Sunday, September 19, 2010

The one with government delay

I overlooked the expiration date of my driver's license.  I thought it will be due next year, so i didnt bother looking at it last august.  I thought wrong.  My license expired and i was driving for over a month with an expired license. waah! So instead of the convenient renewal offices in the mall, i had to go to an LTO office.  I underestimated the time i alloted for the renewal. Man, it took me a total of 8 hours to renew my license. i had to go back to the office as i can't stand the long line.  The following day I decided to go there early so i'd be first.  Little did i know that about 50 people were all thinking the same thing. hahaha. It was my first time in Binangonan LTO office and i will not renew in that office anymore. haha. All transactions in relation to transportation are all there, even car insurance quote. waah! 

But at least i was able to renew my license.  No wonder no one looks good in a driver's license. hahaha.

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