Tuesday, September 14, 2010

The one with she's well

September came like a breeze.  two weeks to go and it's October.  CHRISTMAS!!! It was a little tiring because all of us in the house got sick and i was so occupied with taking care of simone and everything else.  I was so worried for her that I was on a 24/7 lookout for her, I'd pass on a health care job site if i send a resume. haha. But now all is better.  She's so well now, she gained weight as in and she's very, very madaldal.  She talks non-stop. hahaha.

And as one proud mama, I'm happy to announce that Simone aced her first exams in Jr. Kinder! whoa! I chanced upon their principal and she asked me about simone (this was when she was still recovering) and I was honest to tell her that i'm not sure if we'd send her back to school again.  And the principal reported her scores and that she's Top 1 in the exams, that it would be a waste not to send her back to school. I got really excited. hahaha.  We don't want to pressure simone about schooling.  I don't even want to review her because I know she's just three.  But it's just amazing how the exam results turned out. :)

So now, we're trying to see if she wants to go back to school. Good job simone! Mommy and Daddy love you! Oh and as prizes, her tita jane and achie gave her new toys. thank you titas!

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Jill said...

mare, im so proud of my inaanak! i love her talking on the phone with her too! so cute:) manang mana sa ninang.:) hahaha:)