Tuesday, January 20, 2009

The one with the families who love to eat

It was one heck of an evening. The eat along group strikes again! hahaha. and this time, we're celebrating New Year's at Nap and Rhea's place in QC. And I will always say this...I can live in their garden. hahaha. I love it! thank you apolinarios for having us. I noticed that we enjoy this more than dining out coz we can chat all night long ( not all night per se but you know what i mean) haha and our kids can play around, do their own thing and have a great time too. Plus it's more budget friendly than having to dine out. harhar (that's my punchline actually) But most of all, we had a free photo shoot. katuwa! Thanks Nap for these wonderful pics.

Simone giggling while we kiss her. she loves this e. hehe.

my daughter undeniably loves the camera. hehe. here, she's looking at the other camera. bwahaha.

see...i love her smile here. pa-cute! di talaga gumagalaw yan...and after every shot she had to look at the LCD to see the result...nyahaha.

The Tan Family

Mommies and the babies...We missed Ayn, Loy, Ibim and Joaqui soo much.

But best of all, the daddies had their turn too...hahaha. love it!

Paging Jeff and Nel, please send me your pics too! hehe ---from someone who does not have a DSLR. hahaha.

Til our next eat out ladies.

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