Wednesday, January 28, 2009

The one with dehydrated

Oh no, i really think i got dehydrated the other day. I had my monthly cramps along with a loose bowel you know. When i woke up, my body felt sore. I thought it might just pass as i work and do my thing. Until i met with my second meeting, i really felt i had to go home already. I asked my third client if we can re-schedule our meeting as i need to drive home as soon as possible, else i wont make it. My body just gave up on me. You know the feeling when your energy just drained and all of a sudden you just want to lie down and close your eyes. Before going home I bought two bottles of Gatorade so i'll have more energy while driving. I braved and drove. Thank God was able to go home unharmed. When i reached home, I could'nt eat that well (now that's my answer to losing weight, harhar). I just wanted to sleep. Good thing my mom went home with us so she can take care of simone while i doze off. I woke up at 12 noon the ff. day with short wake-up calls during simone's milk time. I still felt a little weak so i'd still sleep after eating and drinking. I really thought i was dehydrated plus overfatigued i guess. but come to think of it, twas not such a busy-busy week for me. so i guess it's more of the dehydrated thingy.

Now at least everything's better. was able to read books earlier today (yes, books as in plural form), was able to reply to my emails and text messages. yey! Thank you Lord for healing me. promise, i'd drink more fluids next time.

Friday, January 23, 2009

The onewith totally defective

The other day, I found a weighing scale in my mom's house, something that i have not befriended for the longest time. haha. and just like that, i tipped the scale and found that i was on my pre-pre pregnancy'd think i'd be surprised and excited about it, but no. I talked to my mom (in a serious tone haha) to have the scale fixed or just throw it in the trash! heck, im not even close to my pre-pergnancy weight, moreso the weight i used to have when i was just a bride. hahaha. So yes, it's totally defective. although ate maru and mommy still think it's working. duh?! nyahaha.

And for two days now, I've been drinking wheatgrass. and promise, I love my sister-in-law but i really don't like the taste. and simon keeps on pushing me to finish the wheatgrass drink he prepared for me (prepared meaning mix it with water). everytime i'd drink, I'd have to think that it's good for me, it will cleanse my body from all the junk i eat and drink. totally psyched i know.

And i don't know if this will make me feel even better or worse. I was browsing thru some pictures of the EB the w@wies had back in 2005. and to my surprise, we were all much much thinner then that i thought we were. hahaha. and to think we never thought we were at that time. it would always be "my arms are big for me", "i have to lose weight for the wedding" blah blah blah. so without my friends' consents, im sharing some of the pics here. haha.
hay, kainis tong si pinky, still the same sexy body after two babies...grr...

for crying out loud, i can still see my collar bone here. haha.

im so sorry nap and rhea, na-scam ko kayo sa pic na to! haha.

and concon, super payat...pero she's back in her body na rin naman now. good for you mare!

My mind is defective on wanting to lose weight but never really doing and trying hard to do it. It's defective because no matter how much I dreamt of having lesser digits on that scale, I still enjoy and feel good about myself. It's because I'd always associate the gaining of weight to having the most precious angel of our lives and I'd feel much fulfilled knowing that there's a good reason for all the weight gain. haha, enough with the rationale. and i'd be always defective feeling jealous with all my girlfriends who had a baby and even babies and still have a body to pass as a teen. bwahaha.

Lipovox anyone???

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

The one with the families who love to eat

It was one heck of an evening. The eat along group strikes again! hahaha. and this time, we're celebrating New Year's at Nap and Rhea's place in QC. And I will always say this...I can live in their garden. hahaha. I love it! thank you apolinarios for having us. I noticed that we enjoy this more than dining out coz we can chat all night long ( not all night per se but you know what i mean) haha and our kids can play around, do their own thing and have a great time too. Plus it's more budget friendly than having to dine out. harhar (that's my punchline actually) But most of all, we had a free photo shoot. katuwa! Thanks Nap for these wonderful pics.

Simone giggling while we kiss her. she loves this e. hehe.

my daughter undeniably loves the camera. hehe. here, she's looking at the other camera. bwahaha.

see...i love her smile here. pa-cute! di talaga gumagalaw yan...and after every shot she had to look at the LCD to see the result...nyahaha.

The Tan Family

Mommies and the babies...We missed Ayn, Loy, Ibim and Joaqui soo much.

But best of all, the daddies had their turn too...hahaha. love it!

Paging Jeff and Nel, please send me your pics too! hehe ---from someone who does not have a DSLR. hahaha.

Til our next eat out ladies.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

The one with tagaytay escapade

Here are some pictures taken when we went to Tagaytay the 2nd day of the year. haha, talking about "lakwatsa". it was'nt really planned but it was so much fun. we were'nt able to go to many places because of the weather too but simone enjoyed the day so much. the weather was sooo cold.

where else can you enjoy a nice breakfast than josephine's.

a view of taal

playing with daddy at taal vista garden

sliding...she liked this so much as in!

family pic...

gigil kay baby...

playing around...

if you have'nt tried rowena's yet sa tagaytay, please please do so! winner ang pies nila as in!

The one with hmmm...

Hmmm....I don't know how to entitle my post now. It's been a while since my last post and I can't seem to put myself back in blogging mode. So many things transpired, but i can't seem to organize my thoughts to write about them here. hmmm... the top of my mind, as a new year tradition, I cleaned up my bag and wallet (yeah, i don't do it often...haha) and found out that i have tons of membership cards that i don't even use. And worse, i have discount coupons that i failed to use and they just expired. huhu, sa laki ng wallet ko, di ko na nakita silang lahat. im sure i would have used it if i remembered it.

Hmmm...i'm so happy to announce that Partyboosters had its first wedding client last weekend. yey! and not one, but two!!! more yey! hehe. will post pictures soon in our site so do check it out. :)

Hmmm...will post more kwentos soon.

Tuesday, January 06, 2009

The one with my own little puppet

When you have a househelp who's a native Bisaya, this incident may also happen in your home.

Mommy: "Simone, repeat after"
Simone: "I...lab...yu"
Yaya: "Ambot!"
Simone: "!"

When Simone sees her ate maru's favorite teleserye dyosa, she calls her ate and tells her: "Ate...dyu-sa" promise! hahaha.

We make fun of it but seriously i hope we can correct it. She's a mestizang bisaya na. but we love ate maru coz she tries so hard to correct her enunciation and diction for simone. :) thank you ate. :)

On other mini-milestones, Simone can identify her alphabets individually. she has'nt memorized the song yet but show her the letters and she can tell which letters are which. :) her colors are as follows:

green for "gin"
blue for "bulu"
pink for "barney"
purple for "barney"
white for "milkum" (as in milk kasi white, hehe)
yellow for "yelow"
orange for "owenge"

she sings more now. she can sing and hit the pitch of the end words on every phrase sa song. yung dulo lang kasi yung kinakanta nya pero tama lagi yung word and yung pitch. cool. but what we do now is we play the song "Sing" everyday coz she loves that song and hopefully she'll be able to sing the whole song. haha, pressure!

love you baby!

The one with 3rd anniversary gimmick

When one's wedding falls on such a peak month, one has to really double the efforts in preparing for an anniversary gimmick. And since ours fall 3 days before christmas, we could'nt plan an out of town trip or something that would make you pack your bags. so we decided to go straight up to antipolo, away from all the bustle and hustle of the christmas rush and go star-gazing while having a starlit dinner on Seven Suites hotel. It's a simple celebration but we knew that we needed the alone time. as in, it's been a while since we had a real date. not the movie date that we were used to be doing. this one was the kind of date where you really had some time to talk, enjoy the view, and relax. Ahhh, thank you Lord for a clear sky weather. we enjoyed lying on their benches, the astronomer introduced us to their humongous telescope. winner, twas my first time. napa-review tuloy ako ng astronomy ko. haha. and the food was just right. not that fancy but it kept us full all throughout.

ang super laking telescope...hehe...

naks, picture sa may gazebo. hit and miss lang yan kasi super dilim dun. haha.

pero kahit madilim, basa pa rin tayo ng OK! bwahaha.

antopolo overlooking

And since we are used to giving christmas and anniv gift in one, Simon received a pair of really nice shoes and i got a really nice bag. It's not LV, LC lang. haha. pero super nice. thanks beh!

But the sweetest thing pa rin is the labor of love he did when he made an AVP of our wedding day. we wanted to reminisce so this is what he did. hay...that day was a blessed day. God was really there to bless our marriage and we felt His love for us.

Happy Anniversary Simon. I love you so much.

ating alalahanin ang panahon na mas payat pako nun. waah! nyahaha.

Sunday, January 04, 2009

The one with gifts

Thank you to everyone who shared with us a part of their blessings by giving us gifts for christmas. Simone had a lot...pansin ko lang, when you have a baby na, it's the baby that people give gifts too na. haha. not that im complaining ha pero i've noticed from my friends that they remember giving simone a gift, sa ken wala na. haha. pero i still got gifts from families, and best friends. haha. talaga nga naman, hindi daw magpatalo! and we also have a "couple gift", you know that kind that is given for you and your husband to use. hehe. I like the area rugs my sis in law gave us. very timely since the bathroom rug that we used to have is have not been washed since it was bought and it looks really dirty already. nyahaha. thanks sis!

here's a picture of us last new year's eve. i was so inspired by rhea and andie to try matching outfits and when i saw these sa gingersnaps and just g., i knew i just had to grab them. the husband/daddy loved seeing us together with our denim matching outfits. :)

i sooo love this picture!

The one with Holiday greetings

I know this post is so delayed, nonetheless, im still greeting everyone a merry christmas and a happy new year! I hope you had a blessed christmas and a joyous welcome to the new year! Simon and I have decided that we won't be bringing down the christmas lights til February especially the indoor lighting he installed. I don't know, we just could'nt believe that the holidays are over and that our much-awaited favorite season is almost up. hay. But cliche as it may be, everyday can be christmas. aaawww...

we have so many stories to share. Had a busy December packed with events, Jannet gave birth already, we spent our christmas eve house-hopping to our parents' and spending the 12mn dinner at home. same with new year's eve; went to tagaytay for a family bonding fun!

more posts to come, promise!