont event know what that is but she indulged me with all the info i needed to know. haha.

Just thinking about it gets me all perked up again even after a long day of shopping and meetings. ;)

The one with wild wish

It’s a long weekend. Horay!! Family time and some fun.

Now, the problem is we don’t have a scheduled activity for it. While thinking of things that we could do, Simon and I decided to do something unconventional. Something unlikely for us even friends will be shocked if they find out what we plan on doing. You see we are not the type of people who will spend a night on the wild. But would'nt it be great if just for once we can try it? We thought of camping and hiking! hahaha. like what mountaineers do, bring utility knife, set up a tent, build a fire from stones, and all those sorts.

Then, after a lot of wishful thinking and ambitious plans, we just scrapped the whole plan out.  hahaha.  We realized this: "Who are we kidding?!" then we just went couch potato to spend our long weekend. :) Have a happy one!

Friday, November 09, 2012

The one with why we would'nt try this

The first time we saw the commercial, my husband and I were in shock "what were they thinking?!?!".  I do not want to go all eco-friendly-environmentalist-health-buff rant over this because i'd like to base my thoughts on just observations and inputs we have, and since we have'nt tried it (and we will never try it), i also want to find out what made it acceptable in the market anyway.

Maggi launched this Maggi Magic meals for those busy moms, for yuppies who can't cook, college students who stay in dorms away from home and just for people who don't know how to cook (or thought they don't have a knack for it)  The objective was fine.  What I did'nt get was the procedue and the system

1.  The plastic bag.  I dont want to claim that i'm this all-powering health buff as i have my sinful takes on eating wrong as well but eating food that was cooked in a plastic? heck no! they say there's another way to cook it not using the plastic, i hope they just hyped that and not the plastic bag. All for the love of uniqueness and out of the box rule. haist!

2.  The time.  Cooking rice using rice cooker does'nt take you 45 minutes. it's just half of that time indicated actually. so the purpose of using maggi magic meals to save time is not justifiable here.

3.  No saute needed.  For a country who always involves saute as part of cooking method, i cannot actually imagine how it would taste for pastel not having been sauteed. or the potatoes not being fried, even for just a little.

4.  I won't start thinking what the ingredients are made of to help cook the food in the plastic bag "faster"

Pardon if i sound unruly.  I just hope these companies will stop launching products just for the sake of.  I hope they won't always take advantage of the busy-ness of people, the easy way outs of things and the so-called technology.  I hope we moms will still take time to prepare food we think is best for our family, hey even if it's just fried galunggong and chopped tomatoes, i'd rather have it on my table, as long as i know how i cooked it, and what is in my food. :)

Thinking out loud here.

Thursday, November 08, 2012

The one with homemade nuggets/chicken fingers

Saw this at Mad's yummy!

Buttermilk (to make buttermilk, mix 1 tbsp of lemon juice and 1 cup of milk, i used fresh milk)
Cayenne pepper
Bread crumbs
chicken breast fillet, sliced

Mix buttermilk, cayenne and salt together.  i just estimated how much cayenne i want to put.  Put the chicken breast fillet and soak it for a few minutes.  Roll it over the bread crumbs.  In mad hungry, she used wholewheat bread curmbs.  Did'nt see that in the grocery so i settled for the regular one.  Then fry it in pan.  It's so tender, smells good, easy to cook and really yummy!

The one with crispy kangkong

kangkong leaves
oil for frying

cut the kangkong leaves.
mix flour, egg, salt and pepper
coat kangkong leaves in the flour mixture
deep fry it

Note: dont overcoat the kangkong leaves.  dont worry if the leaves are not covered too well because it will still be crunchy and crispy. If you overcoat it, it will taste more like flour.


The one with home cooking

Ever since i've met up with my mommy friends, i kept on thinking of ways to improve my cooking and to add more variety in the recipes i've been cooking for my family.  Thanks to Jeng and Con, they're my cooking mentors. hahaha.  I'm still learning how to make a list and plan what to prepare for the whole week.  I still can't get the routine of it so whenever i go to the grocery, I just buy whatever i think i need for the kitchen, much to my surprise, it has expired before i could have used it.

So anyway, my first attempt was during our monthly thanksgiving day.  My sister in law asked me if we can have it in our house and of course, we readily said yes.  So i asked Jeng for easy but impress-them-meals that i can make.  She gave me links of Pinoy Cook's Chicken Stuffed Cabbage and Orange Glaze pork steak.  The former was a very successful one, the latter was an acquired taste.  Using orange for your food is not a popular one but it was tasty enough as well.  But my chicken stuffed cabbage made it to their top list of favorite food. haha. Thank you Jeng for the links!

Will continue to cook healthy food for my family. I hope i'd get the hang of this soon :)