Monday, January 20, 2014

The one with back up

It's new year. and what a good way to save photos and special memories that to buy an online disk space. i've always wanted that for years and paying 200 pesos a month to make sure all your files are safe, i think that's not a bad thing. Like for music, you can save on protools 9 at Musicians Friend.  you can save your work and assure yourself that it will be saved online until your future use of it.

Now i'm thinking if i want smugmug or flickr. hmmm...

The one with phone in the sink

I got my phone sunk in a bowl...worst, a toilet bowl! waahhh!!! i feel so guilty and embarassed that i had to change phones almost every 6 months because either i lose them, or get them broken.  Unlike my husband, he has a very good hand in taking care of his gadgets, even the crate guitar at Musicians Friend.  I just hope i can do the same with my phones and laptop :)

Friday, January 17, 2014

The one with a new year itch

Let me tell you a secret...i've been itching for something luxurious but i cannot and will not be allowed to buy one.  Simone's 7th birthday is nearing and we need to set aside  budget for that. I know I'm a party planner and planning her birthday should be a breeze. But if you have a husband who's as keen as an auditor, planning will be a challenge.

Anyway, i'm sure i'll be able to look for a Scott Kay jewelry collection in the future, not near but definitely in the future. hahaha.

The one with additional business

I've been planning to start another small business so I can diversify and not get burnt out with my current business. Plus it also gives me a new excitement everytime I start something new :)

I started by purchasing a printing machine months ago.  I have'nt tried making samples yet but I really want to start with it.  Hopefully, early this year, I can make some samples and try to sell. Who knows? eventually, i might have a complete line of equipments including a bending machine, photo machine and others :)


The one with new year, new cookies!

We recently bought a small electric oven so i can add another activity with Simone..baking. And I want to cook healthier meals (read: helper will cook, i will just instruct)

I'm so happy with the first batch of cookies i made.

I'll post the recipe on a separate entry.  I'll try to prepare healthier meals for this year and bake goodies so Simone would bring this to school and brag about her mom baking cookies. hahaha.