Wednesday, June 29, 2005

The one with the final sketch

Last sunday, we were able to accomplish two important things for our gown and our rings! grabe, i cannot describe the kilig and the fulfillment when i saw my final sketch made by jason of bridal factory. Lawrence and roda are really good people. they're a good tandem to begin with. lawrence takes care of the design, while roda takes care of the price. they will tell you what's good on you and what's not. Pics and final description of my gown to follow. I'm really excited to see the final result. I have faith that they will deliver. I love to work with couples kc in a way we can share with them the excitement of weddings. We were with my parents and my mom loved the sketch. and the's really a steal. when they were discussing nga the price, they were speaking chinese(lawrence & roda), na-overhear ni simon who is chinese din unti and ni-chinese nya daw na ang mura pala ng gown. sabi ni roda, cge taasan natin! hahaha...katuwa. i'll have my gown by august or september then pick up on dec. 15! yahoo!

Jac's pics Ü(271)
my gown: Strapless off-white satin empire cut gown. Embossed bodice on the front is beaded in a starburst pattern. Scattered beads adorn the backside of the gown. The gown's A line skirt opens in the middle to show a delicate pattern of beadworks. Scaterred beads are also present in both ends of the overlapping skirt. The delicate pattern is continued at the back highlighting the 60" train. Veil is 5 yards long.

Jac's pics Ü(272)
top part of my gown

Jac's pics Ü(273)
lower part

Jac's pics Ü(263)
a sample beadwork on the middle part of the gown

Jac's pics Ü(262)
scattered beads on the hemlines

After getting my sketch, we went straight to greenhills to get our rings. despite the fact that it was burned down (well, just a part of it) the day before, I still wanted to go. we called jobet and andun naman daw sila. when we saw our rings, ganda ng fit sa amin. they call it comfort fit. ang ganda rin ng rings namin. it's so simple pero it really depicted our personalities. i also like the engraving, malinis and pulido. so fulfilling and happy kme to have closed a good deal with them. sabi ko nga kay tita connie, remind nya si simon sa 1sy anniv. namin para bilhin ung eternity ring. hahaha. Tito Boy and Tita Connie are again, people i would love to refer to. their works are elegant, but not pricey.

Upon having these two, dito ko na feel na this is it!!! as in! nag-practice pa nga kme ni simon pag uwi namin kung pano namin ikakabit ung rings...hehehe. then the day after that, he texted me, "ang ganda cguro ng behbi ko sa wedding namin, ang gnda kc ng gown sa yo you" haaayyy!!! kilig ako tlga!

Sunday, June 26, 2005

The one with the w@wie week

I call it my w@wie week kc dami ko na-meet na w@wies ulit and twas a productive week for me and simon. to begin with, Thursday-June 23, concon asked me to accompany her to Madge's so she can pay na the DP. grabe, what a house! as in, parang gusto namin maging MUA bigla ni concon! haha, as if we have the gift! i dont even know how to even out my powder... anyway, madge is the kind of girl na walang keme. meaning, what you see is what you get. sya nga lang ata ang MUA na nakita ko na hindi maarte. hehe. so nice. we got a free tour of her house. kita ko CR nya and the boracay CR of her MIL. grabe! she even prepared dinner for us. touched lang ako na kahit di ko sya nakuha, nag-text pa din sya kay con na she'll help me daw. o diba?! happy to meet the famous Madge Lejano at kapitbahay lang pala namin ha. hehe.

Friday-June 24, met another w@wie friend, Abi Lam. I call her my darna friend :) mejo hiya nga me kc she had to go to shang pa eh nasa galle na sya that day. kc di ako makaalis naman ng crossing area coz of coding. chikahan kme sa frio mixx. i was late (again!) pero bumawi naman me. as soon as i was calmed down, kwento nako to death. haha. we talked about clarice, our weddings, and so many things. and then, after meeting her, i met up with simon naman. the rain was pouring hard so nagpalipas muna kme and watched a movie...Monster-in-law. in fairness ha, we enjoyed the movie. oh baka psychological coz the movie in shang is quite pricey. hehe. pero seriously, nag-enjoy si simon. i saw him really laughing and na-aamusa kay j.lo and jane fonda. ako, kay michael vartan lang. haha. :)

Saturday-June 25, lunch time, i met up with Irene and Dennis. katuwa, they gave my the fairy tale disney CD napinadala kay irene. tas kwentuhan pa rin kme sa pancake house. feeling ko nga di nako papasok eh. haha. i went back to ofc ng 2pm na! hal! buti na lang, walang boss. bad cheetah! the good thing about being a w@wie is pag may na-meet ka, parang feeling mo may special bonding na agad kayo and parang ang tagal nyo ng friends. glaing noh?! katuwa tong couple na to, mukhang super nice people. glad i met them.

sa dami ng na-meet ko na w@wies, i was'nt able to take a pic kahit isa...grrhh...

Wednesday, June 22, 2005

The one where we are halfway there

grabe...we are exactly 6 months from the day that simon proposed to me (well, technically on the 25th pa) and 6 months from our wedding day! yahoo! super mixed emotions. it's just but fitting to share our wedding proposal story...

it was a christmas day, dec. 25, 2004. we love Christmas so much. we love how people are extra mabait when they get their bonuses, we love the chrismas lights, we love wrapping up gifts and most specially we love the real reason why we celebrate christmas. we did the usual thing...go to the mall, eat, eat, watch a movie, and eat again. hehe. we did just the usuals. on our way to Eastwood, which by the way is our favorite place to hang out, we wanted to watch a movie sana but then the line was so we just decided to eat. pag labas namin ng mall, may nakita kme mini concert so we stayed muna there for a while. paalam sya, "beh, bili lang ako ng gift for my monito, dito ka lang ha." dahil pagod nako, sabi ko cge. when he came back, tanong na sya san daw may acoustic music na resto. i personally wanted to just eat at any resto kc dami naman food at home. so sabi ko, "beh, kung uwi na lang kaya tayo?" taranta na sya, hanap na sya ng kahit anong resto na makita nya. we saw this chinese restaurant sa corner, West Lake. sabi nya, "gusto mo dito?" sabi ko, cge. we sat down and ate. dami ko nakain. wala pako idea of what's gonna happen. as in, NADA! pagkatas kumain, nag-excuse sya to go to the CR, pag balik nya, maya-maya lumapit ung waitress na nag-seserve sa amin. sabi nya, "ma'am on the house po". it was a white bowl covered and a spoon on the side. alam ko tlga chinese people have so many traditions esp. pag may occasion. i blurted out, "AYOKO TO BEH, DI BA ETO UNG PINAPAMIGAY NG MGA INTSIK NA MUKHANG KULANGOT?!" as in, lakas boses ko ha...Simon did'nt know how to react since i don't want to open the bowl. pero promise, no idea pako nung time nato. then, he opened the cover. i saw a red box with a ribbon. syempre, red eh, so akala ko nga promo ng mga intsik...sabi ko na naman, "OH ETO NGA 'YON, UNG BILOG NA LASANG MAALAT-ALAT NA TAMIS-TAMIS! PARANG MARAMING KULANGOT" cant imagine how he looked like...parang oh no, bat ayaw nya tanggapin. i did'nt want to open it, buksan ko na daw. until after so many convincing, i opened it. I saw a ring with a diamond na kumikislap. I felt myself all red. di pa rin masyado nag sink-in, sabi ko, "shucks! eto na!!!" then, he went towards me and asked, "Will you marry me?" oh mi gas!!! nanginginig in, ang lamig ng kamay nya. i saw tears forming sa sides ng eyes nya...and i just can't say anything...We hugged...and we hugged more...after that, i said, YES. tapos, speechless lang in. titigan lang na parang walang nakatingin sa amin. our lips were tired from smiling and nangawit tlga ang panga ko. sabi namin, "so this is how it feels..." iba, grabe! we left the resto with all the staff smiling at us and greeting us congratulations.

on our way to the parking lot which was at the roofdeck na open space, we didnt know that we were in for a surprise. first, it was a full moon, super romantic. and as soon as we were in front of the car, the first FIREWORK started! Boom! and we were surprised and amazed. it was so timely. parang pinagawa talaga ni simon for me. as in! it was 10pm pala and eastwood has a schedule of fireworks at that time. grabe, heavenly! we stood there for 5 minutes embracing each other...we even kissed...hehehe, PDA i know. and we held each other's hands. haaayy!

when we were driving pauwi, we forgot the receipt of the resto. i want to make it as a souvenir of a special evening we had. we went back and requested the resto to print us another copy of the receipt. West Lake was so understanding. their staff overstayed to help us find the receipt. so bait!

On Backstage: how did simon know about my size ring? dec. 23, i stayed at Richmonde with my bestfriends. my MOH kept on telling stories about college rings. i didnt have one so i said, "sana ako rin meron nyan". then she asked, "why, ano ba size mo?" sabi ko 5 to 5.5. then, she's "ahhhh..." tapos nung pakwento nako, she suddenly changed the topic. hehe. porque nakuha nya na size ng finger ko.

How the proposal was so perfect in a way that all the elements of the universe were so united and timely. for one, nung nagpaalam si simon to buy a gift, he was to get talaga the ring which he left sa car. if i have insisted on coming with him, he would'nt have proposed. 2nd, simon ran over the same waitress who was serving us the whole dinner, if he asked other waitress, then i would have suspected. 3rd, the fireworks were really so exacto! feeling talaga namin gift sa amin ni God un. 4th, all my other friends and officemates, and his family knew, ako na lang talaga ang hindi. lastly and the most important, days before christmas, wala na talaga syang budget to buy me a ring coz of all the money he has were spent in buying gifts for his parents. then, bigla na lang may ang-ask of his services and paid him the exact amount to fill in for his budget to buy a ring. and best of all, he got as much as 40% discount from the store. hahaha. so many blessings. feeling talaga namin, meant talaga sya to propose on a christmas day since dati nya pa gusto yun. so there, that's the story that started it all.

and now, we are just 6 months from our wedding. more stories of love, blessings, graces from God to come.

Tuesday, June 21, 2005

The one with Grace and Richard's wedding

They tied the knot last June 18, 2005. We were able to attend lang the reception coz i had to visit bridal factory in the morning. ang saya lang to help them sa wedding nila. theirs is the first wedding na ni-coordinate ko with my w@wie sisters, helen and sweety. ang saya. i also met bert, h2b ni sweety. dami namin bloopers pero it was a blast...happy sila grace. ganun naman ata talaga eh, kahit dami bloopers, successful pa din basta happy ang bride and groom. ayaw pumutok nung party popper ko, si helen, halos pukpukin na si richard ng lalagyan ng butterflies, di namin makita ung balloons na sinasabi ni grace, nag-uwi kme ng mini-cakes, kumanta behbeh ko...grabe, kinilig ako when he sang "For You"...juice! gusto umikot ng panty ko eh...hehehe.
on our way pa to La veranda, nakasalubong pa namin si con pag labas ng greenpark. hehe.
To Grace and Richard, may God continue to bless and protect you both as you journey a new road in your lives together.

The one where the gown quest ends

Finally, I can now cross out another major supplier for our gown! yes, you heard it right, i found my gown designer na. i have always contemplated on this one since we have a small budget for my gown and barong. it was not easy for us to look for a designer who will fit our needs and at the same time the price that they'd have to offer. kaya, finding Bridal Factory was really an achievement for me. sila ung designer na kahit mura lang, kampante ang feeling ko that they would deliver. i discovered them last bridal fair sa megamall. sila ang cheapest gown booth dun. then jannet(my bridesmaid) and i went to visit their shop in EDSA. pinag-drive ko si jannet. buti pinayagan nya ko i-drive ko kotse nya. hehe. anyway, i tried on 4 gowns. jannet was so naaliw na mag-try pako...di nya alam kung gano kabigat ang mga gowns. hehe. ang init pa! pero love ko ung mga designs. halos lahat fit sa ken, except for the mermaid gown...hahaha. nice sana kaya lang laki kc balakang ko eh...di na maibaba ung gown. :) i also met donna ni net. sweet, w@wie din. i love the mermaid gown on her. super nice sa kanya. and so, they sketched me my gown. design of my gown will be a tube top with overlapping chenes, parang ung kay charlene na gown, and empire cut with overlapping pambaba din. di ko masyado ma-explain eh. hehe. basta, ganda sya. will post the design once i get hold of it na. plan to pay half sa bridal fair sa rockwell on sunday. yipee! ento gowns na lang.

Friday, June 17, 2005

The one with our wedding rings!

This is a message i posted to w@w:

hi mga sis! just had to share this. the other day pa dapat kme bili ng rings namin sa goldenas/golden hills. we fell in love na with the first design we saw sa fair. very simple pero fit tlga sa personality namin ni h2b and ang ganda sa kamay nya in fairness. mas gusto kc namin ung makapal eh kc laki hand ni h2b. so anyway, di kme natuloy kc apparently til 6pm lang sila and si h2b late na nung umalis sa mejo na high blood ang lola nyo. ehehehe. tapos kahapon, nag-text ako na uuwi nako. sabi ni h2b, "go straight to greenhills..lapit nako dun" hala! he surprised natuwa naman ako! humaripas me papunta dun and texted them na punta kme. i arrived at 5:30. they waited for us. simon arrived at 6pm. grabe! ni-intay nila kme and nag-close na cla ng mga 730pm just to accommodate us. hehe. ang saya lang! feeling namin special kme sa kanila. tagal kc namin pumili kc biglang may nakita kme na isa pang design na ganda rin. pero we still ended up getting the first one. super bait ni tito boy and tita connie (the owners). di sila nagpipilit ng design na lalaki ang kita nila. they just let you choose and work on the budget. they extended nga pala the discount sa fair for us. plus, nakatawad pako ng unti...hehe, di pinalagpas noh. sabi nga ni tita connie, galing ko daw mag sales talk.

lifetime cleaning and re-sizing and restoration ang noh?! plus, we got free arrhae (kahit may unity coins, nag thank you pa rin ako) pa-picture kme
with them. hehe. :) un lang, sa sobrang tuwa din namin, we paid na in full. excited ba?! and we will get the rings after five days.

nga pala, ang naka-engrave sa min eh "Simon (Jacque) - God's best - Dec. 22, 2005" . si h2b ang namili nyan. :)

ang saya lang tlga ng feeling pag may mako-cross out kana na item sa things to do list mo and kampante ka pa sa supplier na nakuha mo. our rings are really simple...pero super "kaming-kami" sya. baka palagay na lang me ng isang stone or something pag may budget pa.

Goldenas pic
from L to R: Tito Boy, Tita Connie, me and beh (we are holding the receipt and the arrhae na free)

our rings
our rings: size 5mm 18k white gold with matte finish on the sides. simple but really classic

our rings2
our rings' cross-dimensional pic

Tuesday, June 14, 2005

The one with luminaries for w@wies & invites

Here are pictures of the luminaries that our w@wie brother mike gave us after nila nigamit sa wedding nila. so sa mga sisters ko who would like to borrow the luminaries...just drop me a note. pero dapat after the wedding pa ha. 100 pcs. big luminaries and 100 pcs. small luminaries. the big ones are made out of hard plastic and has a "bumble-bee" shadow effect. the small ones are just hi-class plastic cups wrapped with tracing paper. ang nice nito kc mukhang capiz ung nilagay nila mike & jen, pero tracing paper lang tlga.



tapos, eto naman ung mga printed matters namin. hehe. ang nice nya, kaya lang mukhang thank you card and sticker lang ang pwede namin ma-buy since sponsored na nga ang aming invites. :) it's worth posting na rin.

this is the front part

from L to R: thank you card, sticker, invitation chenes, big thank you card

Monday, June 13, 2005

The one with the longest Sunday

yesterday, june 12, was spent for real good independence!!! (hehe, independence from home) here's a chronological order of events as they transpired:
8:00am-10am - attended service at church with parents.
10:30-12:30 - went to Sta. Lucia with mom and dad and we had lunch. libre ng dad ko. hehe, minsan papalibre pa din ako dun eh kahit na working nako and all...syempre, daddy's little girl ata ito! we ate at this chinese resto na lagi namin kinakain ni simon kc mura lang sya compared to other chinese restos i know. (Mongkok) sarapan naman sila. kaya lang cheesecake nila ang tigas! hehe.
1:30 - sinundo ko si simon sa house nila kc he had to go home kanina after church kc uwi nya pa ung car nila and hatid nya mga sis nya. so, ako na sumundo para papunta sa mega na rin naman ung house nila eh.
2:00 - Mega na kme...grabe! 30 mins before we were able to in! longest wait for a parking lot ever ito!!! di gumana ang parking powers ko kc most of the time, mabilis lang ako nakakapark eh. sabi nga ni h2b, "sana nag-commute na lang tayo!" lam mo, i told him, buti nga may car, pano baka mamya walang masakyan...ung situations like that na dapat mas tingnan mo yung postitive side para di ka malungkot. finally, naka-park din and super happy kme, as in! there's this car nga na kala aalis na kme...sabi ko, "masyado kang suerte!!! mag-iintay kapa ng matagal!!!" hahaha...while we were looking for a parking space, nag-text na ang sis ko na si concon...hirap din daw sya sa parking pero luckily, nakahanap rin.
2:45 - sa fair na kme...we went inside agad and paid P50 pesos. i cant remember kc if we were able to register, so nagbayad na lang ako. grabe, this is the first fair ata na wala akong masyado nang kinuha na mga brochures and fliers! as in, iba ang feeing. i dont want rin kc ng kuha ng kuha para lang masatisfy ung suppliers...syempre, they paid for it db. kahiya naman. and so, i tried to look lang talaga for the things na wala pa kme like rings. speaking of rings, i fell in love with Goldenas designs.

in fairness, mura sya ha and ang ganda talga ng mga designs nya. katuwa lang. nagpa-quote kme ng 2 designs, ung isa 8,900 lang for the pair and ung isa 11k for the pair. ang nice talaga! i wanted to place reservations na to block off lang the promo rates pero simon insisted pa rin to look muna kay fiona jewelry eh kc baka may mas okay pa dun. so fine by me. at least, he wants to be really involved sa preps. hehe.

at syempre, got my mock-up invites na rin from Printed Matter. haaayyy! finally! okay naman, cute sya and ganda nga ng design. sayang lang talaga. pero, will try to get the thank you card and stickers, ang nice eh and cheap lang. and while andun kme sa printed matter...oh mi gas talaga!!! dumating na ang aking mga w@wie sisters! grabe, talon kme ng talon dun...para kme mga ewan. tas, ang ingay pa in!! i met mec, tin, wella, concon, karla, irene, charie, and addie. saya, grabeee!!! as in! ang kulit namin...after booking some suppliers nila and after ko rin dumaan kay robert camba to chat with ms. connie and take some pics ng set-up nila at kumain pala ulit. (hehe, pang-4 na food tasting na ata namin un eh), ni-meet ko ulit sila. then, we went to dulcinea and talked about soooo many wedding matters....whew!!! feeling ko nga mamalatin ako today sa kakatawa and kakadaladal eh. mec, exactly how i pictured her everytime nagpopost sya sa w@w; tin, grabe! ang ingay nitong lola kong to! in! pwede talaga sila ni wella magsama! con, my ever dear neighbor/friend, just so glad i met her; wella, ever!!!ever!!!ever!!!not a dull moment with her...tawa lang ng tawa; charie, super beauty tlga ito...wala ako ma-say; addie, just met her, di kme masyado exchanging mails pero nice rin syempre. got to take some pics and si dudong ko ang photog namin. haha! nauna na kme kc may lakad pa kme ni simon eh.



6:00 - met up with naan and jason, and chess rin. ate at teriyaki boy!! yum, yum! si jill followed na dun...saya naman. lagi naman eh, basta kasama ko sila, i always feel happy, kahit mejo nalo-low batt na. after dinner, we went back to the bridal fair...oh yes!!! sinamahan ko si jill to get some fliers! oh yes again!!! hahaha...i'm just so happy and we are all getting married na. yahoo!! buti na lang pala at free na ang entance namin. and so, jill was able to go to get fliers and met also Mr. Robert Camba. nagustuhan nya pa rin ang set-up.



katuwa nga eh. after the bridal fair, we went to eastwood pa. la lang, gusto lang namin mag ice cream actually. kulit noh?! tas kwentuhan ulit...then, went home na. on our way home, kasabay na namin si jill, who by the way, will be our emcee and gagawa rin ng AVP namin. request ko nga na sana by august magawa na ung AVP...she readily said yes. super thankful talga me. na-excite lang me kc ang saya ng concept ni h2b. since we are both musically-inclined, it's just appropriate that we have an "MTV/Bubble gang" AVP. ang galing talga ni jill and simon. as in, gagwin namin parang MTV talga pero ung funny na parang pang-bloopers ang dating. di kc tlga kme bagay sa formal at serious na AVP eh., we're just thinking of what best song would fit for the AVP...tas sa huli, may score din! hahaha...saya!

June 12 was one of the longest Sundays i had. i was out for 16 hours na punta kung saan-saan, pero i had so much FUN!!! thanks, Lord!

Saturday, June 11, 2005

The one with Alaxan emergency legs really hurt, i need Alaxan FR na talaga. hehe, OA, i dont drink medicines for body aches only. anyway, played badminton again last night with my officemates/barkadas. grabe, after one quarter of not using my racket, di nako talaga marunong maglaro...well, not that i'm really good at it, addict lang tlga ako before sa badminton. hehe. sakit sa katawan pero i really have to start playing again if i want to lose some of those bulges stuck in my kili-kili and legs. hahaha.

i'm so excited ngayong weekend. dami plans kc walang pasok sa monday.
saturday- clean my room, paliguan si tootsie, do some budget check for wedding, and make some earrings, go to church for practice.
sunday-go to church, try to go to desiree's barot saya, go to megamall for bridal fair, meet with my barkada for dinner and watch movie
monday-allotted for rest and wedding preps!!! yahoo! i want to go to Puerta Real, la lang, gusto ko lang makita ung place.

Thursday, June 09, 2005

The one with Mike and Jen's wedding

This year seems to be the most number of weddings that i'll attend year din kc namin eh. anyway, last night we went to attend the wedding of mike (my kuya in w@w) and jen at Coco palace. (well, we were late for 2 hours pero worth it naman. hehe) kakatuwa, kala namin ni simon mawawala na kme. drive lang sya ng drive until we saw roxas blvd...hehe. this is a message i posted at w@w:

hehehe...ako daw ba ang magbigay ng report?! anyway, thank you for those who prayed yesterday. indeed, hindi nga umulan nung wedding nila! katuwa. the weather last night was perfect. di nga lang na set-up sa labas coz it was raining pa daw nung 2pm, pero pag dating ng 4pm wala na talagang ulan, kwento sa ken ni mike. he requested pa magpa transfer outside pero di na daw pwede sabi ng josiah's eh. sayang...pero they still had the program outside. after eating, punta ang mga guests sa labas...hehe. naisip ko nga eh, naku,sabi ko kc mag pray ng 4pm...dapat pala 2pm ko sinabi mag pray. hahaha.
nway, sobrang late kme kaya wala ako masyado makwento. dumating kme 8pm na! (the reception started at 5:30) i saw clarice and kwento agad sya. tas kain kme...sarap
food ng josiah's.
then, ganda ng fireworks ng first, parang maliliit lang sya..pero nung bandang gitna na...ang ganda!!! kaya lang parang nasa gilid lang sya..dun ba tlga sineset-up ng coco palace un..nde sa gitna?

ang ganda din ng luminaries!!!! yipee..kakahiya nga kme ni h2b eh. late na nga kme, tas kumain lang talaga kme, tinapos ang program at nagpaalam. tas sabi ni mike, intayin nyo na ung luminaries...pina-ayos na daw ni clarice. true enough, pag labas namin, naka-box na nga sya. mainit-init pa eh nasa amin...hahaha...ang kapal namin. nung nilagay nga namin sa car...tawa talga kme ng tawa...parang late na nga kme eh nag-uwi pa kme ng mga luminaries nila...hahaha...the best!!! pero sabi ni h2b after ng wedding namin, papahiram din namin un sa ibang sa mga gusto
humiram...PM nyo lang me. :)

their cake was sooooooooo big!!! grabe! di ko na nga nakita ng buo kc na-serve na sa guests. (oh yes, ganun kme ka-late!) pero ung gazebo ng josiah's, parang
umabot na dun ung cake. 8-layer choc. fondant cake, 5 layers edible!!! grabe talga. nalula nga kme ni h2b kc ung base parang kasing laki talaga ng palanggana!

un lang, my kuya mike and jen looked so happy last night...enough reason to make the wedding so memorable eh seeing their faces so happy and fulfilled for being able to pull off a meaningful wedding. un lang, sorry napahaba.

Tuesday, June 07, 2005

The one with the Max's and ninang

I have yet to post here our itinerary last sunday. super dami namin nagawa ang i had so much fun. first, we went to church for Sunday service. Our pastor gave a very good preaching about being a "Model or Idle" says something about appreciating your work because God has placed you there to shine His Name. very timely for Simon coz he just accepted a new work in Praise, Inc. which was very unexpected coz he only went there last week to discuss his business with the Big Boss, and apparently, it turned out that they him to work there...talking about blessings huh?! :) after our service, ate no and the "group" went out for lunch, treat ni ate norene...super saya kc ngayon lang ulit nagsama-sama ang batchmates namin sa music ministry...there's ate norene, christian, lan-lan, achie, jane, simon and me. we stayed there for almost two hours, feeling nga namin asar na asar na ung ibang customers coz they are waiting for the longest time...hehehe...ang saya talaga! we are planning to go to HK this december...sabay sila sa honeymoon namin. ngayon pa lang daw pag-ipunan na namin. syempre, we don't mind being with them sa honeymoon namin...ang saya nga nun eh! sana matuloy kme!!! after lunch, we're supposed to go to Desiree's Baro't Saya but hindi na kme natuloy coz we still have to attend to the baptism of Mylo, my inaanak. We met up with Ritz sa ofc na, then went to Fort Bonifacio. pag punta namin dun, gulat kme at may photo-video coverage ang binyag. maarte tlga ung si clint (the daddy of mylo, na ofcmate ko)...imagine, Real Time Video and Allan Borras lang naman ang video-photo nya. hahaha...katuwa talga! but we had fun. there were balloons that, personalized chocos for souvenirs and CD rin nung pinanganak si Mylo, plus, andun din ang Ninong & Ninang namin ni simon, si Doc Bob and Mam Mares. after the binyag, we went to Megamall pa to buy some stuff...yes, ganyan kme kalakwatsera ng h2b in!!! lagi tlga puno ang weekends namin...himala pag nasa bahay lang kme.

Jac's pics Ü(179)
friends for quite some time now...

Jac's pics Ü(181)
all girls...(from L to R) ate no, jane, achie and me

Jac's pics Ü(180)
boys will be boys...(from R to L) lan-lan, chris, and beh (ay, nakasingit ako!)

and this is my new inaanak...Myko Lorenzo de Leon-Escondo...(ang cute nya noh!)

Saturday, June 04, 2005

The one with a website

hayyy...i'm just frustrated coz i'm trying to make a website but i can't. i can't upload the pics that i took from my camera, i can't think of texts to put in the site. just when i had the time...finally. i guess i'm just so tired from all the puyat i had for the past nights...oh well, there are really days like this. like you want to do something but your body and mind tell you to just stop doing anything and relax. it's okay, i think i just have to relax muna...that's why i'm blogging instead. hehe.