Saturday, July 28, 2007

The one with Simone at 5 months

She just turned 5 months last Saturday. she was sleeping the whole time of celebration. hehe.

at five months, simone can now socialize more. she can sit na sa sofa pero basta nakasandal ha. hehe. she always, always makes dapa and crawl. hehe. she still does'nt have much hair, hahaha. she talks to people already (using her own language...ehehe) and she has this "tili" factor pag natutuwa and pag nakikipag-usap. super lakas ha in fairness.

she reaches for her bottles already when feeding time. when it's time for milk, she looks at the bottle and smiles and reaches for it. she can hold her bottle firmly, although at times, she plays with it kaya we still help her a little. kakatuwa, she really grasps things na and pag nagpapatawa, she laughs endlessly na. as in, the kind na pang-matanda. hahaha. to follow. promise!

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

The one with pains of a working parent

These are the words of my colleague while we were exchanging gtalk mails. He had a hard time leaving his daughter at home while he goes to office for work today, that’s after four whole days of not seeing his 10-month old baby because of our conference in Boracay held last week.

I had a more serious need for damage control! We went ahead of the whole group since we were the organizing committee. I kept on excusing myself for the “advance party” coz I really wanted to be left behind so I can have more time for my baby. Unfortunately, they needed all the help they can get. I joined them and went there last Wednesday. As soon as I brought her to her grandparents and got back to my seat in the car, I cried whilst driving. Simon kept asking me if I’m feeling ill or if there’s a problem. I just told him that I miss Simone already. I cannot believe it! As in, I already miss her and cannot actually imagine how it would be not being with her for five freaking days!

I know she’ll be alright, I know she will be well taken cared of and she will get everything that she needs. It just pains to accept the fact that because of my work, I’d have to leave her behind.

Every night, whenever I looked at her pictures, I cried. Overacting to some, pero that’s how I felt and I can’t force myself to get over it and feel fine about it coz I simply don’t. Pero come Sunday, I was sooo excited to go home and see her. When I landed manila, I had a mixed emotion of fear and excitement. Fear that Simone might not remember me na and excitement to see her again. That fear ended when I saw her finally and she smiled at me after a few minutes. She just woke up so I knew she was still half asleep when she first saw me, thus, the blank stare. Haha.

But man, she really grew up! It’s as if I did’nt see her for a year. She’s sooo big already, and she has a different cry now. She shouts whenever she wants to say something and extends her hands when she wants to be carried. She’s loving the “habulan” game already.

Haaayyy…if I can only stay at home and take care of Simone…super dream ko yun right now…to be able to be a hands-on mom to my baby. The pains of a working parent nga naman!

I want to be there when she utters her first word, when she attempts to do her first clap and when she tries to crawl and walk. I want to be the first to witness everything! when her lola tells stories of her development that i wasn't able to witness first, i just smile and feel happy that she's doing so much progress. pero at the back of my mind, i always wish na that was me in their position, telling stories of how she's growing up. haaayyy...

Monday, July 16, 2007

The one with information overload

I got hooked with reading books on parenting. currently, im reading "What to expect the first year" and "You and your child". The former is informative but the "What to expect when you're expecting" was more useful to me than this one. Eto kasi is a case-to-case basis so i just choose the ones applicable to me and simone. the latter naman was bought by simon and it's up to five years of age. okay din pero masyado summarized.

and yesterday, i just bought 2 more books, "Idiot's guide to baby sign language" and "How to have a smarter baby". information overload!!! the sign language intrigued me and super interested me to try it on simone. i hope we get to do effective sign languages soon. oh and the book is very entertaining. as in! i can't seem to put it down...while driving! yikes! the other one, have'nt opened yet pero pocketbook style sya and got good feedbacks on the book so i bought it.

will let you know more soon about these two books and i'll share any information that maybe useful to parents like me.

The one with just before she turned 5 months

I'd like to show some pics of Simone when she turned 4 months. At four months, she showed a lot of developments. This is the time she was able to balance her head well, she learned to make dapa and attempted to crawl, thus, the Arthro move. She developed a different cry, one that's really loud and kakaawa. She makes "hikbi" after crying and akala mo kawawang-kawawa. hehe. she has given attention to her gym already, unlike when she was just 3 months where she did'nt give any attention with it. now, she's really grabbing and reaching for the objects, she can also turn the wheels and stare at the mirror nung gym nya. basta, sulit na now yung gym nya. thanks to her ninong! hehe. when carried upfront, she likes to stand kahit hindi pa nya kaya. she loves it when i wear her esp. the kangaroo carry. kakatuwa!

she also responds to you when you call her name and shouts when talking to you. she loves to laugh with the peek-a-boo game or eat bulaga game and gives a smile as part of her response when you make lambing to her and she gets tickled. she also does a lot of her things with her lips now. the other day lang, (july 13) she can tuck them na, make a lipstick move (the one where you fold your lips), and can create sounds using her lips. nag-gugumming na cguro kasi that's why. she imitates people around her by watching the way our lips move. like for example, she attempts to do the "muah" thing by making a "tsup" sound. cute!

she'll turn five months on saturday. we plan to take her to camera shake to get really nice shots before we have her ears pierced. haaayyy...i can't wait to see more of her in the coming months. thank you Lord. :D

a mom and daughter moment
a mom and daughter moment

what a smile! dimples and everything!
dimples kung dimples! sana hindi mawala when she grows up.

big girl holding her bottle
"big girl nako eh" (pardon us, we just love her in yellow kaya lagi nya suot to)

one of her first attempts to lift her head
one of her firsts...

super cute ko!
super cute pic!

model pose
she's a natural, ain't she?! and mind you, pose talaga yan...not the candid one na natyempuhan lang...hahaha.

Saturday, July 07, 2007

The one with the Arthro move

Last weekend, we are so happy Simone is making so much progress. Dumadapa na sya and nag-aattempt gumapang. the thing is, paatras ang gapang nya. hahaha. thus, the Arthro move! as in, ang cute tingnan na super trying hard talaga sya to crawl pero instead of pushing her legs, yung arms nya yung nagdadala kaya paatras. nyahaha.

She also drools na and loves to put her hands in her mouth, pati lampin nya nilalagay nya sa mouth nya. pag tinanggal mo, magagalit and iiyak. must be the gums. nagbabadya na ang mga ngipin nya. hehe.

The other night, around 230 am, nagising ako coz she was crying and would want to drink milk. taka ko, she does'nt want my milk. when i held her, medyo mainit sya. when we checked her temp, goodness 37.8. shocking asia! naloka kme! may sinat si simone. can you believe nagkakasakit din pala baby ko?! hehe. so binigyan ko sya ng tempra (oops, not unilab brand lagot!) and observe namin in the morning. super ayaw magpababa nun kaya napuyat naman ako kasi mas okay na yung tulog sya kesa di sya makatulog. her eyes were watery and parang may sipon din. when she woke up in the morning, ganun pa din. so we went to her pedia. pag dating sa pedia nya, wala na! pati sipon, wala na rin. pero her doctor still advised her to give biogesic paracetamol in case mag-sinat ulit. whew! viral daw eh and the sinat might have been triggered by the sipon. kaya nung naagapan, wala na rin ang sinat. i observed her the whole day yesterday kaya nag-leave ako bigla. syempre, kahit gano naman ako ka-busy sa office, mas important pa rin sa ken baby ko.

the fever must also be caused by her hand-sucking and lampin sucking. kaya her pedia advised us to buy teething biscuits for her. my baby, magbibiscuits na?! wow!!! ang saya!!! hehe. kaya im trying to look for the gerber biscuits that she mentioned. ayaw nya pag-teether si simone eh kasi the plastic material might not be safe for babies. hmmm....

yun lang, first time sya nagkasakit and i glad it was just overnight. praise God!