Friday, July 27, 2012

The one with pizza making activity

I love doing activities with Simone, moreso, if this will be joined by her cousins.  She asked me to buy ingredients for pizza after watching a tv series in disney and i cant resist her so we went to the supermarket and bought some ingredients.  Since we bought a lot, we decided to have the activity together with her cousins Neyo and Justin.  It was really a fun day for them, albeit my slight knife injury. ouch!  Justin even told me, "i'm so happy" aaawwww...

The one with alternative habit

I'm not a smoker, and I don't think i will ever be one.  I take pride in saying that i have'nt puffed a single cigarette in my entire life.  But if you care to try something new and slightly sophisticated than cigarette smoking, there are options now like the electronic cigarettes or why not try to smoke cigars instead where one can experience more flavorful and unique smell to it. Cigars went through a process that gives its distinction to pleasurably smoking. One of the best cigars I know is the La Gloria Cubana, where its history marked its name to every cigars aficionado. It may be given as a gift to your boss or to your in-laws without doubt will see you that you have good taste.  I know about it coz my grandpa used to smoke cigars while he was in his library, soaked with books. Oh how i will always put that memory of him in my memory box :)

Just babbling around here. :)

The one with another dream collection

My brother started collecting coins when he was younger.  He got it from my dad.  I, on the other hand, doesn't know anything about antique coins. Why is it valuable to some collectors? I had a conversation once with a fellow friend who is quite engaged in coin collecting and would unquestionably research information about a coin that can complete his collections. Fanatic I can say to that friend of mine. He did mention about Mexican silver. He said that many of it isn’t exactly sterling silver so one should do acid test to ensure its purity. Oh well, I wasn’t fascinated much about the conversation but I did learn a thing or two about buying silver. Thanks bro!

The one with dream collection

It is unusual for a woman to collect something other than shoes and bags. But for me, I am starting to get fond of collecting watches.   Investing is also other means to rationalize the splurge (laugh!). I love clean design as well as functionality is concern. That’s where Bulova watch comes in. I was drawn to that brand since I want something dressy and classic at the same time where I can definitely wear anywhere, anytime. Wish i could buy one, like one for me and one for the husband? :)

The one with remembering the bulge

I remember when i was pregnant, I was large so I wasn’t pretty much excited about summer. Finding the right and stylish outfit for the coming season is like finding a needle in the haystack particularly in the Philippines. But thanks to the internet and the emerging online shopping saga, I was able to find a maternity swimwear at where you can find almost all types of maternity swimwear that my hubby will surely go gaga on me even if I weigh __ kilos and lots of flab.  Who says preggos can't be sexy? haha. :)

Sunday, July 22, 2012

The one with yayaless again

Yes, the domesticated goddess is alive again. haha. we're back to zero with yaya help and I have my multi-tasking skills to its highest level.  I enjoy the privacy of having the house all to ourselves but at the same time, is foreseeing that i'd easily get tired and stressed with the additional household chores.  We're trying to work around a new routine in the house like having our clothes sent to a laundry shop on a scheduled basis, getting a stay out helper to clean the house and an on-call babysitter for simone everytime i have meetings outside.  Those are the immediate solutions we could think of and I'm glad so far (as in so far), everything's okay and still manageable.

Goodluck to me!

Sunday, July 15, 2012

The one with more family time

For two weeks straight, been enjoying more family time with my kid and the husband. It's because either we only have lunch events or we really dont have parties that day. I cherish those moments but would always think of my staff and where they'll get money for their house needs.

Whilst enjoying more free time, I have cleaned our closets and took away old clothes i dont wear often like some Sydneys Closet prom dresses, or one-size-smaller clothes. And I hope i'd be able to pull some weeds tomorrow and fix the house furnitures around.

Loving this family time. In everything, give thanks :)

The one with accessory fascination

I've been into accessories lately.  I found this really nice store who sells wholesale accessories and i can't be more excited so i bought like ten pieces of assorted ones. I love all these new accessories i have!  I saw semi precious bead necklaces and bangles too but i want more of the costume accessories.  When you have really nice pieces of accessories, it's fun to dress up and it gives your outfit an easy upgrade.

Looking forward for more accessory buying soon :P

The one with Ice Age 4

So this movie has been a movie week for us.  We watched Ice Age 4 yesterday.  It's the first time with the kiddos and their parents.  We had such a great time.  We went to Eastwood to make sure we had reserved seats. 

Movie was great.  Sid was the funniest.  The storyline was okay too, comedy was the usual Ice age 4 comic, that's why we're thinking they won't make another sequel after this. Well, after Ice Age 3 i thought there won't be a 4 but i was found wrong. :P

The one with Amazing Spiderman

I'm a little bit surprised with me and the husband because we did'nt watch this on its first week.  It took me a while to get used to the fact that it's not Toby Maguire. And because i had so little expectation of the movie, i guess i appreciated it more. haha.

I still love Toby as Spiderman, i think because he's more of our age.  Andrew Garfield is not that bad at all, although i can't afford to giggle everytime i see his cute smile coz he's way younger than me.  You know the feeling like i cant appreciate the younger hunks now simply because i'm ten years senior than them. hahaha.

And i love Emma as an actressm esp in the movie "The Help" but no matter how much bangs she wears of knee-high boots, she would always look older than Andrew.  So it's a little hard to see the chemistry in them.

The movie had some modifications from the comics but can i just say that Andrew Garfield acts really good.  The movie is more on the "dramatic side" and music scoring really good, of course it's Hans Zimmer who else.

Next time, maybe i'd write knee walker reviews instead of movie reviews, haha. I might be a better writer of it i think :P

The one with king of comedy

It's a little weird (for the lack of term to use) to mourn if the person who passed away is an icon of true comedy and laughter.  I mean, everybody remembers him as someone who can make you laugh til you tear away, or til you grasp for air so i guess people did'nt really think he'd be in pain, in sickness or in death.  But it's just inevitable. It just is.

I heard about his passing July 10 at around 1030pm when I turned on my laptop and saw it in Yahoo News.  I really felt sad.  I know he's been trying to hang in there since his hospitalization last June 2012 but i guess i'm one of those people who never thought it would still be soon.  I know he's of age already and he has lived a full life, but you see, he's a living legend.  People who love to laugh should'nt be sick.  I guess that's how i felt. 

The following day, my husband and I were talking about his passing and to put the sorrows aside, we decided to watch a famous video clip, "Banayad Whiskey". Man, he really knows how to make people laugh, and once again, he made me laugh again. :)  It's true what he said in one of his interviews "kahit pumanaw man ako, mawala man ako, buksan nyo lang ang telebisyon nyo at magkakasama ulit tayo" (paraphrased)

Thank you for the laughter.

John and Marsha kid
Home along da riles kid

Saturday, July 07, 2012

The one with still on the end of season sale

I still can't get over the best buys I had at Bayo and decided to go there again.  I went there just yesterday to see if there were new items that are as nice as the ones I bought a week prior.  And sadly, the items on display were the same items i saw the first time.  But i'll give another try this week  and cross my fingers for more nice clothes. hahaha.

But there's always a silver lining...I saw these really nice discount bathroom cabinets at Make Room and I could'nt leave the store without buying at least one of the cabinets on sale.  When the husband saw me, he gave me a shaking head, as if saying "here we go again" so i stopped myself from buying and convinced myself that it's more practical to buy home stuff when we've moved to our new home. haha.

More shopping stories to follow!

The one with full blast party planning

Two days from now and it's my nephew's birthday! Zildjian is one! and I'm one excited aunt. (tita)

I could'nt help but interfere with my sister in law's party planning as she told me herself that party planning is not her piece of cake.  She's not used to getting all panicky and rushed for a party, even if it's for her kid.  But luckily, she has a sister in the form of moi. hahaha, just kidding. 

When she told me she'll just hire a clown and use home speakers for the sound system, I could'nt help but suggest to hire a host/magician and told her i'd be the one to do it instead.  Whatever savings they can get from cancelling it, they can just pay it to me and i'll give it to my friend Darwin who was willing to host the birthday for a super discounted rate. yey!

I also bought a cake for Zildjian.  Jane was supposed to bake one for me but her oven broke down.  And now i had to rush to go to another bakeshop and order a small cake instead.  We will also bring our beer tower, two food carts and the tarps i had made for Zildjian. yey, im excited for the party!

Happy bday Baby! :)

The one with family investment

I'm trying to do some research on investments and I'm really targeting mutual funds as one of the investments we can explore.  Luckily, I have a father in law whom I can ask about these things.  He introduced me to a plan of Pru Life where you can invest on a minimum of 12k annually and just add more into it every year if you want to appreciate higher earnings.  I got really excited about it and thought it would'nt hurt to try and invest with Pru Life.  They also offer life insurance no medical questions plan as long as your age qualifies for a plan.  I think that will be next move.

Happy investing!

The one with big projects

July is such a blessed month for Partyboosters.  We were able to close a deal with Meralco for their requirement of desk balloons as part of their Smile Campaign.  It's such a big blessing as I was able to give payroll to my staff equivalent to more than what they usually get during our weekend work, and I'm so happy that it felt like Christmas to them.

And now, I have an event with another client, well not as big as Meralco project but it's still a big event. I'm coordinating an acquaintance party for ABE College and I'm just excited to start planning the event. Thank you Lord for all the blessings!

Now I think it's high time to check a joomla host for my website domain, don't you think? :)

The one with business card

I keep on forgetting to upgrade my business card look and I would always remember it everytime i give away one, and kinda be embarassed of how it looks.  Well, it's not really that bad but i want to improve it, make the quality of the paper better, make it plastic if possible and really have nice colors and elegant to look at.  I asked my printer before to make a layout for me and I asked him to make 500 pcs for me as initial order.  I actually asked for plastic business cards by plastic printers but he does'nt have that kind so i just ordered laminated ones or those digital printed cards that are on trend right now.

My list of things to do just keeps on piling up! waaah!!!

The one with Bayo Sale

Last July 1, my family and I went to Eastwood for our weekly family bonding time and lo and behold, I was surprised to see really nice items On Sale at Bayo! and when i say Sale, I mean like 70 to 80% off! oh Man! The most expensive blouse i bought was only P250! My voice was on a high pitch the whole time and I was literally panicking which items to try out first. hahaha.

I'd have to thank the saleslady for showing me the racks where she had just put on the new sets of clothes on sale.  At first, I was thinking maybe these are clothes i wont be able to wear like tourmaster venture pants for men, or some tops that are too small for me.  But i'm just happy to find a lot of nice pieces for me, for my mom and for my sisters in law. wohoo! I bought like 15 pieces of really nice clothes.  Most ofthe tops are just P150 each.

Wohoo, can't you feel the excitement i still have a week later ? :) really really best deal.

The one with his BB

I was just starting to get the hang of having and enjoying my BB when the husband finally decided to get one for himself. hahaha.  it has been just days and he just suddenly told me that he's swapping his Rudy project eyeglasses for an old BB Oliver got from the office.  His Rudy Project did'nt come from for prescription eyeglasses, it was part of his company benefits where every two years, he is able to get new glasses.  Since he's not used to wearing one, he just decided to swap it with a BB Bold. hahaha.

What my husband would do for a phone...enjoy your BB!