Thursday, March 27, 2008

For repair

I like our new home. Oh, did I mention that we moved in to a bigger and better place already?! haha, i might have missed that out. but anyway, we love it here. it's very spacious, cozy, lots of windows and the best thing about it is that we have three rooms plus one yaya's room and an attic to stuck all other stuff that we don't need as of the moment. (that's a nicer term for trash, haha)

But of course, since it's not a new house. It's been here for ten years already. We made an agreement with our godparents/landlord that whatever we fix around the house will be their expense and will be deducted on our monthly rental. Like, we wanted to have the kitchen faucet fixed and I've canvassed on nice Blanco sinks to choose from. We also still need to have one of the ceiling panels fixed. Just this morning, it literally crashed and fell into pieces. luckily, our yaya / nanny was not in the area and she missed it.

That's my next project. another advantage of having more control of your time.

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