Thursday, July 22, 2010

The one with the scrimper

Becoming a mother means having to spend less for yourself and more for your family.  Like when it comes to shopping, it's always easier for me to buy stuff for my kid and for my husband and think-a-hundred-times for myself. haha.

So when achie and i went shopping weeks ago, we passed by a store named Forever21.  Apparently, it has relaunched itself and has really nice products.  What i cannot take in was the fact that girls were "panicky" choosing what to buy and they're not even on sale.  Promise, I saw three girls before me on the line and the receipt printer always showed a 5k average shopping amount. I could'nt take it in and could'nt believe a lot of stuff like how amazing the marketing strategy of Forever 21; how old i'am im not even their target market anymore; and how i scrimp to buy things i only ended up buying a belt for myself. hahaha.

But i guess i'm at the age where my guiltless shopping days are over and i'm at the stage where i choose to spend money a little more wisely ;) (but a once-in-a-while shopping is not so bad)

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