Monday, December 19, 2011

The one with what should i get for him?

Yes, unfortunately, after all the hard-thinking process of choosing and buying gifts for friends and families, i only realized today that i have'nt thought of what gift to buy for Simon.  Admittedly, we kinda splurge on Christmas and birthday gifts but since he just recently purchased a keyboard, i was hoping that would be a christmas gift too (and maybe a birthday gift?? hahaha) so when the iphone 4S commercial ran on TV and we saw it, he was teasing me if i could buy that for him. waah! i don't know if i could still get him something that expensive. hahaha. Will Joop perfume or another pair of shoes do? hehe.

I'll update you soon! i gotta get something for him. :)

The one with Christmas gifts

It's hard to think of gifts for families.  For friends, we decided to go with a uniform gift for everybody.  I hope they all like the biscuits we bought at Marks & Spencer.  It has its own advantages, preparing the same gifts, at least it's easy to buy again in case you still need to purchase.

But for families, man, it's hard to think of gifts for them. Even harder to know what they really want, where to buy it and if the budget will still fit.  Last time, i remember giving my mom a set of Swarovski Crystal beads which i made myself.  She loved it so much, she still wears it til now.  Also, i think i had a good buy when i bought our moms nice bags just last Christmas.  They both loved it. 

Now i have to think of gifts for my brothers, my brothers in law and two sisters in law. :) Waaah! and i thought i'm done with the shopping!

The one with Christmas program

It was Simone's 1st Christmas program in school. I was a bit nervous since the first time she participated in their school activity, she was so not in the mood and the costume that her lola made was not even used. So we did'nt expect that much.  But to my surprise, she participated the whole time.  We're proud parents to see her just up there (the venue was at SM Cinema 2 Masinag) and she knew the actions albeit the many absences during rehearsals. hahaha.

Congratulations KILA for a job well done! Even the decors were made by the school staff themselves.  They bought a lot of styro, flex tube, paints and glitters to make a nice backdrop for every change of scene in the christmas program :)

Thank you anak! We're proud of you!

More pictures to follow :)

Saturday, December 17, 2011

The one with HMR

I did mention in my previous post about how best buy items are in HMR. and no one can argue with that.  They have way improved their items and when i went there a few days ago, I was going crazy with the items.  They have everything! from refurbished computers to cake decorating items and brand new shoes. I love it! Here are my purchases:

~ honeycomb queen size, complete set - flat sheet, fitted sheet, 2 pillowcases, all 300 thread count.  Price: 990.00 you can buy this at regular price of 2k up.
~ Puma red sneakers for simon size 10 1/2 at 790.00. Oh my, i can just jump for joy. and to think that i accidentally saw this near the counter because someone left it there and it's available already for sale. so happy! it fits Simon well. super nice too. :) and i really think it's genuine :)
~ Cupcake decorating set at 200.00 - i bought it for my sister in law.  was supposed to buy the cupcake stand too but ran out of stock

I will surely go back to HMR soon. love it! the best!!!

The one with missing the bed

I seriously miss our bed.  Every year, i try will all my might to be not as busy as i was the previous year, but something and another thing will come up and i'd end up getting more that what i can bear. haha. But i'm proud to say that i'm more organized now than last year.  I was able to get more corporate events this year but it was still manageable. It feels like i'm always wearing heated gloves and my adrenaline just keeps getting higher. haha.

I just miss sleeping.  I recently bought sheets from HMR (which by the way is the most best buy so far) but i could'nt use it yet.  I'm making a countdown of the number of days before Christmas and making a countdown of our last day of party before christmas too. hahaha.

Merry Christmas everyone! I miss you bed! Don't worry, we'll spend quality time soon. hahaha.

The one with when we get older

Next week, we will be celebrating our 6th anniversary as husband and wife.  And I'm amazed how time flies so fast.  It still feels like it's just two years ago when we got married.  A lot of things happened and changed but i can still say we're still the same couple.  Although, it made me think how we will be like twenty years from now. And here are things i think we will be doing then:

~ Simon might be playing golf.  He's not a basketball person so i think he can get interested with golf since when that time comes, he would need to choose a sport for himself.  By then, i'm foreseeing that there would be more high tech gadgets for golf, like gps systems for golf, more sophisticated golf clubs and gears.  I still don't get the hype of playing golf but i think golf will fit him well.

~ I might have another kid and hopefully if we're on target with our baby project, s/he will be seven years younger than simone. :)

~ I hope Simone has a fulfilling job that she loves or a business that she dreams of.  I hope she will be with someone she prays and hopes for :)

~ I hope I still have Partyboosters by then :)

Everything that we hope when we get older, as long as it's according to God's plan, I'll continue to go with the flow...

The one with bacolod trip

The short trip we had last week was fun.  I felt i needed to blog about it and share the cost and share our experience.

Travel date: December 11 to 13, 2011
Manila to Bacolod via Cebupacific

Airline tickets: I was able to book the ever famous piso fare of Cebupacfic.  For us three, a total of 1,200.00 (or 400.00 each person for a round trip ticket to Bacolod) if it's not a best deal, i don't know what is. hahaha.  The service was okay.  We went to NAIA 3 so airport was ok.  Our flights were both on time, i'm so happy. My sister and brother in law got the airphil promo and both their flights were delayed for almost an hour. 

Bacolod airport was ok.  It was'nt big but for a provincial airport, it was nice enough. (at least the restrooms were all working) haha

Resort: Ayu Spa White Beach and Resort
Peso power: 4,500.00 for a 3D/2N accommodation of a Deluxe Room with balcony.

Going to Ayu Spa took us almost 4 hours of travelling by land.  Good thing the hotel booked us a van where we can all share with the cost. (separate rating on the van) 

When we went to the resort, it was not love at first sight compared when we went to Bohol. hihi.  It was 5pm already, high tide and could'nt appreciate the beach that much.  I was wearing a maxi dress and all i could think of was, "i should have bround northface jackets here" because it was cold that day.I thought "so this is it?"  But Bacolod is an island you will learn to love and appreciate.  I love the fact that it's closer to nature.  You can actually hear birds chirping or some animal making an unusual sound.  You learn to appreciate the simplicity of life and how wonderful it is to feel the serenity.  The reason why there are rooms in the resort that do not have TVs. of course, since we were with the kiddo, we had to have a TV. hahaha

Anyway, going back, what i love about the resort was the service.  They served us midnight snacks, the waiters were so courteous.  Even if there were no phones in the room, you can easily ask for anything to be served in your room since their staff would roam around the hotel every now and then.  I also loved the fact that we were only 7 who were checked in at that time, so it felt like it was exclusive to us.

I'll continue with my post...sorry to cut this short

The one with instant power

Don't judge me with what i'm about to blog...hahaha.

Just want to share an interesting experience and realization I had recently.  A couple of months back i bought a designer bag, well if you're one of the few who follow this blog, im sure you know what i'm talking about.  It took me a whole year to decide on it and one of the reasons of starting to own one is because it gives a certain "leverage" to my type of clients.  And it turned out, it somehow did.

Just the other day, i met up with a client.  They're actually the parents of my client, my overseas client who found about me in the internet.  So picture this, the parents are oldies and not as techie too, so when it comes to dealing with suppliers, they expected the traditional "contract signing" etc where in fact, i've been corresponding with their daughter for months already and confirmed a lot of things about the party.  So anyway, they met up with me to give a partial payment in person.  I had the impression they did'nt want to give it at first, thinking that i may be just a bogus.  I was a bit (slight lang naman) offended and when they asked for the contract, i went to the car, got my "bag", ipad and the contract.  I don't know why i had to bring everything, but it was an impulsive act.  When i gave out the Tea Party Invitations my client asked me to make, I felt i showed off a lot of my "things".  Then all of a sudden (im not sure if it's just me), they felt comfortable talking to me.  All of a sudden, they agreed to giving the partial payment.  I know it sounded materialistic on my part and felt something's not right in the picture, but the truth of the matter is, i felt there's some truth in it as well.  That at times, you really have to prove your "worth" thru material things you possess because they really don't know you from the start.  They will only depend on impressions, and factors that add to these impressions are things that you own, the car you drive and your personality.  I felt like i was trying to impress them or something. hahaha.

But when they warmed up to me, i had a great time chatting with them too.  I also realized maybe it's really not easy to trust people, add to the fact that they really don't know me. So in the end, i still understood the situation :)

hehe, just want to share...again, no judging please. ;)

Thursday, December 15, 2011

The one with much needed vacay

Amidst the hustles and bustles, we were able to take a quick vacation in Bacolod and unwind just before we head on to the busiest month of the year. :)  I took advantage of the cebupacific's piso fare and was so delighted that i was able to book not only for my family, but for my sister in law and her husband.

I've always had the same feelings while preparing for a trip, you know, the type who is not that excited and feels like i'm leaving a lot of things undone so how can i go to a trip with a lot of things in mind.  But since we i booked it already, we felt we did'nt have any choice. hahaha.

But the impulsive decision had its own advantages.  In the end, happiness still prevailed and the sadness of leaving a serene and very peaceful place while packing again for the city felt like forever. hehe. I'll post a separate travel entry about our bacolod trip. 

Travelling may be a luxury but once in a while trips can be priceless.  The quality time you spend with your family can never replace even diamond rings or the latest gadget in town :)