Monday, December 31, 2007


Since Simone is getting really active, we simply can't put her anywhere, lest we end up with an injured baby. and so we decided to bring down her crib which is originally set up at our room.

we had it covered with one of our comforters although i wished we had this memory foam mattress where we can just put it on her crib and since it's waterproof, we don't have to worry anything about leaking diapers and all.

Now, she's playing with her toys on her playpen and i hope she gets to love it more so we don't have to carry often. haha.

The one with the second year

Yey! Simon and I are two years married already...and where did the time go??? everything, started from the time we got married was really a fast forward event of our lives. it's like the book just keeps on turning its pages and we can't seem to notice how time literally flies away. but everything's good. on our second year, we have been blessed with a baby whom we love so much. and she's more than what we hoped for and even dreamt of.

Simon and I, for the past eleven years that we've known and loved each other, I can say that only little has changed. we still laugh at our craziest and corniest jokes, we still can make each other laugh with the same jokes told a hundred times, haha. he's still the same guy i met years back. He still makes me happy and more. the only difference i think is how we have become matured in situations that we are faced right now. no matter how overwhelming family life and parenthood is, we know that everything will work out just fine. and i can say that he is a very good father and husband. i really thank God for him.

of course, we had a little celebration of our own. we wanted to go and check in to a hotel or at least have a dinner there but since the traffic did'nt permit us to go to a far venue to celebrate, what better way to do it is to go to where he proposed...eastwood city! yey! we both love that place. we ate for the first time at Il Pirata. nice ambience, good food, (although a little over-priced on their homemade pasta) and had a good laugh talking to him. what's good about us is that no matter where we go or what we do, we can easily turn and light up a night...and that's how it was. :)

we capped the evening with a kind gesture by donating to Cribs foundation where a big chirstmas tree is hang at the center of eastwood and you can give donation and your wish and hang it on the tree. of course, we got one for simone too! hehe.

I love you beh and looking forwards for more years to come! as always, pictures coming right up!

Wednesday, December 26, 2007


Just the day after Christmas and we have a family member in the hospital. Skokie had to be rushed to the hospital since she has'nt gone better from her bad cough these past few days and we really thought she'd need drug rehabs or some medical procedure. I was a bit surprised when I found out about it and I felt sad not being able to be with her.

I really hope she'd get thinner already.

Sunday, December 23, 2007

The one with a lot to say

I have so many stories I'd wanted to share but I'll start first with the latest event and try to go and rewind the days that passed by.

First off, congratulations to Christian and Mercy for their wedding! Finally, tapos na kayo! wahoo!!! and all i can say is that you two deserve each other and yes, your love has surpassed the challenges of time. Every wedding makes my heart glad and seeing a bride march is always a teary-eyed moment for me. Here are some few things that made their wedding memorable(for me at least):

1. i looove the wedding vow of mercy, and i quote: "being with you for 12 years does not make me proud but it humbled me thinking that our love surpassed the test of time, individual differences, different needs and wants..." parang awww...

2. i love their first kiss song, "Your kiss is on my lips"

3. love the unity sand part in the ceremony.

4. love Richard Poon and Jay Durias who sang at the reception! IDOL!

of course, there will never be a perfect wedding but nontheless, what's important is how the couple had a lot of fun and how everything will be alright as long as they're enjoying the most important day of their lives. so even if there were 5 tables without guests, their wedding was still the best! Congratulations and God bless you!

pictures soon!

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

New look

After designing the house for the christmas season, I looked at our living room and noticed that the only thing that seems to be off hand is our sofa set. It's really worn out because of Ross' chewing the edges of the sofa and since it's not real leather, the upholstery is really thin already that even simone can poke on it.

So, I tried to look at the furniture stores and see what might fit into our budget, if there is any. Unfortunately, I was'nt able to find something that's nice for our apartment. Everything is either leather or the color does'nt seem to fit. Oh well, we will put that as our next project and hopefully we'll get to buy one soon.

The one with restless as always

Oh my! It's the holidays once more and we are BUSY once again!!! I cannot believe that despite my 'employment status', Simon and I still have a hectic schedule. we juggle studio events vis-a-vis my marketing research thing vis-a-vis my wedding coordinating venture vis-a-vis mommy roles and a businessmom. whoa! di ko na alam uunahin ko. bwahaha. and i think this is the first time that we did'nt christmas shop together coz simon has to work til late at night and during weekends, i want to rest naman and i dont want to go shopping along with millions of people who are also doing their shopping on weekends. hahaha. that's the benefit of someone who has more control of her time. :)

And of course, my new venture and a dream finally come coordination! Actually, i'am in two groups right now. The first one is with my college friends and we're doing my barkada's wedding on january 7. The other one naman is with a close friend of mine and my first wedding with their team was yesterday. I had so much fun! And by fun means feet sored and veins popping out fun but wedding bliss fun kind of thing. Ewan ko ba?! sabi nga nila after three or four weddings, di na ganito to. hahaha. pero i always get emotional on bridal marches. di ko nga kilala yung client, naiiyak ako e. hahaha.

oh well, more stories soon. sorry, installment muna.


Education has always been a priority to our family. We are not all required to get into the honor roll when we were students but it will always make our parents proud if we excel in our studies.

And now that I'm a mother, I wanted simone to get the best education we can offer for her. And I saw a private student loan in the internet but i think investing on an educational plan is a more practical way to do it or might as well invest on bonds and other money-making plans right now.

We might not give her wealth, but at least her education will bring her to a variety of opportunities.

Sunday, December 16, 2007

The one with the birthday preps again

I'm officially back with preparing for Simone's birthday. Just as i thought, my world literally stopped for baby justin and christmas rush. haha. nonetheless, here are pictures of the venue we are getting for her birthday.

with drapes and all, nice diba?!

Blue Wave Activity Center, Marikina city.

sample caterer set-up of Gerry's grill

pictures were taken from the birthday party of roden's baby, kaye. they got gerry's grill as caterer, we're getting super bowl for simone's party instead. :) i instantly fell in love with the drapes and thought that disneyland will fit with the place. id just have to rent out table cloths, runners and cover for chairs to make it more elegant. i'm so excited to be back on preparing for her birthday esp. now that souvenirs for loot bags are everywhere, love to shop for it! hahaha.

so far, here are my accomplishments:

theme: disneyland (thanks jody for the inspiration!)
cake: emily uy
photo: edwin beger
video: jill ramos or lanlan navarro (both great friends and good video people)

that's it muna. more updates soon!


My sister in law told me that the theme of their christmas party this year is all about vegas. of course, it calls for glamorous, elegant and fabulous designs since vegas is a place of the elites and the socialites (casino-wise). And as she was telling more stories about the party and how successful it was, i just can't help but feel that a nice stay at a Las Vegas hotel would of course tell me what it will actually feel to stay there and how to rub elbows with people who make it on the society world.

Of course, I'm not really dreaming it would happen someday but it's a nice thought to start with.

Friday, December 14, 2007

The one with suddenly

Suddenly, i felt like these pictures made my baby look she's not a baby anymore. haayy... ang bilis-bilis tlaga ng panahon.

diba, parang dalawang dalaga lang kme?!

coffee date with daddy at UCC

wearing at the Podium


Growing up. i never appreciated insurances simply because im not the kind who gets sick, my mom and dad before had company benefits which shouldered our medical needs. but when i got married and it's my own family we're talking about, you'd really make sure that you have everything covered including insurances. I got life insurance quotes from my mom and my dad-in-law and also got pension plans. We're still contemplating on what to get, but we're sure we're getting something for simone's future.

The one with welcome home

Justin came home from the hospital exactly a week after he was born. and here are some pictures of our mini-welcome home party. we had party hats, a couple of balloons, a cake, buffalo wings and pasta! hehe.




Christmas season has always been a busy time of the year for me. And as restless as I'am, I'm up for a research project that includes a business performance management review of the industry. I'm not disclosing the subject of the research but I'm just happy that we are almost done with the research and that I'm sure we can submit them before the due date. I'm assigned to do all the marketing analysis and strategies while my other groupmates help me with it along some data gathering as part of the project.

I really hope our clients will be satisfied with our report.

The one with the little boy

Justin Daniel, my pamangkin, is growing up so fast. He sleeps most of the time because of his medication, but when he's awake, he is so mabait and he just stares at everyone around him. we really feel that he is a hearththrob in the making. hahaha. and his mom is just as strict that she imagines not letting justin dates other girls except for her. hahaha.

i know i left you hanging with my previous post about justin but the family decides not to file any complaint anymore. what's more important is the baby is well and that everything will be okay now. more stories soon!


Simon and I have always been movie addicts. When we were going out, movie houses are always in our itinerary. Now that we're married, we stay at home, buy DVDs and watch them until we doze off to sleep. And part of our couch potato treats are comfort foods. I'd always wish there are popcorn machines that you can buy at a cheap price so we can easily make them whenever we want to and eat as much as we want to.

The one with panic shopping

Every year, I always tell myself that I'd do my christmas shopping early so i don't have to do panic buying. and every year i always end up being in a hurry to buy gifts for godkids, families and friends. haaay! i went to richwell today and bought a lot of toys for our inaanaks. hopefully, tapos na yun. para friends and families naman. ordering stuff from my sis in law and some items that im selling come in handy rin naman for other gifts. haha.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

On computers

We have to redo our computer set-up last week since our new househelp arrived already and she sleeps early. we had to buy a used cisco router just so we can re-channel our cables and switches to accommodate use of internet even on late hours. we are pretty much heavy internet users and we are always up even at the wee hours surfing and maximizing our monthly fee for it. and i think it was very much useful since spending for it took us a lesser cost compared to buying a new one.

Saturday, December 08, 2007

The one with Justin Daniel

Let me share to you our story on my SIL's baby Justin Daniel and God's power.

Last December 3 at around 2am, my SIL jane called me up and told me she had a pink discharge. I told her to call her OB and told her to go to the hospital already. After a few hours, doctor asked them to go home was a false alarm. We headed to our original plans come morning and decided to have a quick lunch before we go to places and let her walk so baby Justin would come down. While having lunch, she's been having contractions with 5 minutes apart. We then rushed to the hospital already together with my baby Simone, and my other SIL jenny. we found out that she's 4cm already. When we got her clothes in the pre-labor room, we bid goodbye and i let simone touch her belly to say bye to Justin. hehe.

Jenny and I got them a room, and waited for hours. Oliver came at around 5pm and Simon at around 8pm. we stayed in the room and at around 1145pm, the doctor told us to go to the delivery room already. We were all excited to see baby Justin. at past 12mn, Justin has'nt arrived yet so we knew Popsy Tony and Justin won't be celebrating the same birthdays. At 1240 am, the OB talked to Oliver and said that Justin had to be revived. His heartbeat was 30 compared to 120/min. He did'nt cry also. Upon hearing that, our world suddenly stopped turning. We felt our hearts tugged and broken into pieces. We immediately prayed until we felt ourselves crying and asking God to heal Justin and work in his little life. We prayed and prayed and did'nt stop until we know that he is okay. Jane, on the other hand, is in the Recovery room already...clueless of what has happened. After an hour, the pedia talked to Oliver and said that there would be tests to do on Justin so they'd find out what's wrong with him and what really happened. His hemoglobin dropped from 150 to 90 and pedia is wondering where the lost blood is. He is in respirator and could not breathe on his own. After a day, he had seizures and doctors are doing some tests to find out about it.

The following day, Justin Daniel had progress, and the day after that. He is slowly being removed from his respirator and just today, he is not in his incubator anymore. He only had a light on him and no respirator at all. He is a strong baby and we have a good God.

More stories to come. We love you baby Justin Daniel and we are excited to see you on Monday!

Justin Daniel Tan Maano
Born: December 4, 2007
Weight: 7 lbs.


I love costume jewelry since I started collecting them back in college. And when I was preparing for our wedding, i started to make some to sell to my friends and officemates. I'd make some pieces as soon as i come home from work and sell them once i finish a dozen pieces. I love beads and stones. And i really think it made me more creative since it became my outlet from stress of work. It gave me more room to express myself and I hope to develop it more specially if i want to take some lessons in bead-making.

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

The one with tagged by pheng

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New sheets

I can feel Christmas air already and I'm so giddily excited about it. Have'nt started to christmas shop "officially" but no worries, I can squeeze it in my time while doing other income-generating activities. haha.

Anyway, back to the Christmas feel. It started to get really cold specially last saturday and it was the perfect time to use the new comforter my mom gave us. The simple white color matches our contemporary bedroom furniture, and although it did'nt come in a set, it's still so comfortable.