Monday, March 03, 2008


I just suddenly felt like posting this topic when I observed how simone is so into books. Well, she may not be able to read yet but I hope she'll be a bookworm like mommy. I love reading. My love for it started back in high school with all the Sweet Valley High and Nancy Drew's plus the Archie comics which i borrow from a friend since I dont' have a collection. College came and my reading evolved to Daniel Steele and Sidney Sheldon. I'd buy the second-hand ones from Booksale and stayed the whole day in my room just to finish one book in one seating. I was not a fan of series though but the idea of it excites me as well. It mellowed when I got a job and felt that I did'nt have enough time to read. So my reading habits evolved to magazines and other short-read stories.

Now, with a growing toddler, maintaining a home and doing income-generating activities, I hope I can have more time to sit and read a good book.


Anonymous said...

I was hooked with Nancy Drew too :) had some of Sweet Valley and none of Archie, hehehe.

And I love Sidney Sheldon! Let's swap books sometimes, shall we?


abieco said...

Hi, Jacque! Abie Co here.

I sooo love reading, too, but I jumped from Nancy Drew to Mills & Boon. Dedma na sa Sweet Valley High. Now I'm into bobo books(ay, easy-reads pala ang politically-correct term.)

I'm sure you'll find the time to read books someday!

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simon-jacque said...

hi sisses!

merci, cge let's swap books! i just hope i can find them sa room ko before. i left th novels kala mommy e. hehe.

abie, hi sis! thanks for dropping by! haha, mills and boons! yeah, dun na lang tayo sa bobo books now...bwahaha. muah!