Friday, November 09, 2012

The one with why we would'nt try this

The first time we saw the commercial, my husband and I were in shock "what were they thinking?!?!".  I do not want to go all eco-friendly-environmentalist-health-buff rant over this because i'd like to base my thoughts on just observations and inputs we have, and since we have'nt tried it (and we will never try it), i also want to find out what made it acceptable in the market anyway.

Maggi launched this Maggi Magic meals for those busy moms, for yuppies who can't cook, college students who stay in dorms away from home and just for people who don't know how to cook (or thought they don't have a knack for it)  The objective was fine.  What I did'nt get was the procedue and the system

1.  The plastic bag.  I dont want to claim that i'm this all-powering health buff as i have my sinful takes on eating wrong as well but eating food that was cooked in a plastic? heck no! they say there's another way to cook it not using the plastic, i hope they just hyped that and not the plastic bag. All for the love of uniqueness and out of the box rule. haist!

2.  The time.  Cooking rice using rice cooker does'nt take you 45 minutes. it's just half of that time indicated actually. so the purpose of using maggi magic meals to save time is not justifiable here.

3.  No saute needed.  For a country who always involves saute as part of cooking method, i cannot actually imagine how it would taste for pastel not having been sauteed. or the potatoes not being fried, even for just a little.

4.  I won't start thinking what the ingredients are made of to help cook the food in the plastic bag "faster"

Pardon if i sound unruly.  I just hope these companies will stop launching products just for the sake of.  I hope they won't always take advantage of the busy-ness of people, the easy way outs of things and the so-called technology.  I hope we moms will still take time to prepare food we think is best for our family, hey even if it's just fried galunggong and chopped tomatoes, i'd rather have it on my table, as long as i know how i cooked it, and what is in my food. :)

Thinking out loud here.

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