Friday, April 30, 2010

The one with chocomelts

I'm so proud of my sister in law, Chell. She just started her own choco fountain business and yesterday was her first "event" during simon's party. Unfortunately, she forgot the tools for the fountain so we settled with her choco fondue style and a customized dip station. :) But it tasted really good! i'm so proud of her. super yummy! even my friends love it. what i hated lang was the added pounds it brought. hahaha.

God bless sis on your business!

The one with a month

It's been a month on my weight loss diet program and the last week has been hard, filling half of the week with cheat days. :( huhuhu. I blamed it on the period of the month where you crave to eat more and of course, the parties and endless eating every weekend and my family's share of events (dad's birthday and simon's)

I hope i could get back into the action soon. :( But found my passion again in badminton! im so happy. It's been ages since i last played and i had so much fun playing again with hubby and two of my best friends. we promised to do this every week :)


The one with simon's 30

Yes, my husband is 30 already! wohoo! welcome to the world of slower metabolism, faster work pace and upgraded level of maturity. :) I have'nt asked him how he felt turning 30 but it seems that he's embracing it with glee and excitement, although the excitement may also be because of his new gadget that he is so eagerly wanting to purchase as his birthday gift. I wanted him to be really happy on his birthday so i made him choose and gave him the liberty that if he decided to buy the "this is it" gadget aka iphone, he will have my permission to do so. apparently, the "reverse psychology" might be effective. He's more keen on buying another brand and model.

Simon always has grand celebrations. well, i mean not grand as in throwing big parties, giving out party invitations to 200 guests. I mean, we always see to it that it will be something all of us can enjoy, we can invite our families and kids will have a good time too. We usually hold swimming parties and this is one of those. It was a good day, albeit the rain in the evening.

We had so many food, great desserts, great company of our friends and families. It was a good time to relax and unwind, well not for me though. Since Maru was not around, had to take care of simone the whole time. But seeing her enjoy the water, as in to the point of me thinking to enroll her to swimming lessons, was worth it. She is really a water baby. soooo cute.

pictures to follow!!!

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

The one with coffee clap day

I had fun spending our first coffee clap day with my girls, Naan and Jill. Sad though, Jannet was'nt able to join us but there will always be a next time. The coffee clap day was more like a session to encourage each other with our goals, objectives and our journeys to our respective success paths. I've always felt blessed to have my childhood friends who can support me on whatever endeavor i want to venture in. I've always felt that God has poured me with blessings of friendships and that this alone, is a reason for a coffee clap for me :)

Of course there was coffee too prepared by Jill. we wanted to stay at the veranda but the garage flooring has not been furnished yet and dust kept coming thru the house. but other than that, their house is perfect for such gatherings.

Thanks girls. next time again! :)

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

The one with permission granted

While my husband and i were on our way home last night, we were chatting about how our each other's day went. and out of the blue, i asked him if ever i'd be able to save my paypal money, will i be allowed to buy a "luho" item for myself??? he thought about it and as long as we don't have a need for it yet, he answered yes. my guy is just so generous. he also wanted me to feel my hard-earned money. (well, it's not really hard-earned as i just blog and earn) these items are my no-questions-asked-wish-to-have-items. and i think i'm halfway done saving for either of this. yipee! i think i'll have one of this for my birthday. :)

LV speedy 30 damier - told you, no questions asked to ha. hahaha. if guys have gadgets, these are our gadgets...bags and bling-blings! i've always wanted a "this is it bag", something that's valuable that i can pass to my kid so an LV it is. a big part of me though still gets guilty of even thinking to buy one.. but i think, for my sanity, i should really get this. hahaha. Lord, give me more blog assignments!

Diamond earring and ring set. well, it does'nt have to be the big stones, just an illusion set is fine with me. i just want something that's genuine. believe me, i dont have a set of diamonds now. all i have is my engagement ring. and at my age, i think i deserve to have one of these too.

My mom always tells me, "anak, sa pagkakuripot mo naman nyan, buy something for yourself naman. walang masama dun, you deserve it" and im holding on to this statement. harharhar.

hahaha...motivation factors!!! good luck to me!

The one with almost two weeks

Day 13

Lost 5 lbs. i cant seem to notice but my parents and my husband do, so it makes me feel good that somehow, something's happening...finally.

Food intake: major sin last weekend since i ate beef and pasta from catered food in parties i attended. waah! i was so hungry, i forgot about my diet. grrrhh...but other than that, my sardines, lettuce, salmon and crackers keep me alive.(not to mention my supplements) i love the breaded eggplant topped with cheese that simon and i made. :) im not sure though if it's ok.

Activities: my bike run is up to 5km already or total of 30minutes. i have to improve on this aspect as i need to give more time to physical activities to make my metabolism faster.

Sweet intake: i ate 3 pieces of brownies, a bite of chocolate and a cup of iced tea for the last 13 days. impulsive eating moments. my bad!

I'm excited with the next months. I know this will take time because after losing weight, next thing i need to accomplish is to take care of the flabs. man, my tummy is sagging.

I hope the rapid detox that my nutritionist told me is as effective too. She told me that i'm expected to lose 10 more pounds if i only eat the food that she will prepare, nothing else. I personally like the idea and i know it will make me more healthy. I just hope it's as rapid as a click of a button. hahaha.

promise...when im done with this and my body is as good as my pre-preg frame, i'll wear a two-piece suit...whatever it takes! :)

Friday, April 02, 2010

Day 3

Food consumed:
Spanish sardines wrapped in lettuce, about 4 pcs. for breakfast
Fried tofu in vegetable oil and breaded eggplant with grated cheese (doctor said i can have dairy)
salmon fillet, grilled

watermelon fruit in between
calamansi juice with honey

activity: 20min biking or 3.5km equivalent
cleaned simone's playroom

observation: still the same, nothing out of the ordinary

The one with day 2

food consumed:
spanish sardines wrapped in lettuce
salmon fillet
watermelon fruit
ampalaya with egg

15 minute stationary bike or 3km equivalent
30-minute dance pad

not sleepy anymore
feels full or easily gets full

Thursday, April 01, 2010

The one with day 1

Food consumed:
veggies and 2 strips of tilapia fillet in the morning
kangkong leaves (steamed) in the afternoon
1/2 cup brown rice and mackerel in the evening
watermelon fruit in between

Supplements: all 5 taken 3x a day

Activity: 10-minute bike or 2km equivalent

Observation: i always feel full, kinda sleepy too.

The one with really early

Cebu Pacific is celebrating with PAL's 70th year that they are giving away 70% discount to domestic and international flights! Promo period is until tomorrow, April 2 and travel period is from January to March next year.

My friends and I have been wanting to go to an out of the country trip and this is it!!! My good friend Jill, booked us for Manila-Macau-Manila from Feb. 20 to 25. we will ride the ferry to go to HK on Simone's 4th birthday! wow, exciting!!!

HK disneyland here we 10 months more! hahaha

the plane fare by the way cost us about 2,800.00 per person, round trip. best deal!!! this may not be like a vacation in Orlando, a shopping spree to paris but this will sure be as exciting as ever! thank you Lord!