Saturday, December 17, 2011

The one with missing the bed

I seriously miss our bed.  Every year, i try will all my might to be not as busy as i was the previous year, but something and another thing will come up and i'd end up getting more that what i can bear. haha. But i'm proud to say that i'm more organized now than last year.  I was able to get more corporate events this year but it was still manageable. It feels like i'm always wearing heated gloves and my adrenaline just keeps getting higher. haha.

I just miss sleeping.  I recently bought sheets from HMR (which by the way is the most best buy so far) but i could'nt use it yet.  I'm making a countdown of the number of days before Christmas and making a countdown of our last day of party before christmas too. hahaha.

Merry Christmas everyone! I miss you bed! Don't worry, we'll spend quality time soon. hahaha.

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