Monday, March 03, 2008

The one with I wish

When I resigned from work almost 6 months ago, there were a lot of things that I wished I can do or start doing. I got to do most of them like wedding coordination, doing research projects, and other stuff but after Simone's birthday, my list added up with these:

1. I wish I could learn how to do balloon decors. Promise, I got really curious when I saw Jhoanne's work on my baby and thought if i can do it also. hahaha. DIY balloon decors?!
2. I wish I'd learn how to bake although we don't have an oven so that's out of the question.
3. I wish I could learn digiscrapping! promise, I sooo envy my digiscrapper friends esp. Jacq ni Bong who did Simone's layouts and Mec ni Jojo who did the other two layouts despite the rush request. haha.
4. I wish I have a new camera and really learn how to take nice photos. as in gusto ko syang karirin. well, not as a job but something that can be at par with the professional. hahaha, mangarap!

Oh well, let's see if i'd get to do any of these in the future. :)


Mec said...

sister... madali lang digiscrap :D ako naman kasi takot sa balloons aya nde ko papangarapin yung balloon decor... tas wala din kami oven pero i dream of baking din :D

and sa camera...waahhh... yung sister ni jojo binilhan ng canon s5 (prosumer cam, mas hi-tech sa cams namin ni mai)

wala lang... :D

The Wifey Diaries said...

hi jacque! wish ko rin and #'s 3 and 4 wishes mo. I really envy people who know how to digiscrap. Galing talaga! Sa camera naman, naku, mukhang malabo pa to buy a new one. Saving up for something else pa kasi (a house). Haha. With regards to baking, it's easy. If time permits, plus the budget as well, you can look for ovens na table top lang. That's what I have. I can share some of my recipes if you want...

abieco said...

Kaya mo rin mag-digicrap - natutunan ko yan so matututunan mo rin!

As for taking nice pictures, naku, I got a DSLR 31 December 2006. Never ending ang gastos! I took photography classes, bought another lens, a camera bag, and just recently, a flash. I'll be attending a primer on lighting end of the month, so gastos na naman. Mukha namang may improvement and mga pictures ko kahit papaano, so sige lang ako. O sige na nga, aaminin ko na rin - nakaka-addict ang photography.