Tuesday, October 30, 2007

The one with the 22nd month

Last Oct. 22nd, we celebrated our 22nd month! yey, we are so happy that we are nearing our 2nd anniversary and that so much has happened this year. We are blessed with an 8-month old daughter who is now teething so much that she would always, always drool or put things in her mouth. haha. Simon is blessed with a work he loves dearly, we are blessed with a music studio that we've put up with. God is giving us projects for the business. And I'am blessed to be a mother, a wife and a business mom. Everything is good.

We had dinner at Cafe Mediterranean at Robinson's Galleria and we enjoyed the gyro plates we ordered and the salad, yummy! After that, we watched "Apat Dapat" hahaha...i know, but the story is different from other comedy films you've seen and the execution of the cast should really be recognized. they are all good, although you can't really help that filipino comedy films are sometimes corny, if not slapstick.

Happy monthsary Beh!

General cleaning

Yesterday, we had the luxury of time to clean the whole apartment, from our room to the living room. I realized just how much we have of so many things and how little our apartment is that we don't know where to put other things anymore. We don't have a garage but would'nt it be nice to have a garage storage that can accommodate Simon's tools and all other things that are car-related. We only store the tools on boxes and we pile them up and store them on a cabinet. I labeled every box so we'd know where we'd look for whatever we need.

I just wish we have a bigger place...or should I just wish that I can let go of the things that are less valuable anymore so we'd have more space?

The one with missing it?

I happened to browse on Mec's blog regarding her updates on Yakee and all since she's not online that often anymore. And there I read how she had postpartum blues and how she was simply overwhelmed with all the events taking place.

And as i was reading on, I can't help but miss the younger months of Simone, when she used to be just as fragile and as babyish as yakee. She was so clingy to me that I can't even enjoy a nice long bath coz I myself dont want to 'leave' her. haha. true! and when all she can do before was shift her side sleeping position from left to right or barely lift her head.

Somehow I miss those days, I don't miss the sleepless nights but I miss the time that all she does is sleep, feeds from me, sleep again, cry, pee and poo. haha. now, she's still a baby of course. but she's more active now, she tries to tell us what she wants and tries to get the things she likes. She's trying to be more independent now and the endless exploring of things around her is boundless.

Oh well, I may never go back to her younger days but I'am so looking forward to more of her...

Monday, October 29, 2007

Shopping for myself...nah!

Yesterday, we had some time to spare for a little date. It's Simon's parents anniversary and we had our tripping in the afternoon. We left Simone for a while with them so we can buy some things at the mall. When we were about to park, just out of the blue, Simon gave me shopping money! haha, so happy! All for my whatever things I'd like to buy.

But then again, I really can't help but buy baby clothes for Simone...at least two. And buy some things that she needs. Haha. So it ended up with me buying one shirt and the rest for Simone. I don't know if I'm being too 'mommyish' that I always put her first, but I'm happy and I always take care of myself so no worries, I'm still one pretty-looking mom. haha. forgive the boost!

Friday, October 26, 2007

The one with pictures, pictures

I promised to upload some more pics...so here are bits and pieces...

move over Gretchen Barretto... (plains and prints original models)

her first time to sit on her booster chair (we forgot to tie it up on a chair and just laid it down on the floor. haha.)

giddily excited on her glider!

may candid pang nalalaman ha

where i belong...hahaha. bright lights kami lahat. a pic taken from our 22nd monthsary. :)

The one with hunting

As per my previous posts, we are currently sort of hunting for the right property for us. Just maybe, we can afford already to acquire one, we're open for what they can offer. And so, after the endless texts and constant invitation of our realtor, we decided to take a peek on the different properties that we might be interested on. We will go with a tripping tomorrow after church and I hope we'd get some ideas and great deals.

Survey anyone???

If you have the time to spare to answer my Fragrance survey, please do so! haha. I'm doing some marketing consultancy on the side for a group and this survey is a part of the business plan. thanks so much! you can send an email to dec_22_05@yahoo.com or just leave me a note so i can email the survey. It's a one-pager form, so no worries. thanks again!

On investment

Of course, investing on one's future is very important and I'd have to give birth first before I finally saw the importance of investing for your family. Investments comes in many forms and one of these is an insurance. My family works for several companies that caters to insurance and we are thinking what to get for Simone. We were thinking of a life insurance no exam policy but we don't have an idea of how to go about it. We are also thinking of just investing on funds or something that may equal the benefits of an insurance. we'll see. God provides.

Thursday, October 25, 2007

The one with the iceberg

And the iceberg has finally come out. haha. her gums were already torn from teething and a whitish thing which of course is her tooth is starting to come out already! We found out last October 19. happy! we were all betting when it will totally come out. Simon bet Oct. 28, I'am for Nov. 5 while her yaya is Nov. 6. haha. She's starting to bite already. haha. and she's not cranky at daytime, only in the evening that she's a little needy. maybe she can feel her gums swollen or something. Go for it baby and congratulations!

~ o ~

When Simone turned 7 months last month, I think she started to show most of her developments at this time and up to now. We are amazed of her developments that I can't seem to track all of them. She now uses her walker which was a gift to her by her grannies (pictures to follow), of course we still "gabay" her as we want her not to get used so much with the walker. She has mastered "appear!" already and Eat Bulaga where she puts her face on a pillow to hide her face and lifts her face up when we say Bulaga! haha. she also now responds to one-task command and recognizes when we say 'no'. she also loooves hair product commercials, haha! (ironic, she does'nt have much hair e) she also responds when we talk to her or when we sing to her, as in sagutan ha. haha. she also responds to both her names, chesca and simone which is nice, at least, whichever people want it, she knows it's her. Simon tested it by calling her pokwang in between chesca and simone and she did'nt respond. haha. She also reaches for things that we hide, she knows where to look for it already.

When we are in front of our mirror (we clipped one picture of me and Simon there), we'd always ask "Where's mommy? Where's daddy?" and she'd instantly looked at the picture. galing!

She can also sit down by herself, although not too long since we don't want to pressure her with doing it. She's more of the standing up and the walking type of baby. She crawls also but she learned the walking and the standing up faster. We still hold her though to support her but people are amazed when they see her walking. too early daw for her age. hehe.

we are so proud of her, she's really growing up really fast. We love you baby!

told you, she can smile like a model!

whoa! balance, balance
see??? i can sit down!

see...i can do this
balance, balance (forgive the quality of the pics...bad)

my foot!
"im tired with sitting down...i need to eat...ahhh! my foot!

why mom, is there a problem?
you like some, mom?

this is my circus trainer
my best trainer...

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

And the challenge goes on

On my fourth day already of trying to lose weight. In the morning, I ate one hard-boiled egg, one piece of hotdog (which I should'nt have) and the nesvita-like drink that my father in law gave me. and i think it worked, I never got hungry til 2pm. promise! hehe. and now, Im just eating salad with tuna chunks. really getting serious with this.

anyway, as i was again surfing for best diet programs and products, I chanced upon hoodia patch. I don't know if they have it here in the Philippines already and I don't intend to but it yet. I just find it interesting that by taking it, your brain will tell you that you're still full even if you're not. It seems psychological so that's the thing I'm a bit doubtful about, but would'nt hurt to know more about it, would it?

Surfing the world

Obviously, I'am what people call a computer addict. I've been blogging since 2005 and have used this medium as my online journal. And whilst surfing endlessly, I chanced upon Rio Las Vegas while looking for nice places in the US. When you talk about this city, words you associate it with are fun, lights, casino and entertainment. It's like there's no dull moment and everyone is just our to have fun (or gamble). It's not yet on my wish list but would'nt it be nice also to be able to go to the only place where anyone can get married over night. haha.

The one with Pay It Forward

This post is specially dedicated to Baby Hannah Ysabelle, one of the strongest babies I know and would love to meet in the future.

All of us moms have the same dreams, same aspirations and same desires for their unborn child...that h/she will be born as normal as any other person is, that s/he will be free from any disease or any physical abnormalities, and will be physically well-developed.

But God knows all things... He holds the masterplan of our lives. For things that we cannot understand, there He is in the midst. And for this instance that Baby Hannah Ysabelle was born with a case not known to most, if not all doctors, this condition is something that needs a lot of faith.

And with this, I ask you to visit this little angel's site at http://hannahysabelle.multiply.com and if God is speaking to your heart, please do so. Any amount will help her make it through another day. God bless everyone and it pays to pay it forward.


I decided to continue on my weight-loss program regimen...again. After attempting to start on it two weeks ago, I ate a lot again after a week. huhu. but now, I think I'm more determined to start eating right to lose weight. I really need to be more fit for the weddings we have to attend to and I'm really not used to having so many flabs all around. Since I already ran out of excuses of eating so much since I stopped breastfeeding already, I really need to do this right.

Anyway, I started with this exercise video which we bought from a bookstore. It's one of those as seen on tv products and I hope it'd work on me. As to eating habits, I don't eat rice anymore and I'm on my third day already. I only eat bread during lunch or salad and soup. Just today, I had soup for breakfast and two hard-boiled eggs. For lunch, I had salad and soup. For dinner, I still don't know yet.

I really hope I'd be up for this. I also gave myself Sundays as my rest day. I can eat anything every Sunday only. Yipee!

The one with Tagged

Thanks Peachy for the tag! I had fun answering it and I realized that I'm such a pakeelamera. haha.

1. Are there any babies in your family or circle of friends?

Simone is the first grandchild on both our families (me and simon's) but come december, she won't be the youngest anymore! She'll be an achie already to Justin, Jane's baby (my SIL). and we are all excited to meet the little boy!

2. Are you one of those people who use a high-pitched, sing-song voice when talking to babies and small children?

I can't say coz I have a malambing voice to start with. hahaha. but seriously, I love talking to babies but we dont baby talk simone. we talk on our normal voice so she can easily understand what we're trying to say, although mine is a little high-pitched so she'd pay attention always. (as i've read somewhere)

3. If you were standing in line next to a *very* pregnant stranger at the bank or grocery store, what would you say to her?

If we've exchanged smiles already and I'm with my baby, I might start a conversation by asking when she is due? I don't want to assume that she's near her due date already by asking "kabuwanan mo na?" that would be really annoying since that only means that she's really big for her term. haha. or I'd probaby just smile. I can talk to strangers but I also choose the ones I talk to.

4. Similarly, what do you say or do near babies in public?

I just smile. I rarely do Peek-a-boos. Most of the time, I ask the mommy how old her baby is. haha. Im so nosy. I dont know, maybe I want to compare her baby's height and weight with simone. haha.

5. When walking through a department store, are you the sort of person who can go by the baby clothes without even a glance or do you have to stop to ooh and ahh?

Never. I can go home without buying anything for myself but I'd always make sure that I've passed by the baby section of whatever mall. I usually check out clothes and what nots for babies. Since I have a girl, I love to dress her up, usually with all of us three on matching outfits. I also look for items on sale or any promos.

I've tagged Con, Lea, Cathy, and Kathy. Enjoy motherhood!


Back in the late 90's, the first animated film shown in cinema was the one with the Circle of Life theme song. I still remember when we got the Lion King tickets and watched the film with my family. It is a really family-oriented film. The moral lesson is for everyone, not just for kids and I can still remember the scene where the King talked to Simba while they were walking and was sharing a very beautiful life lesson. It's definitely one of the best movies ever.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

The one with 8 months

It was a double celebration this time. It was my mom's birthday celebration and Simone's 8th month bday as well. We had it at Jack's Loft in Eastwood, Libis. Since it was an early dinner, more like 630pm, we used their sofas which happened to be a smoking area pero no customers yet since early pa nga so clean pa ang air. haha. then, we immediately ordered food since all of us are hungry. I ate..hmmm, what did i order?? i seem to forget...wait, I ordered, ahhh! Beef in Mushroom with gravy on bread, we had paninis, lasagna, stir-fry which is good, penne, and grilled chiken plus calamares and chicken fingers as starters. then we ordered their famous fishbowl iced teas which were apparently effortless to my two brothers to finish.

Simone slept on the first half of our gimmick. She was tired since she did'nt sleep the whole day. We woke up early for church, headed to Simon's parents to have lunch and stayed there til afternoon. So it was pretty much hectic. Here are some pics.

di naman nagpapasabi...ang puti ng baby ko! hehe. (with my brother, tito mike who celebrated his bday as well last oct. 20!)

the two bokals of my life...

with tito mike

"mom, i told you, im not used to lights!"--simone carrying her I declair cake from Jack's loft

lambot ni lola

the fermins (with me as the photographer...as usual)

the best picture of them all...very nice! she looks like 2 here. haha. (with her grannies)

It's always fun to be with a family and I'll always love them.

Monday, October 22, 2007

The one with updates

I have a lot to blog about but since I'm at an internet cafe right now, I won't have the luxury of time to blog all about it...plus I want to put them in detail, on separate posts. But just to give you a gist, we pretty much had a hectic yet wonderful weekend. Simone's grannies bought her a walker already, we celebrated with naan at Holiday Inn Galleria for her birthday, we had dinner last sunday with the fermins to celebrate my mom's 56th birthday and Simone's 8th month bday. haha. then, yesterday we celebrated our 22nd monthsary! nice! will kwento soon and pictures really soon!

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Christmas gift

As a lady, I've always been fond of accessories, but would'nt it be nice to have a nice set of jewelry that's a little pricey and elegant. Something that you can actually wear on formal occasions and something that's of real worth. The only pieces I wear everyday are my wedding ring and my engagement ring. Since I don't do corporate meetings anymore and only go out for errands and informal meetings, I want something that you can wear everyday but will not go out of style during formal occasions as well.

Simon promised to get me an eternity ring...I just forgot to ask when he will give it to me. hahaha.

The one with the advocate???

I'm sorry but this post is not intended to judge someone or any organization's mission for that matter. I've been wanting to post about this for the longest time pero i keep on forgetting. Anyway, I saw on the news last week about a celebrity who is a new mom and since she's going back to work, she'd had to lose all the post-pregnancy fats and underwent an operation. She also had a bust reduction which eventually led to her not being able to breastfeed her baby anymore. I'm okay with that since she had her reasons but one thing i was not comfortable when i saw the interview was that she had a breastfeeding advocate who will donate breastmilk for her baby. i mean, my first reaction was, "There are more babies in need of breastmilk than her baby?!" Her reasons for the bust reduction was medical reasons but hey, being an advocate, i think it's more important to look into the welfare of those who are in need more than you are. and if the donated breastmilk will be given to other babies whose mothers really ran out of milk or those who are in need of appropriate nutrients, then the world will be a much happier place.

There are only a few breastfeeding advocates here in the country and there are a lot of babies in need of breastmilk. I think it would have been much nicer if she just did'nt accept a donor.

Just my two cents worth.

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Trick or treat or trip?

Yesterday, Simon and I had the afternoon to ourselves. We went out since Simone is with my parents' custody. haha. And as we were shopping for some clothes for simone, i chanced upon this animal costume which is really cute! I wanted to buy it for simone in time for halloween. I know we don't celebrate those occasions but would'nt it be nice for her first halloween?! Simon disagreed big time and so I did'nt buy it anymore. and it's a baby costume so im sure it'd fit simone just right. oh well...too much for spending a lot. haha.

The one with check, check!

m reading this book (among other books pa) "What to expect the first year" and it gave me joy having to tick almost all of a child's development at this age. here are some that simone has been doing already or can do already:

Accdg to the book, by the end of this month, your baby should be able to:
1. feed self a cracker -- CHECK! (she's learned this for some time now)
2. bear some weight on legs when held upright -- CHECK! (actually, ginagabay na namin sya)
3. sit without support -- CHECK! (but not that long pa)
4. object if you try to take a toy away -- CHECK!
5. work to get a toy out of reach -- CHECK! she'd roll going to the toy or reach for it or even crawl
6. pass a cube or other object from one hand to other --CHECK!
7. look for a dropped object -- CHECK!
8. rake a raisin and pick it up in fist -- CHECK! although in her case, she picks up my earrings and plays with it (or pull them from my ears)
9. turn in the direction of a voice -- CHECK! has been doing this since she was 6 months or earlier pa. galing! musikera!
10. babble -- SUPER CHECK!
11. play peek-aboo -- CHECK! she already knows the concept of eat bulaga na nagtatransfer ng side. kunwari tatago sa likod tapos sa left magpapakita, mamaya titingnan nya sa right, hanapin nya dun yung kalaro nya. hehe.

she's growing up really fast...

Friday, October 12, 2007

The one with meeting Jollibee

While everyone was preparing for Pacquiao's big fight, we had a quick lunch at Jollibee Makro so we dont have to cook anymore, since Tin is on her day off. anyway, it simone's first time to meet Jollibee and okay lang naman pero she was happier meeting Ronald Mc Donald. hehe.

with jollibee

im in a high chair
si daddy photogrpaher namin. hehe.

yeah i know, im that cute!
I'm Beary Cute!

Monday, October 08, 2007

Timeless time

When you talk about watches, I'am someone who does'nt own a lot but I would love to have a nice piece that's a little expensive. The most expensive piece I have is a Tissot ladies watch which was offered to me by my ninang mares. I bought it three years ago and now that it's asking for a partner to switch places with it, I'm thinking if an Audemars Piguet will fit me. Would'nt it be nice to own something that's really expensive but useful at the same time. You can also have it as an heirloom. very nice.

Although by the time I can afford it, I should be rich first and have a Jaguar. haha.

The one with the weekend that was 2

Sunday came, we went to church early. and went to Ever mall (how sosi!) to buy gifts for the joint bday celeb of jane and oliver at greenland. and of course, our rush baby shower for justin. haha. i really dont like rush preparations. nonetheless, we bought a musical mobile for justin, something that he will surely like.

bday of maanos
my baby's first time to wear her osh kosh green shirt. fit na sa kanya! (with her titas jane and jenny)

green family
and so the OC in me reigns again. di ako papayag na sila lang ang terno so i changed my outfit immediately. haha. really love this shorts on her...best buy talaga!

so many food, they had baked lasagna, morcon, pork with mushroom, shrimp (yum!) and a chocolate cake made from scratch by chef popi (the best sa kape!)

we did'nt have anymore pics kasi na lobat batteries. dang!

The one with Moving out?

Ninang Celia emailed simon that the house we wanted before will be ready for rent next month and she offered it to us first before she can offer it to others. we wanted it so badly before since it's a big house and all our stuff will easily fit. Now that it's vacant again, I'm weighing things if i want to get it or not. First, it's an additional rent expense of P1,500.00 although 7k rent for a house is practically cheap but since it's farther from where we live, gas expense will be higher of course and everything else. Second, when I move in to another house, I want it to be our own already. But since we're still saving for the down-payment and honestly, we have'nt found the "IT" house yet so we can't possibly process our pag-ibig loan. On the other hand, I want to move in there for the ff. reasons: first, our car will have its own garage finally and will save it from rust. second, it's nice to have a place where you can roam around, have an attic where you can use it as a mini-studio or art room. third, it's near the new SM city taytay! as in, just beside the village so we can go there if we want to and save aircon! hahaha. (but im serious)

we're praying for it...and help us be enlightened. what do you think?

Timeless time

When you talk about watches, I'am someone who does'nt own a lot but I would love to have a nice piece that's a little expensive. The most expensive piece I have is a Tissot ladies watch which was offered to me by my ninang mares. I bought it three years ago and now that it's asking for a partner to switch places with it, I'm thinking if an Audemars Piguet will fit me. Would'nt it be nice to own something that's really expensive but useful at the same time. You can also have it as an heirloom. very nice.

Although by the time I can afford it, I might be buying a Jaguar as well.

Furniture galore

If we will be moving in to the house that was offered to us before, I think we will be in need of more furnitures since our furnitures before were chosen because of the size of the apartment. Now that we have a bigger place, we might consider purchasing a dining room furniture. This will easily go along with their white dining area and the dining furniture will easily help us put simone on her booster chair. For this house, a formal dining room furniture can be considered but a lighter use of light wood and simple design might be better. We go for modern designs more and since it suits our age and lifestyle, we want the contemporary dining room furniture for the house. I think it speaks more of us.

Aside from this, we'd also have to consider buying more cabinets and a nice living room furniture. and the spending goes on... haha.

The one with the weekend that was

Oct. 6 and 7, pretty hectic sched for all of us. Saturday, we went to Shangri-la to meet with my good friend pinky and her family charlie and steve. it was so much fun seeing her after two years of texting and chatting. we met thru w@w and we exchanged so many wedding preps ideas, then on to pregnancy stuff when we got pregnant almost the same time. haha. she gave birth feb. 12 and i on feb. 21, o diba magkabaligtad lang?! now we talk about babies, parenting and the joy that comes along with it. i really hope we'd get to be friends pa forever. naks!

cute smiles
all-smiles ha...exchange muna kme babies.

kiss babies
i also dont get the point of babies kissing each other kahit ayaw nila. hahaha.

eb with pinky and charlie
nice, all of us are smiling! :) anak ko, masyado naman pa-cute.

after that, i bought a booster chair for simone as endorsed by pinky. hehe. have'nt used it yet but i hope simone will like it. then, we headed to GMA office to have a late lunch with simon. we ate at wan chai tea house, simone's first time. syempre, picture pa rin. :)

kagat labi
kagat-labi with daddy on wan chai -- change costume

and with mom
with mommy...

and with ate tin
and ate tin

after that, simon went to church already for a practice and we had to go home for a while to wrap a gift for the next activity we'll do. haha. we went to jake and shiela's pa for shiela's bday. wasnt able to take pictures na kasi antok na baby ko nun, nag-sleep sya agad. when we slept that night, super tuloy-tuloy. hehe, napagod kme.

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Need for repair

When we got this apartment almost two years ago, we had shower faucets installed so our baths will be more pleasurable. Unfortunately, something happened and it got really stained and we don't know how to remove the stains. It's really not a good thing to look at, with molds and dark stains all over the faucet. We tried removing it with cleaning detergents and bleach powder but nothing worked. We were thinking of have it removed and re-install another but then again, since the apartment is not ours, I think it's best if we just let it go and save the money in buying a new one when we have our own home. haha

The one with Cruel or Cool???

This has been spreading like a virus and I was found speechless when I saw it. Before watching it, I was rationalizing to myself that hey maybe, the script called for it or maybe it's not that bad. And after watching it, I cannot deny the fact that it was something uncalled for. Really bad. I have close friends who are doctors and practicing in the US but man, that's just sooo below the belt.

Here's what i'm talking about:


So, is it cruel or cool???Definitely cruel! I've been a Desperate Housewives fanatic and they were with me during my sleepless nights with simone (haha), but I can't simply take this sitting down. The producers and the writers, whatever reasons they may have, are simply unexcusable. I think they chose Phils, since our country is the most popular 3rd world country. Popular in terms of i dont know. But t does'nt justify the fact that they've blemished the medical doctors here in the Philippines.

So if you're with me, please sign up for the petition:

http://www.petition online.com/ FilABC/

Been thinking about it

One of my business prospects before was to make shirts. Well, not just the kind that you see in the malls, but it's more of a shirt for preggy, for dad, moms and kids. It's more like a family shirt. I've always felt that something is lacking in the shirt industry here in the philippines and i think it will be best if there are more designs to choose from and more affordable clothes to sell.

I have'nt started on it. I'm still busy on other ventures that I've put this at the back seat for a while. But everything's good, I hope I'll get to try the business someday. I have a supplier and an artist already. All I need to do is find time and resources to launch it. Haha, a marketing plan of my own.

The one with Baby Hannah's update

I sent a YM to Janis the other day and she promised to give us an update on Baby Hannah. So here's an update of the little angel everyone is praying for. Baby Hannah, you might be a stranger to most people, but your little faith and strength inspires people. God bless you angel.

Posted by Janis:

First week of September, Baby Hannah was already transferred to a private room in Las Pinas Doctor's Hospital.

A few weeks ago, Fitz visited Baby Hannah in LPDH, coz I asked a favor from him to deliver a gift from me for Hannah . Fitz told me that Hannah's doing well naman and was active that night when he visited Hannah. Hindi nakakabit ung respirator, she's breathing on her own. But they have to monitor her oxygen level or something. If it goes below the limit, then they put the respirator back. Also when she sleeps, dapat naka-respirator talaga.

Then Wednesday last week (Sep. 26), I got a message from Mariel, former officemate namin nila Joan. She told me she sent an email to me & to other former officemates. I checked my mail, and saw the subject "hannah in icu". I checked my cellphone immediately, baka nagtext din si Joan sa akin, and she did. Hannah got severe infections. According to her xray, she has pneumonia and her intestines are infected as well. She looks really bad now and was transferred to ICU this morning. She became cyanotic 2 times already and O2 level really dropped. Please pray for her. I replied back and told Joan that our prayers are always with them.

Then last Sunday, I texted Joan again, asked how Hannah's doing. She's still in NICU, but she's OK now. They might stay there for a while, even though her condition's stable already. They're too afraid to bring her back to the room, she might get sick again.

That's the latest news I got. Let's continue praying for her.

Monday, October 01, 2007

Christmas around

I think it's 82 days before Christmas! whoa! Before you know it, Halloween has ended and everybody is setting up their christmas trees! I'm so excited, we had ours set up already since last month! Of course, when we talk about Christmas, there's always gifts that go along with the name. I have'nt done our Christmas list. I want this year to have a theme, since this is a more special one for us and we'll celebrate it with Simone. So I tried logging to Couponchief.com to see if there are really good finds that we can give to our families and friends. As mentioned by my friend who've tried this, Couponchief is a subsidiary of Coupon Chief, Inc. and they provide a one-stop discount and promo deals to almost all kinds of stuff, from apparel to pet supplies.

At the top of my mind, here are some online shopping coupons that we can give out to them:
~ For our dads, we plan to give out Gap coupons so they can buy their polo shirts
~ For our moms, we'd like to give them spa certificates
~ For our sisters, I think speedo coupons would be nice since after christmas, summer will be just around the corner. haha.
~ For our brothers, I think Birkenstock coupons will be a catch to buy a pair for each of our three brothers.
~ And of course for Ross, who's our Dachsund, I might try surfing for Pet Food Direct coupons

that's the first list as of the moment. I'l think more later. I'd have to finish first my materials for my meeting later. Merry Christmas everyone!

The one with gabay

Can you believe that at seven months, we are really walking simone already? she takes small steps on the floor but with major support of course. this is what we pinoys call, "gabay". we dont force her to do it but she really insists of walking and getting from one end to another. so cute!
we don't have a walker and we really don't know if we'll get one since we want to do it the traditional way. I just hope our backs will always be able to support her. hahaha. We started doing the walk thing last Saturday, Sept. 29. All her weight are really on her legs and she's really lifting her foot forward to walk. very nice!

She really is growing up.

The one with good food

Last Sept. 29, I was able to attend a seminar at the church, "Good Food, Good Health". Unfortunately, I was late coz I had to bring simone along so preparations took a little longer. anyway, the seminar was really nice and I was really encouraged to try out on eating fruits and vegetables...ONLY. haha, i know it might be really shocking to hear but i'll try to do it gradually and not force myself to be a vegetarian overnight. I really wanted to lose weight and I think discipline will really be the deciding factor for it. And i dont think eating fruits and veggies alone is a hard thing to do. So right after the seminar, I went to the grocery, bought some apples, papaya, pineapple and lansones. yummy! I had them for dinner and lunch. For lunch, I ate adobo pa rin but no rice, then fruits for dessert. For dinner, fruits lang talaga. I didnt wake up at the middle of the night looking for food. everything is okay so far. And today, I just ate fruits for lunch. still good!

I hope i'll be able to do this longer.