Friday, September 03, 2010

The one with bag itch

I'm itching for it again...
I stopped craving for it when i realized that i may never really need one.
But here i'am...itching for the same thing. haha

I even messaged a good friend of mine and asked her if she'd go to paris anytime soon. haha. talk about desperation. She told me that she went to paris but did'nt even think of going inside as she knew it was really pricey for her. It's even more expensive than Prada shoes. I could'nt believe it but i still want one.

I need to pray for this. Or if someone is very kind enough to give me one, i'd gladly accept it. hahaha

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khaye said...

The love for bags!haha :D

Thanks for leaving comments on my post Ms. Jaque. But I didn't receive any email confirmation yet. Guess there's a problem with yahoo mail. :D See you on Oct. 23 at Malayan. I'm super excited! :D