Thursday, September 23, 2010

The one with wise spender

I'm a huge fan of Sales, promos and discounts! I love the fact that they make me think I get the most out of them even if i know they'd still earn despite the big chunk of discount (haha, otherwise they'd call it charity work too)

And these are some of the events i'm so looking forward this weekend.  Should I spend our grocery money to be able to buy from one of here, it will be more like a weight loss product for me. hahaha.

There's another sale on October 8 and this is one event i'm so excited about. It's the Guess, Mossimo sale hosted by my friend in n@w, Ting. :) sooo excited!

For a change, let's start the christmas shopping early :)

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

The one with beauty time

It was a blessing in disguise. 

My laptop broke down (well, the case stuck up so i can't open it fully, i had to transfer some files while it was a quarter opened. haha) and i can't do much so i had to do everything manually.  I arranged my deposit slip files according to names, I cleaned my bag and disposed receipts and other trash. All these while i was at starbucks.  It was a good downtime for my internet world and a good quality time for my decluttering. haha.

I had some free time (yes, simone was at her lola's so i had an alone time) and my husband texted me "sulitin mo na yung oras na di ka makaka-computer, magpaparlor ka, facial etc" (make the most out of your free time, go to a parlor or have a facial") and so i did. My last facial was the date only god knows when. haha. And i can tell from the hands of the one who did my face that she got tired having to remove all the dirt.  It was actually a diamond peel with facial. hihi.  I brought a book when i went to the mall and good thing i did. I was able to catch up on my reading albeit it was still a business-related one.  I purchased this "blogging for business" book and although it's a little basic, at least i learned a few good tips about blogging. :)

The following day was my usual meeting day. I scheduled two meetings that day but the other postponed so i had again some free time to myself.  This time, i went to a nail salon. I pampered my nails and gave a second manicure in a span of a month. weeh! this is a first! :) i dont know, lately, im just being conscious about how i look and trying to figure out how i'd best look or at least exert an effort to stay decent. bwahaha.  i browsed some magazines and was able to get a hold of a cosmopolitan mag.  it was refreshing to know that the mag has changed its format and they now give really useful information for teens and for moms as well.  I finished reading an article about a pill and how diet pill side effects has its own positive and negative ones.  The article was suggesting a lot of brands women can try out but i don't think i'll be ever ready to take one. :)

So happy had a good "me" time! hope this will turn out to be a regular thing :)

The one with she's getting hitched

I feel like 2010 just passed me by...literally and figuratively...

And this last quarter, we're up for more busy days.  Kookie's getting married in december and we just realized that it's nearing when i spontaneously bought a wedding magazine. haha. it's been years since i got a hold of one but preparing for weddings or just attending one will always be a happy time for me. (sucker!)

So I browsed the magazine and came up with new ideas for kookie and jayson's wedding.  I wanted to do so many things, things that i was'nt able to do on our wedding (since we were so on a budget back then) I'm in charge of the venue styling which gives me delight and pressure at the same time. I have to make this one my baby project.  Swags and draping concept is done, stage backdrop not yet and ceremony decors. I have yet to plan the table centerpieces so it would go nicely with the set-up of the caterer.

We don't have gowns yet. yikes! My sisters in law went to do some gown-hunting and found some nice ones but little did they realize that our motiff is just so hard to find.  We only alloted a specific budget for the gowns, wish we'd be successful with finding one. My body clock is telling me i gained weight again.  the reason why i'm not looking for gowns as of the moment.  haha. I'd have to check other ways to lose weight as the acai reviews i read did'nt work.  Or was it me who did'nt try it at all?! nyahaha.

We're onto the last quarter of the wedding we go again! :)

Sunday, September 19, 2010

The one with government delay

I overlooked the expiration date of my driver's license.  I thought it will be due next year, so i didnt bother looking at it last august.  I thought wrong.  My license expired and i was driving for over a month with an expired license. waah! So instead of the convenient renewal offices in the mall, i had to go to an LTO office.  I underestimated the time i alloted for the renewal. Man, it took me a total of 8 hours to renew my license. i had to go back to the office as i can't stand the long line.  The following day I decided to go there early so i'd be first.  Little did i know that about 50 people were all thinking the same thing. hahaha. It was my first time in Binangonan LTO office and i will not renew in that office anymore. haha. All transactions in relation to transportation are all there, even car insurance quote. waah! 

But at least i was able to renew my license.  No wonder no one looks good in a driver's license. hahaha.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

The one with she's well

September came like a breeze.  two weeks to go and it's October.  CHRISTMAS!!! It was a little tiring because all of us in the house got sick and i was so occupied with taking care of simone and everything else.  I was so worried for her that I was on a 24/7 lookout for her, I'd pass on a health care job site if i send a resume. haha. But now all is better.  She's so well now, she gained weight as in and she's very, very madaldal.  She talks non-stop. hahaha.

And as one proud mama, I'm happy to announce that Simone aced her first exams in Jr. Kinder! whoa! I chanced upon their principal and she asked me about simone (this was when she was still recovering) and I was honest to tell her that i'm not sure if we'd send her back to school again.  And the principal reported her scores and that she's Top 1 in the exams, that it would be a waste not to send her back to school. I got really excited. hahaha.  We don't want to pressure simone about schooling.  I don't even want to review her because I know she's just three.  But it's just amazing how the exam results turned out. :)

So now, we're trying to see if she wants to go back to school. Good job simone! Mommy and Daddy love you! Oh and as prizes, her tita jane and achie gave her new toys. thank you titas!

The one with faith in highest form

I literally got goose bumps.

This is IT! I know God has really good plans for us and I know that He will provide for everything.  It was almost the same feeling when we had Vin.  We did'nt know at all how we'd be able to cope up but God made sure everything will be just fine.  And it really is. :)

And now taking another leap of faith is exciting and frightening at the same time.  You literally do'nt have the hold of the future, all you know is that you offered it to God and that you trust that God will help you find your way.  So yes, it is exciting how God will work on this.

Hahaha...I'm sure while reading this, you're like "So what is it?!"  You'll find out really soon!!!

Thursday, September 09, 2010

The one with thinking of ways

After i had my 3rd uti in 4 months, I talked to Simon about things how we could unload for Partyboosters and delegate some tasks so i could at least breathe more.  My good friend, Jill, suggested me to have a driver.  At first, i was "is'nt that for the elite and the super rich people?" but she had really good points.  I noticed that during days that i have events, I drive like crazy going back and forth to places and on top of that, i had to text or make calls while im on my way.  I would'nt feel the stress at that moment because of my adrenaline rush but yes, it is stressful.

So i got Kuya Zaldo to try and see if things will be better with a driver.  and whew, it really is! I got him as my on-call driver since i don't go out everyday.  but for weekends, i'll surely need a driver.  Kuya Zaldo is one of my balloon artists too but since he is disabled, there are some things that i can't ask him to do so i chose other artists over him but when it comes to driving, he's the man!  He recently claimed his disability insurance that's why he's very eager to work more now. hehe.

I also got achie to help me with partyboosters, making her my industrial partner.  we had a meeting yesterday and i think it's very productive. 

Thank you Lord for giving us more ways for Partyboosters to expand :) Better slow but surely :)

Friday, September 03, 2010

The one with bag itch

I'm itching for it again...
I stopped craving for it when i realized that i may never really need one.
But here i'am...itching for the same thing. haha

I even messaged a good friend of mine and asked her if she'd go to paris anytime soon. haha. talk about desperation. She told me that she went to paris but did'nt even think of going inside as she knew it was really pricey for her. It's even more expensive than Prada shoes. I could'nt believe it but i still want one.

I need to pray for this. Or if someone is very kind enough to give me one, i'd gladly accept it. hahaha

The one with if only i could

Being a mother, I can only ask the best for my daughter.  I'd give up everything for her.  I'd do anything to make her life better.  But these aspirations are tested when times of trials come.  Simone got really sick.  She caught pneumonia and what they call "tigdas hangin" all at the same time.  I could'nt imagine what i would do at that time.  I blamed myself for not being a good mom, I blamed myself for the things that i wished i should have done, things i should have thought of.  The minute i saw the rashes on her tummy i cried like a well.  Simone saw me and she cried too.  She hugged me and kept saying "mommy, sorry ha".  Simon was there hugging me asking me to stop coz simone was crying already.  At that time, i felt a failure.  I thought my being a sahm/wahm would be equivalent to being more effective as a mom, that i did'nt allow any room for mistakes, any chance for error because i have all the resources, the time and the luxury to be the mom i wanted to be for simone.  But God is saying, "To be a good parent, you need to entrust to Me your family.  You can't handle things on your own.  You can't take all the load because it will take a toll on you"

When we rushed her to the hospital, she did'nt have any fever at all.  The rashes just bothered me.  But the doctors had to take some blood to rule out dengue.  She was crying so loud at the sight of the needle, was trying to cover her face so she won't see.  And i hugged her and kept telling her that mommy's just here.  Yes, i was there but i felt so helpless.  I felt her pain and that i could'nt do anything to ease it up. After that, we headed back to the car and waited until the results of the tests. I did'nt want to stay in the hospital longer.  For the two hours we were at the car, I kept on praying to God to please spare my daughter and protect her from any sickness.  I know God listened.  I could'nt find the courage to get the results so i asked my husband to get it for me.  After a while, he texted me with good news that simone's platelets are very normal and that everything is viral. praise God! they even did the ns1 test for dengue and it showed negative results too which made us really happy.  I was so tired that night.

Thank you Lord for healing simone.