Thursday, July 30, 2009

The one with missing in action

Yes, I'am missing in action for almost a month already. I have so many stories to tell and to be excited about but I can't find the right timing to do so. yikes! But i can't complain. I don't have the right to complain. God is good and I'm sure it's just a matter of prioritizing things and time management and everything will be pretty back in shape (err, i'll get used to it...)

I seldom talk about partyboosters here since this is my family blog but can i just say that I'm so grateful that God blesses us with clients and I mean, it's really overwhelming. I know you'd hear this on awards night, but really, "I never expected this." hahaha. and siguro nga it's true, that you set your expectations low but you exert your best effort. It has always been true to me. When I started Partyboosters last year, I never, never expected that we'll have events on a weekly basis and not just one party but on the average of four parties over a weekend. When I share it to my husband and my friends, nakakakilig lang coz I know it's God's favor. Parang dati, happy nako to have one party sa isang buong weekend. hahaha. and now, nakakatuwa that there are bookings up to March of next year already. hahaha.

Although looking at the other side of it, it's also building stress and pressure on me. Before I'd have more time surfing the net, updating my multiply and answering to clients' emails. now, i barely have time for a decent manicure. As much as possible, I don't want my quality time with my simone to suffer and I mean that. Mawalan nako ng "me" time, that's ok. But I can never lessen the time i spend with my daughter, even if she had to go with me during set-ups and meetings, I don't mind. hehehe, that's what we actually do now. :) But like what i shared to a client and some of my bestfriends, I don't want to be burn out. That's why I had to decline some clients already for some dates this month. It's my birthday month and I want to enjoy the most of it, for crying out loud. Pilitin ko talaga mag bakasyon, promise! If only an apatrim can also lessen my stress and not just my weight. hahaha.

More kwentos to share on my next posts...

Thursday, July 09, 2009

The one with achie

Last June 26 was the birthday of our achie, the eldest of the Tan siblings. To my embarrassment, I almost forgot about her birthday. well, i was still able to greet her in the morning but my mom in law reminded me about it pa. yikes! bad!

We treated our achie for an Ultra 7 cinema experience. We watched Transformers 2. For a while, I had second thoughts about it since she's not a fan. she does'nt even know who the characters are. hahaha. but when she said it's ok, we got excited pa rin. Unfortunately, even if we watched it on a monday, we only got two seats for the reservation so simon had to watch it on another cinema 30 minutes later from our showing time. hehe.

Ultra 7 experience is really one of my best cinema experiences. I've always loved Eastwood but this cinema gives me the best service ever. :) There are only 60 people who can watch at a certain showing time, there are lazy boys situated by two's with a very good distance from each other so that when you recline the lazy boy, you won't hit the head of the one in front of you. haha. you just need to raise your hand if you want more popcorn or drinks. winner! unlimited popcorn and drinks for the whole duration of the movie. Gosh! Service deluxe to the fullest! I think the only thing missing were alarm systems on every lazy boy so that you just need to press it and someone will immediately attend to you. hahaha. abuso!

After the movie, we were happy that achie enjoyed it, as in. she's kinda picky kasi on cinemas and she really enjoyed the ambiance and the service. more yey! unknowingly, she felt that we always spoil her on her birthday and it will always be something unique and first-time experience for her. Last year, we treated her kasi for a lea salonga Cinderella stage play, our first time too. i think it's just our subconscious way of making her feel that was want to thank her for being always there to support us and guide us and for always being our achie :)

The one with updates

It's been a while since my last update about our family. Simone has learned her numbers from 1 to 40. She's memorized the Barney song and can sing the same song over and over during car rides. as in, she never gets tired of it. katuwa. it's like a loop in an ipod, haha. Other songs that she sings a lot are twinkle, twinkle, row, row your boat, where is pinky? and many more.

I and my husband are currently overworked. harhar. I'm not sure if what we do have peak and off seasons but definitely this month is one of the peak seasons. He has so many deadlines to meet, I have events to attend to. I cannot believe that July 19 is my most number of bookings to date. waah! to think that i turned down two clients already. nyahaha. don't ask how many, it makes me nervous. hahaha. i plan to hibernate starting monday next week to prepare for the events. But of course, we will never forget to treat ourselves right so we reserved two tickets for Boyz to Men concert on July 21. yahoo! im giddily excited! it's a relief that they will hold it on a weeknight. so much better that way! I'm just waiting for the call from ticketnet. I can't wait! hehe.

Going back to us being overworked. Well, we're not really overworked as we still get up late (but sleep late too) and has more control of our time still. So no need to complain. hehe. I think it's the fact that we are more motivated now to work harder since we are saving up for one of our wishlists and since we are now debt-free (im so proud!) as in credit card,zero balance! wahoo! it's so much easier to save now compared before. We just hope the goal amount that we want to target this year will become a reality. haha. so far, we're halfway there. trabaho lang ng trabaho! hahaha. But Florida vacations might be a good dream too, dont you think? *wink*

Sunday, July 05, 2009

The one with blabbering

I'm such a blabber-mouthed when it comes to dieting and those sorts. And i can't get it off my system. I just can't find the right motivation to push myself on getting a more pleasing bod. And yet, I keep on complaining and writing about it, despite me of not doing anything about it too. haha, the irony of life. I even surfed on some sites about dieting and i came across an ephedra product that has been banned for quite some time dues to the controversy it was involved with. It got me a little scared but nothing's been proven yet and why will i be scared, i have'nt even tried it! hahaha. funny me!

oh well, no complaints...all is well...if i just learn how to stop eating. hahaha.

The one with catching up

Yesterday was my godson's baptism. Vince is the firstborn of Jannet and Richard and I, of course, took charge of the venue decors. Albeit some last-minute stress, I can still say that everything went well. One thing I noticed lang is that it's so much different pala when your clients are your friends and/or family. hahaha. But I love what I do, so it's something that im sure i'll get accustomed with.

We were'nt able to chat and catch up so we decided to have an early breakfast this morning to spend more time catching up. It was a good girl time at Jannet's place. They're currently based in Bulacan now that's why the opportunity to be together again can't be missed out. We talked about motherhood, house plans, our dreams for our families, how hard it is to budget and of course, the never ending diet plans. hahaha. I even asked them where to buy nuphedra but of course, a healthy way of dieting is still the best option.

Thanks girls for a wonderful time. hope to see you again soon! :)

Wednesday, July 01, 2009

The one with long hair

Yes, i have'nt cut my hair since august of last year when i had it rebonded. I fear that if i cut it, the straight, long hair effect will last, aka. magtatampo. and my long hair has reached below the bra line, ahehe. in fairness, the long hair makes an illusion that i'm losing weight, when in fact, i can't even button my jeans, hahaha. I always tell myself that I will try to lose weight tomorrow but nothing happened for the last couple of months. i still end up drinking soda, eating ice cream, drinking iced tea and everything that's sweet. :(

So just to make it more illusive, I will never cut my hair. I think it's the best fat burner for me. hahaha.

The one with need of sleep

Whenever I have events, I think I always cram. Despite the arranging of logistics days before, I will still end up not getting enough sleep (read: 2 hours). But it's a wonder i still have the energy to last me the whole day and even after (coz saturday and sunday diba? hehe) But i'm really thinking of getting those outdoor pillows so i can at least take a nap (if there's such time for that) or at least get one of those eye concealers so i'd look a little more presentable to my clients. hahaha.

But to give you an idea of what keeps me sleepless, here are some of our works. Enjoy!