Friday, July 30, 2010

The one with rod discipline

For weeks, i've been thinking about the challenges of how to discipline our kiddo.  And i mean, how not to be a brat.  She's not a brat per se but the worry that she might be and the signs leading to it sometimes manifest.  I tried spanking simone on her hand if she did something wrong.  She would cry louder and would shout at me and hit me back.  It pains me that after hitting her, im not even sure if it worked.  I would talk to her after and tell her the reason why i had to spank her.  I think she understood, just a matter of she wanted to obey i guess.

Like last week, we went to her ninang's house and she asked if she could draw. she got a pentel pen and wrote on paper but the inks left some on their couch and i think some on the plastic knobs of their drawers. yikes. i told her to use other pens but she did'nt obey so i had to talk to her alone and told her it's not good. she cried again.  and then when we were in the car, you know what she told me. "sorry mommy" and i hugged her tight. i said, "thats ok baby. mommy loves you kaya im saying all these things"

And you know that yes, it is working. :)

Monday, July 26, 2010

The one with writer wanna be

I chanced upon this blog entry from one of my favorite blogs, and I got curious to know who's famous writer i write "similar" with.  I tried pasting a a post i made last year about being mother and stuff and here's what appeared:

I write like
James Joyce
I Write Like by Mémoires, Mac journal software. Analyze your writing!

The one with stressful week

I had such a busy and stressful week.  My last weekend was packed with 7 parties and prior to that, Simone got sick.  She caught flu and fever for two days.  Lack of sleep is the result of everything. I had to be up for Simone, i felt really tired.  Sometimes there were times to keep me awake in the middle of the night, i had to watch the Home tv shopping episodes because it's the only one left showing on tv.  (i watched a pronexin tv ad and it's amazing by the way.)

When I checked last night, i think my thing is back so i have to drink my supplements again and have to drink more buko. whew. but praise God that everything's better.

Friday, July 23, 2010

The one with obvious changes

I started taking my medication pills three weeks ago and my OB-gyne mentioned that since it's a planning pill too, there are effects that might take in place while im under medication.  Im not used to drinking medication, so she gave me a heads up about the water retention, the mood swings (err) and some breakouts if my skin will have to adjust to it too.  Good thing i did'nt have to buy those acne vitamins since i did'nt have any breakout at all. But the water retention is showing some signs already.  I also feel thirsty always and in the "mood" to eat. haha. i dont think it's the pills taking effect. (might be myself alone who'd like to eat)

Thursday, July 22, 2010

The one with new venture

My friends and I started an online clothes shop.  It's called Style Fetish. you can view it at  We wanted for the longest time to start a business that we own and albeit this is such a small investment, i know we'll enjoy it coz it's something that we share with each other.

We all shared with the tasks and I helped with putting up the site.  I inserted an order form where all they have to do is click here and there and voila, their order will be received and processed already.

Please visit our site and check out our items. Happy shopping!

The one with homemade treatment

When Typhoon Basyang hit the country last week, i was so scared of the wind.  I was'nt able to sleep the whole night becauseof the wind and i was making simone comfortable in her sleep.  So after several sleepless nights, i got acne.  I had to resolve to homemade treatment as i was hesitant to try ointments and other medication.  Our neighbor gave us a bag of avocados that fell from their tree and since it was a lot, i tried it as a homemade remedy for my acne...and it worked! It dried up instantly and healed in a couple of days.

You should go and try it too :)

The one with new hairdo

I've been checking a couple of salons for my new hairdo.  I wanted to cut it short.  I think it's one way of hair loss prevention but i fear that since im on my heavy form now, my face would look more round.  I wanted to go with the wave curls but since i just had a rebond treatment last year, they don't want to touch my hair and do big locks or else my hair will get dry. 

I also wanted to have bangs.  hahaha. as in full bangs ha. i always thought that if it does'nt go well with me, i can always sway-side my hair. hahaha. i might look like my daughter more if i have the bangs.

What do you think?

The one with the scrimper

Becoming a mother means having to spend less for yourself and more for your family.  Like when it comes to shopping, it's always easier for me to buy stuff for my kid and for my husband and think-a-hundred-times for myself. haha.

So when achie and i went shopping weeks ago, we passed by a store named Forever21.  Apparently, it has relaunched itself and has really nice products.  What i cannot take in was the fact that girls were "panicky" choosing what to buy and they're not even on sale.  Promise, I saw three girls before me on the line and the receipt printer always showed a 5k average shopping amount. I could'nt take it in and could'nt believe a lot of stuff like how amazing the marketing strategy of Forever 21; how old i'am im not even their target market anymore; and how i scrimp to buy things i only ended up buying a belt for myself. hahaha.

But i guess i'm at the age where my guiltless shopping days are over and i'm at the stage where i choose to spend money a little more wisely ;) (but a once-in-a-while shopping is not so bad)

The one with gadget shopping

My husband would drool for this...i swear.

I had a great time meeting a client yesterday.  She's more of a client to me as we belong to the same e-group and are blogmates too.  I had fun, i felt we talked about other things more than her son's party. hahaha.  They're based overseas and she shared how cheap the gadgets are in Dubai. and i got really excited i wanted to order. hahaha. Imagine, an LCD TV comes free when you buy a Blackberry. whoa! super great deal!

I want to live there! hahaha. it was nice seeing you grace :) see you again on dade's party :)

Monday, July 12, 2010

The one with why i think she should

I've always been open about how i've always wanted to be a model. haha, as in ramp model or i think anything to do with fashion. :) and since i was not blessed with skinny legs and more height, i never actually put the dream into its slightest peek of reality. ahehe.

But you see, my daughter has it. she may not be like trudis liit (who by the way is sooo adorable) but i know she can pull this off. she's very comfortable with the camera and she follows instructions like any model does. here are her recent pics from a party i organized and attended :)

 of course we're in matching outfits...hehe

i love you simone! you're growing up so fast anak.

The one with first day of school

Well, i don't want to bore you with not-so-happy moments or how i'm failing to take my weight loss supplements here, so i decided to post about how simone is enjoying here schooling.

I thought I'd homeschool her until she's six or seven.  But putting her to a school had it own pros and cons too.  For one, she's with classmates her own age. ahehe. when at home, i'm her only playmate and i know we enjoy each other's company, but i also wish she'd be with kids her own age too.  I also like the school's curriculum as it is non-traditional in approach.  They're a developmental/progressive school and i like it so far.

So before i post her first day of school, let me just give you a heads up that the next posts, i would bore you with how doting mother i am. hahaha.

 i have fever here but i still made sure that i'll be present on her first day.

 popsie was there too! sentimental kasi to e. hehe

daddy with simone
 here's simone with her classmates.  there are two classes in jr. kinder (oh did i just say she was accelerated from nursery to jr. kinder?!) and after a month of schooling, some of the kids have been re-shuffled to determine what class they will fit more into. :)

Simone had an adjustment phase with the "separation" thing.  And this will be triggered during the quiet time/sleeping time.  she did'nt like that so during the parent orientation, i told the teacher to just give her activity sheets since she really loves to busy herself until she gets accustomed with the routine :) and two weeks later, we can now leave her at school. im soo happy, im the one who needs the letting go thing. :)

The one with diagnosis

I have a cyst.

Well, before anyone becomes emotional about this, im staying positive and hopeful that God is in control and above this condition.  And I know that He has a greater plan why everything happens.

I had to go to the doctor because of severe UTI.  The doctor had to find the cause since i was on my second batch of antibiotics already and it's still there.  The doctor asked that i undergo an ultrasound.  My kidney ultrasound was clear.  So next step was my ovaries.  They found the cyst on my right ovary, sizing about 5.1cm.  The surgical size is 6cm so i'm on my borderline size.  Moreover, i'am polycystic on my left ovary.  The doctor told me that it's thin-walled so the family planning pills she prescribed me should make it smaller.

I have a bout of mixed emotions.  I thought of a lot of things, things that i should'nt be thinking.  I also know that i should'nt stressed myself with this.  I know a lot of my friends have this.  I guess I could'nt take in the fact that I'm not as healthy as i used to be.  And that i missed being younger and healthier.  I thought with getting older, all i have to think about is how to lose weight and that sooner or later, i would have to resolve to diet pills just so i'd bring back the old bod i used to have. and now, i have this. i forgot all about losing weight and would like to focus on being healthier again.

I know everything has a purpose.  I just have to find it out. :)

Friday, July 02, 2010

The one with cherished moment

We were able to have the chance to stay at a hotel and just unwind and relax for a day.  It was sooo precious and very timely. we were so tired from all our work and deadlines that we have to unwind for a day or we'd go insane. hahaha. here are some pictures.

 this is simone in the tub. she super loved this!

 we stayed at astoria plaza hotel and we requested for a queen-sized bed. hehe. so we had to put these two beds together ;)

 enjoying our buffet breakfast 

 dipping again before we checked out. the outdoor pool is better for swimming during daytime, and not so much in the afternoon nor evening because of the wind.

 simone is a water baby. look how she loves jumping and "diving"

 daddy and simone

hope we could do this again... hehe...