Monday, March 31, 2008

The one with nothing permanent

While reading my book that i'm painstakingly trying to finish (wish i had the time), i happened to realize that none, as in none of the things that we hold on to will ever be permanent, or at least will last a lifetime. And because of that, we all need to adapt to these changes that life has to offer. I realized that simone will soon grow up and will have a life of her own...we will grow old and one of us will go ahead of the other...we may have a term life insurance or a house and lot and a car that we can call our own but none of these will forever be ours. Parents, no matter how much you don't want them to go will leave you...Our children, will have a family of their matter where life leads us to, change is the only thing that will ever be permanent.

And why the sudden emotional breakdown?! haha.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

The one with the word daddy

Yesterday, March 26, was our weekly family day off. I just went out for a few hours to process some documents for SUN and it was kinda my day off too. I left Simone and her dad at home which i rarely do. But it was fun having to drive around alone and stroll along the mall by myself. It was suddenly new to me again but I love the once-in-a-while experience.

Anyway, when I got home, I was talking to simone while we were playing in her playroom and the all of a sudden, she went like this. "dididididi, dad...dy" as in! i could'nt believe my ears! it was so clear and i was just so proud of her. she can clearly say "opo", "dada", "mama", and other words but this is the first time i heard her say it.

I'm proud of you baby, keep the vocabulary words going!!!

For repair

I like our new home. Oh, did I mention that we moved in to a bigger and better place already?! haha, i might have missed that out. but anyway, we love it here. it's very spacious, cozy, lots of windows and the best thing about it is that we have three rooms plus one yaya's room and an attic to stuck all other stuff that we don't need as of the moment. (that's a nicer term for trash, haha)

But of course, since it's not a new house. It's been here for ten years already. We made an agreement with our godparents/landlord that whatever we fix around the house will be their expense and will be deducted on our monthly rental. Like, we wanted to have the kitchen faucet fixed and I've canvassed on nice Blanco sinks to choose from. We also still need to have one of the ceiling panels fixed. Just this morning, it literally crashed and fell into pieces. luckily, our yaya / nanny was not in the area and she missed it.

That's my next project. another advantage of having more control of your time.

Monday, March 24, 2008

The one with 13 months

Yep, she's 13 months already. And she is growing up sooo fast....As always, here's a summary of her monthly developments (based on what's at the top of my head now)

~ She's taking her time with the walking skills. She can already walk 2 or 3 steps independently and will immediately fall. (but mommy's just behind to catch her)
~ She talks on the phone! haha. She loves the phone conversations where she gets anything and acts as if it's a phone (sometimes it's the real celfone that she gets) and talks on her own language. We, of course, talk to her as if we understand her and then she gives this look where she raises both her eyebrows and widens her eyes more as if telling us, "understand?!" haha. cuteness! and when i'am talking to someone, she'd mimic my actions and will try to imitate my expressions. ex. "oh" and "haler"
~ She calls her daddy "yayi", mama "mama", barney "yani", ate maru "ate".
~ She climbs our stairs, with assistance of course. When she wants to go to her playroom, she will walk towards the stairs and climb to the 2nd floor, then go straight to her room. nice noh?!
~ She still has preferences on food. I did'nt want to call it picky since her pedia told me that she isn't. she just had certain preferences. haha. is'nt it the same?! but i hope we'd get to try more kinds soon baby! i know you just love your veggies too much and your rice and your tinola so i'll let it pass this time.
~ Second time today, she took her diaper and gave it to us telling her that she pooped and she needed to change. promise! the first time, she did it to her yaya and we were shocked but thought that it might be coincidental. the second time she did it, man! i was so proud of her. she got a diaper and she was trying to give it to me. i asked her, "why?" and then i suddenly smelled her poop. haha. cute!
~ She is just so generous. When we play, it will always include her giving her toys to me. She reaches for her toys and will give them to me one by one. She will also act as if she's eating something and will get some from her mouth and then reaches for my mouth to give "the invisible food". we love to respond by saying thank you and yummy.
~ She is a music lover and we can tell that she has the talent as early as now. Last friday, we sat her before Simon's Korg Karma keyboard and her fingers were positioned exactly where they were supposed to be. she was even pressing ebony keys for crying out loud! haha. and she knows timing. galing! of course, after some time, she'd play with it na and will bang the keys as if it's her toy. hehe.
~ She points her nose, and eyes already. of course, she has mastered how to point and identify everyone. she can identify all of us, even on pictures.
~ We love to play the " Simone throws the ball, mommy gets it and simone will laugh" game. it's a good exercise too!
~ She still loves and adores Barney!

Don't grow up too fast anak...We love you!

Dream bag

Jenny (my sister in law) and I have always dreamt of getting a Samsonite bag for during our fieldwork, especially when we were doing researches. We wanted the hot pink one and I wanted to buy some tsa locks that could go on with it. I have'nt had one expensive bag or luggage for that matter though but I hope I'd be able to buy this one. The hot pink that it is neutralizes the professional look that the form gives. Plus, a Samsonite bag will always be a good buy for me.

The one with GMA Summer ID

Here is the surprise I blogged about before! I'm just so proud of my husband! He composed the music for the 2008 GMA Kapuso Summer ID. What can I say?! He's so gifted! It's the first time that GMA Network did not outsource this project and asked Simon to do it for this year. Man, I'm just sooo proud!

Funny though, we watched it in youtube and got a lot of comments, both positive and negative. It's just so surprising how members really argue and debate on which summer ID is better, this one or the one on the other channel. I would'nt comment on the other one, i'd be biased of course. It's either you're a loyal Kapuso or a Kapamilya. You can never be in between...unless of course, you are a cable person. haha.

The video will have more versions as they will feature more of their kapuso artistas yet. They did'nt put all the artistas in just one video you see and did not do all the calisthenics and cheerleading squad of what-nots with just one beat and two or three lines of lyrics without a storyboard. haha, im just kidding. peace, man!

Congrats Simon and I love you! Keep it up beh! God bless!

The one with the Holy Week that was

It was mostly spent at home, which was time well spent for us actually. We did'nt want to take a vacation along with thousands of others who will and with a toddler along, im sure we'll have a harder time. And since we have more flexible schedules than an 8-5 employee, we can do the outing some other time. haha, actually, i'm just sour-graping out here, bear with me. kiddin!

anyway, Maundy Thursday was spent with Simon's college barkadas. We went to Shiela and Jake's house at Summerfield and checked out their balikbayan box, where we spent for an untimely shopping spree. haha. but we thought that everything we bought were necessities (please convince me how an adidas rubber shoes is a necessity as well), we thought that they were all good buys. everything was discounted, mostly half off. after that, they went to our house to check out our new home. they loved it and they kept on telling us to get the place and buy it from the owners. hehe. we're still praying for it and hopefully, we'd get an answer soon.

Good Friday, we had a couple of visitors. Ate Norene, our ate in the Music Ministry, had her vacation here in manila. she's assigned in bangkok already but went home last sunday for holy week vacation. she visited us with achie and they recorded some of their most-requested songs. backgrounder, they had a group before composed of ate norene, simon, achie, valora and mark. they used to sing on weddings and then they suddenly took different paths, one left for US, one left for bangkok and the rest just became busier so the group was kinda disbanded. When they went here, they were excited to try out Simon's new condenser microphone from which he asked ate valora to buy it for him in time of her trip back here. They had a great time while i was busy playing with simone and cooking pasta for them and lumpiang shanghai. it's simone's 13th month birthday so it's part of the celebration as well.

Black Saturday, we just spent it at home. we wanted to go out but we decided to rest and enjoy a laid-back afternoon. what we had was more than that. we took a dip to our swimming pool. haha. yes, we have a swimming pool. simone got three on her birthday and simon excitedly prepped the largest one for both of us. yey! that's how we celebrated our monthsary. it was so relaxing and refreshing, it's summer already! we went to the mall for quick errands.

Easter Sunday, we attended the first service. simon stayed until the second since he was assigned for the praise and worship that time. i had to go home coz simone was sleepy and i wanted to watch the launching of GMA Kapuso ID. Unfortunately, i was'nt able to watch it. dang, internet! got hooked with surfing, i missed it. thanks to the wonders of youtube, we were able to watch it the morning after. That afternoon, we learned about Auntie Shirley. But God is good. I know His ways are more powerful and wonderful than our thoughts and ways.

That's it. No matter where you stayed and how you spent it, it's best that you reflected and spent it with the one who gave His life for us. Happy Easter!

Saturday, March 22, 2008

The one with goodbye too soon

We were still on bed and it's easter sunday. Simon had to wake up early because he is assigned for the praise and worship of the two services. anyway, we got this text from achie saying that their auntie shirley has no pulse. She (Achie) got a call from one of the kambals (twin) informing the Tans that their mother passed away already. She was not brought to the hospital immediately as the other elders in their house "declared" her dead already. But I think she was brought after a few minutes.

And just this afternoon, we got the confirmation. It's just too sad. Auntie Shirley's son, John-john, died three years ago, he was about to graduate high school then and her husband followed the year after. And now, she followed them too. I sympathize for the twins and I cannot imagine how it is without a family. I just think that it's too soon. We just saw her on Simone's birthday and we had fun. God's thoughts and ways are really unpredictable and sometimes, incomprehensible. But just the same, we put our trust on Him that even though we would'nt understand things around us, He is the God that holds everything in perfect control.

simone (314)
auntie shirley- the lady on the far right, printed top and white pants

we will miss you dearly.

Simone got tagged!

Thanks Yakee for tagging Simone!

If you still keep your baby’s first 3 days photos, We would love to see them. Label them as 1st, 2nd or 3rd day (as shown below). After that, please post the most recent one, one photo will do. You can post as much as you want though.

Simone's first minutes

Baby Simone
Second day...the first time i saw her

third day...when we roomed her in

and this is how she looks like now...

simone printed (3)
the day of her first birthday celebration

haayyy...they really grow up sooo fast, if i could only tell her not to and just be our little angel forever. But even if she becomes all grown up and independent, she will always be our baby.

And now, Simone will be tagging Andie on this one!

Friday, March 14, 2008

The one with my little toy

Everybody has got to have a little toy of her own...and mine is the one simon got for me for valentine's. I'm so happy with my notebook computer that everytime i'd use it, i know that i'm maximizing the gift he gave me. he specifically wanted to buy me that so i'd be more motivated to do my own thing, blog, sell, present something using my little toy. haha. if simon has his keyboard and my little princess has her walker, i have my gadget.

The one with on her own

I got teary-eyed and a little shocked when i saw her do this...

she doesnt want to be assisted so i just took pics. hehe.

parang all of a sudden, ang big girl nya na...

the nakakalokong look, "mommy,nakuha ko na..."

pretty baby!

The one with a new haircut

I don't believe in superstitions but she really did'nt have much hair to cut so after her first birthday, that's when we only noticed that her side hair is kinda long. (just kinda..haha)



new hairdo by momma's salon. hehe. parang wala namang difference e.

Beauty Regimen

Now that I'm nearing the 30 bracket and being a mom to an active toddler who is very much willing to explore her world, I suddenly wanted to change my beauty routine. well, not that i have a regular routine that i really stick into. Actually, it's just facial wash and toner for me. I bought this anti-aging cream before and my face got really itchy so i immediately stopped using one.

So, if you can share your beauty regimen, please do so. I really wanted to look flawless! haha, what am i saying?!

The one with the playroom

Yes! these are the pictures of Simone's playroom that simon and i decorated for her. oh how she loves playing there, watching tv, and crawl all around her so-called haven. :)






His and Hers

I've noticed that after nine years of being a couple, we have given 3 His and Hers watches for other couples we know and ironic as it seems, we don't have a pair of our own. haha. Well, they're not the Hublot Big Bang type that are kinda expensive but it has been my wish always to get a His and Hers watch for us.

I saw this big sale on David Buffalo and they have really nice watches, I immediately told simon and he told me that it's money not spent wisely since we both have watches already and that we don't have to buy another one. Oh well, I'm sure I'd be able to sway him one way or another. haha.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

The one with the suppliers' ratings

Francesca Simone's First Birthday – Suppliers Ratings

Venue: Blue Wave Mall Activity Hall, Marikina City

Price: Waived – accredited caterer

Rating: 9

When we attended a party at the same venue two months before, I initially loved the swags and the space of the venue. I love the lighting and how it can accommodate as many as 200 guests. Well, we're only set to have 100 guests plus kids but it's always nice to have space. :) So when I learned that the venue rental fee can be waived if you get an accredited caterer, it excited me and we decided to book the venue.

I give them a 9 since the floor was a little dirty. Well, there was an event before us but it could have been better if the floor was cleaner. haha.

simone (148)

Caterer: Super Bowl

Price: Customized pricing c/o AE Daniel

Rating: 9

We love Super Bowl and when we learned that they do catering, we immediately got them. I found it weird at first since I was used to them being a restaurant and always having to wait in line just to have lunch at their megamall branch. Now we can have them cater our event. They have the usual buffet set-up. Included in the package are balloon set-up (pillars and table centerpieces), tarpaulin which i did'nt get anymore. I love their AE Daniel. He's kinda more on the feminine side and was easy to get along with. He granted all my requests and even advised me not to get drinks from them and just asked us to buy powdered iced tea pack so we'll have bottomless drinks for no extra cost. They did'nt charge us with corkage fees for our lechon and dessert buffet. He's very accommodating and since we love their food, we know that the guests will enjoy it as well.

The only concern that I have is that not all guest tables had centerpieces. Well, I did'nt clear how many centerpieces are included in the package but i thought all the tables will have centerpieces. Had I known, I could have just ordered from Jhoanne. haha.

Venue Balloon decor: Jhoanne Paris Henson

Package: mini-arch and 6 chandelier balloons, P3,000

Rating: Perfect 10!

As always, mahal ng mga n@wies si Jhoanne and it's a good thing that i got to work with her before when i had my event sa office. anyway, nahihiya na nga lang ako kasi minimal lang budget namin for decors. My husband is the typical chinese so i don't have to explain how higpit he is and i'm the typical kuripot in every sense so i also don't have to explain. haha. i know nahirapan din sya sa amin. I did some DIYs for the decors and she was kind enough to help me with the set-up and with the program, giving away prizes, lootbags and other concerns regarding the program. She was also very considerate of my “budget” concern. haha. she adjusted with my budget but the place still ended great. parang mukhang maraming balloons sabi ng MIL ko. she even asked, “ganito ba dapat karaming balloons?” haha. and i said to myself, “if only you have seen other parties!”

She was also an instant friend, comforting me nung nagpapanic nako coz they can't start with the d├ęcors because the electricity short-circuited and some guests are arriving already. waaah! It was fun having her whole family helped us all throughout, as in her mom with the registration and guestbook signing, her brother and husband with the set-up and her little daughter who is so adorable. :)

Thanks so much Jhoanne, the party was very organized. Your presence was very much appreciated.

simone (109)

Cake: Sugarbox c/o Emily Uy

100 pcs. Cupcakes with disney character topper, castle topper mock-up, and 2-layer fondant crown cake for blowing of cake

Price: Undisclosed

Rating: Perfect 10

Well, she did our wedding cake and naka-kontrata na yun that she will do all special cakes in our families. haha. what can i say, super galing ng ginawa nyang cupakes. as in, i was so surprised when i entered the venue and saw that the cupcakes are placed in a very high-towering stand...and umiikot yung stand. hahaha. nagulat talaga ako and i immediately told simon, “beh, wala nito sa wedding natin ha?! hahaha”

emily is easy to work with kasi and she has become a close friend already, just like with our other wedding suppliers. i just told her that i wanted as many disney characters as possible, and i want them to be colorful. the guests love the cupcakes, super yummy daw! some got 2 cupcakes pa. hehe.

you will never go wrong with her. she's very flexible sa budget mo. hehe. :)

simone (93)

simone (95)

Photographer: Ging Lorenzo

Labor only package

Rating: 10

I really waited for her pictures before i post my ratings. All our families love her shots! I know medyo nahirapan din sya sa amin coz simone was a little cranky nga that day coz of her two new teeth and sipon but she was still able to get very nice smiling pictures of simone. katuwa! i also love her candid shots ng mga kids and the details ng party. blessing in disguise na rin that the first photographer i booked backed out. hehe.

Concern ko lang which is fault ko rin is i forgot to tell her that we wanted family pictures, my family and simon's. wala kami pics ng famiy namin except for the table hopping but it was still good, fault ko naman coz i forgot to tell her. :)

simone (471)

simone printed (22)

simone (484)

the "sit properly" command. cuteness!

Party Host: Wacky thru Jhoanne

Price: 6,500.00

Rating: 10

Everyone loved Wacky! Adults and kids, they adored him. and totoo nga, he's very fluent in english kaya okay. (and so i thought the kids won't follow his english, iwas found wrong) haha. guests, even days after the party are still texting me how much fun they had kasi ang galing daw ng host. the magic is the kiddie type pero masaya pa rin. i love his games. simple lang pero ewan ko, ang galing nya magpa-game. parang lahat all eyes on him pag nagpapa-game and it's as if everyone wanted to join. :) yun nga lang, magugulat ka after the party, punk pala sya. haha. as in parang si Mr. T. hehe, ok sa comparison e. thanks jhoanne for the reco. :)

simone printed (15)
they are so happy with wacky! everyone wanted the bunny! hehe

Lootbags and prizes: Diviland

Rating: 10

I alloted one day for this and mahirap man buhatin at pagkasyahin lahat, i had fun shopping for disney items. it's not hard at all since maraming nagkalat na disney sa divisoria. i thought the variety of the disney characters would make it look “magulo”, hindi naman pala. cute tingnan na may pooh, mickey and princesses. :) and ang mura lang talaga ha...grabe! and ang saya pala when kids line up and we will hand over their lootbag after they greet simone. hehehe. ang cute! tuwa naman yung kids sa bags and yung natira, hiningi pa ng mga adult guests namin. haha.

simone (104)

simone (107)

Dessert buffet: courtesy of my SIL Jane Tan

Cream Puffs, Eclair, Food for the gods, brownies (about 250 pcs. ata)

Rating: Perfect 10

Promise, super enjoy mga guests with the dessert buffet/bar. I don't know how to call it pero madami talaga sya. she filled one big round table with desserts. ang ganda ng set-up nya, simple pero appetizing! some guests even had their pictures taken beside the desert bar. haha.

so if you want to order, you can PM me also. hehehe.

simone (131)

Party costume: courtesy of Mom in law

Snow White costume, shoes and headband from SM

Rating: Perfect 10

Super proud ako sa costume ni simone. as in! hats off to my mom in law. super galing at gayang-gaya nya yung costume na pinahiram sa akin ni velvet (btw, thanks sis, super!) she sew the costume overnight and I just added the flowers sa gown for kakikayan effect. haha. and super comfortable ng costume that simone wore it th whole time. as in from start til matapos ang party ng gabi na. we just changed her para lang magamit yung isang dress. haha. malambot kasi ang lining and cotton pa so hindi sya nahirapan (simone) and pati yung cape ang cute tingnan. snow white talaga! hahaha.

simone (12)

simone (252)

"syempre ang pamangkin ko ang escort, sya daw si aladdin! cuteness!"

i found the shoes sa SM lang, pero ang cute tingnan kasi gold. panalo! again, thanks to velvet for lending us the costumes para gayahan. :)

simone (15)

Guestbook layout: Jacq ni Bong and Mec ni Jojo

Rating: Perfect 10!

Guestbook printing: DPI

Rating: 10


Super love the guestbook layout na ginawa ni jacq ni bong. sis, i owe you big time! thanks again! as in ang ganda ng pagka-layout by month. i know na-pressure sya sa ken pero she was still able to make great layouts! love the colors na ginamit nya! thanks again sis.


and of course, mec ni jojo for making the two last layouts despite the rush. haha.sorry at na-harass ko ata si mec pero she made the two other layouts ng wala pang 3 hours ata. hehe. di ko na kasi hinarass si jacq coz super kahiya na. hahaha. thanks again mec, muah!


About DPI naman, i forgot our n@wie sister who recommended this, big thank you talaga! i love the result. super ganda ng print and the prices naman are reasonable. nakakailang lang when i went there coz talagang mga professional photogs ang pumupunta dun while im just a mere mortal having a trouble choosing between glossy and matte paper. haha. super recommended po for your printing needs. they made the cover na syntra board para makapal ng konti tapos the rest silk paper na. ganda. :)

Pinatas: gift c/o SIL mercy

we had three pinatas, pooh, minnie and ariel. and di ko napansin na ang dami pala naming candies kasi hindi makalabas when we pulled it. pero mas naging fun and spontaneous when wacky stood in the middle, standing on a chair and literally tinataktak yung pinatas para makalabas yung candies. and even the adults, nakikipag unahan samga candies. haha.

simone printed (17)

Lechon: c/o Dad in law

Kwento ko lang tong mini blessing namin, they ordered for a small lechon pero nagkamali ng deliver and ang laki ng lechon na dumating pero di na pinabayad sa amin yung difference na 1k. haha. galing! dami pa natira kasi malaki nga and we had paksiw ata for like a week. grabe!

Invitation: Printed Matter

Price: 25 pesos for square invite plus 1k for layout fee

Rating:4 super disappointed

simone printed (8)

Hay, they did our wedding invites and to our dismay, nalungkot talaga ako sa stress na inabot ko sa party invites nya. i asked them to make a new design for simone's invites and na-execute naman nila ng maganda. ang kainis lang is that i paid for additional amount for the rush process and sabi nila i can pick it up on friday so i can distribute the invites that weekend. when i went there, nagulat pa yung artist dun who i deal with and ang bungad pa sa ken e bat daw hindi muna ako tumawag. sabi ko “why would i call to confirm. i left my number with you to text or inform me if i won't be able to get the invites”. i even emailed to approve the layout nila para lang mapa-go na yung production tapos sasabihin sa ken that i have to sign it pa daw. e para que pa na nag email sya ng layout ang i approved it kung pipirma pa rin pala ako at pupunta sa ofc nila. was really disappointed kasi di naman biro pumunta ng manila from taytay and that time sinadya ko talaga yun with no other appointments that day just so i can distrbute the invites that weekend. when i asked when ko makukuha yung invites, sabi bigla tuesday pa daw, that's a week after ko magpagawa sa kanila. sabi ko, i paid for additional para sa rush production, hindi na rush ang tuesday. nagtimpi lang talaga ako and then bigla sabi “cge, bukas pwede mo na kunin” so kung hindi pa pala ako magagalit, hindi nila mamadaliin?

i'm sorry pero i loved them when we were dealing with kerwin and phoebe personally nung wedding preps namin pero now that their business has grown so much, parang nawala yung customer intimacy. I never heard a single “pasensya na” or “sorry” from that artist although im sure she has her own reasons. naisip ko rin lang na hindi naman porque bday invites lang ang pinagawa ko e i'll be put last, wag naman sana ganun.

that night, i sent a YM to kerwin and we chat for about 30 minutes about it. ok na naman nung nasabi ko na sa kanya. oh well, ganun talaga. di ko lang inexpect that sila pa ang magbibigay sa ken ng stress. hehe.

i give them a 4 naman kasi maganda naman yung kinalabasan ng invites. :)

DIY Projects: Simone's chair, table cards, photo confettis, Simoneland letters

Rating: perfect 10! lol

Of course, may DIY! hehehe. can't live without these. the chair was never sat on that day, haha. kasi simone was clingy so ayaw pababa, unusual huh? the table numbers correspond to simone's month age. so if table 1, may nakalagay sa other side ng table card na milestones nya nung one month sya which i recorded religiously. hehe. then, the photo confettis which were just print outs are grouped according to the month age nya and nakakalat sa table. hehehe, wedding?!

simone (140)

simone (625)

simone (552)

yung Simoneland letters naman, styro lang and glitters. di ko alam what to do with it so i just asked jhoanne to put it up somewhere. hehe. yun nga lang when i saw her the first time, puros red glitters face nya. sorry sis! although naisip ko ngayon lang, sana pala nag woodworks ako. hehe.

I think that's about it. Super thank you for those who read until this part. hehe. in general, preparing for your child's birthday is not as taxing as preparing for your wedding, but it sure is as exciting. And truly, God is so good that He provided for all of these, we could’nt ask for more. :)

For more pictures, click here:

Jacque & Simon

Dec. 22, 2005

Francesca Simone

Feb. 21, 2007

Saturday, March 08, 2008

The one with family get away

I was and I think still sad about the cancellation of our bangkok trip. I mean, it's not the luxury vacations that celebrities prepare for but it was something that I was really looking forward to. oh well, looking at it on a more positive side, at least we had more budget to spend for simone's party and now, we can also spend some for our family get away on april 26. The Tan family usually hold their outings every summer and it usually falls right after simon's birthday, april 30. (holiday the following day) So when we went to a private resort in antipolo for an ocular, we instantly loved it and decided to book the date for our outing.

Our best friends are also planning an outing in Subic this March. I hope we'll be able to push thru with that as well since this is the first time that we'll go out with Naan and Jason as a married couple already. haha.

I'm so excited, I hope Simone and I can wear our bathing suits. haha.

The one with one proud wife

Oh yes, I'am one proud wife, very proud actually! well, i would'nt go into details about it but I'm sure to blog it once it's launched already. Hey, it's not album alright, but I'm just so proud of Simon!!! I love you beh and I know you can do it!

Please watch out for it as it will be launched on SOP on Easter Sunday! Proud to be Kapuso! Summer na!!!

The one with the playroom

Last week, we had a good accomplishment. We transformed the other room to simone's playroom! We were so excited that we bought rubber mats and collected all her toys in that room. I used the disney characters I used from her party and put them up in the wall, as well as the Simoneland letters I made. We have two sets of chandelier balloons also from the party that simon hung up in the ceiling and we used the pink and yellow curtains my mom in law sew for her. very nice!!! we also placed one small TV so we could watch while she plays. We also hung up the two pinatas left from her party since the Pooh was given to Jhoanne's daughter.

We are so happy with the result and we're proud since we did'nt spend so much for it. we only spent for the rubber mats. And seeing the reaction on simone's face when she saw the room, it's priceless. She's so happy when she's inside her playroom. It's like she has her own room and that everything inside that room is hers. haha. I will sure post the pictures as soon as i've uploaded it from the camera. :)

~ o~

After that fulfilling accomplishment, I've lots of backlogs since I spent my time mostly for simone's party and now that the party's over, i'm back to reality. Being engrossed with the preparations, I was surprised that I was'nt able to find a pen in my bag! as in, it's something that i can't do without. and because of that, i had to buy my bic pens immediately from NBC and wrote my itinerary for next week. hahaha. after i bought the pens, i laughed and said to myself that i'm impossible. i could have waited for me to go home and write about my itinerary. well, it was more of a momentum for me. I just felt the need for it, lest i forget. oh well, whoever says i'm normal. haha. So, what's my itinerary? Nah, you would'nt want to know. :)

Couples' night

We attended a couples' night last night, sponsored by our church. It's our second time to attend such but we were asked to be hosts the first time we attended so technically, last night was our first couple's night. It was fun and we still can't believe that we are lined up with our ninongs and ninangs already, well status-wise. haha. we're getting older!

Of course, the romance and the fun were there. There were a lot of games and the finale was a question and answer portion. The kind where you have to answer and both you and your spouse have to give the same answer. We were'nt able to join that game but we tried to answer on our seats. And my husband just swept me off my feet, when he told me that he has an ultimate dream surprise for me. He wishes to give me a set of car keys, well not the kind of Chevy grilles but my ultimate dream car, CR-V. Actually, it's not about the car anymore but the fact that my husband still has that "kilig" factor that keeps me fall in love with him. Hey, we're not rich people and we have to work hard to be able to buy things we want and it just gives me a good feeling that despite and inspite of that, he remains to be the same guy i've known.

I love you beh and whether we get that dream car or not, i'd still love you the same way i only know. (basta ba may bahay at lupa na e. bwahahaha!)

The one with dealing with a toddler

I'm still amazed at the wonder of a growing child. Simone never fails to amaze us with her milestones and developments. When she turned one, she suddenly became more independent, not wanting to be assisted when walking, suddenly having more confidence of herself and try not to cry when she falls off from attempting to walk or stand alone. Believe me, i can never be any more proud of her but the fears, sad to say, are also there.

Fear that she might turn into a brat, fear that we may not be able to discipline her the way we have been disciplined, fear of giving into her wants and ways. Yesterday, she slapped me in the face. You know, the kind when toddlers are "nanggigigil" and i also learned that she did that to both her grannies also. I know she still does'nt know the concept yet but I'm pretty sure the disciplining had to start somewhere. I see myself in her, her sense of independence and adventure is pretty much inherited from me and I don't know if it's a good thing or not. haha.

On a lighter kwento, I'm so proud that she converses with us, just like an adult does. When asked, "What does the dog say?" she goes, "Aw, aw"; "Kumain ka na simone?" she goes, "oo-po!" so on and so forth. sooo amazing how she can connect to us more easily and how she tries to express what she wants and does not want.

We will always be proud of you simone. we love you!

Monday, March 03, 2008


I just suddenly felt like posting this topic when I observed how simone is so into books. Well, she may not be able to read yet but I hope she'll be a bookworm like mommy. I love reading. My love for it started back in high school with all the Sweet Valley High and Nancy Drew's plus the Archie comics which i borrow from a friend since I dont' have a collection. College came and my reading evolved to Daniel Steele and Sidney Sheldon. I'd buy the second-hand ones from Booksale and stayed the whole day in my room just to finish one book in one seating. I was not a fan of series though but the idea of it excites me as well. It mellowed when I got a job and felt that I did'nt have enough time to read. So my reading habits evolved to magazines and other short-read stories.

Now, with a growing toddler, maintaining a home and doing income-generating activities, I hope I can have more time to sit and read a good book.

The one with I wish

When I resigned from work almost 6 months ago, there were a lot of things that I wished I can do or start doing. I got to do most of them like wedding coordination, doing research projects, and other stuff but after Simone's birthday, my list added up with these:

1. I wish I could learn how to do balloon decors. Promise, I got really curious when I saw Jhoanne's work on my baby and thought if i can do it also. hahaha. DIY balloon decors?!
2. I wish I'd learn how to bake although we don't have an oven so that's out of the question.
3. I wish I could learn digiscrapping! promise, I sooo envy my digiscrapper friends esp. Jacq ni Bong who did Simone's layouts and Mec ni Jojo who did the other two layouts despite the rush request. haha.
4. I wish I have a new camera and really learn how to take nice photos. as in gusto ko syang karirin. well, not as a job but something that can be at par with the professional. hahaha, mangarap!

Oh well, let's see if i'd get to do any of these in the future. :)

The one with tagged by mec

My CWL friend Mec has lots of tags for all of us and I think this is the latest one.

1. Today I feel very--- dirty coz i cleaned the other room to be used as simone's playroom. I boxed up all our "abubot" and "tambak" so simon can put them in the attic.
2. I enjoy --- playing with Simone now because she's a toddler na! she suddenly became independent.
3. I am unhappy when --- there are problems but I just accept them and learn from it.
4. I feel good when --- people compliment about how i lost weight (i just wish those were true.haha)
5. I wish my boss --- before would stop having "favorites" so all of us will not have to strive to compete against each other.
6. My officemates think --- that I'am so much into details when it comes to events like weddings, bdays, and even corporate events.
7. My work area is --- anywhere around the house now.
8. I enjoy reading about --- growing babies, marriages, novels, and hollywood celebrities.
9. I like myself best when --- simone would make lambing and cling to me when she wants to sleep already.
10. If I had a choice I would --- explore places in and out of the country
11. I wish --- I know exactly what I want to do as of the moment (i'm a jack of all trades, master of none)
12. Tomorrow I would like to --- look at my baby's birthday pictures! soo dying to get the mail.

There, I'm tagging Abi, and Mari! Thanks

Birthday gifts

And so we were overwhelmed with Simone's gifts for her first birthday. It filled one whole balikbayan box that i used for the loot bags that we gave away. And the morning after the party, we are more excited to open them, feeling like it's our wedding all over again, except that we'll get baby stuff instead of home appliances. haha.

She had like 40 gifts with the following variety: babydolls, educational toys, dresses, dinnerware sets, books, jackets, inflatable swimming pools from which we got three kinds by the way. haha.

Again, thank you to all our families and friends who went to the party! And thank you for showering Simone with your gifts and blessings. God bless!