Thursday, December 15, 2011

The one with much needed vacay

Amidst the hustles and bustles, we were able to take a quick vacation in Bacolod and unwind just before we head on to the busiest month of the year. :)  I took advantage of the cebupacific's piso fare and was so delighted that i was able to book not only for my family, but for my sister in law and her husband.

I've always had the same feelings while preparing for a trip, you know, the type who is not that excited and feels like i'm leaving a lot of things undone so how can i go to a trip with a lot of things in mind.  But since we i booked it already, we felt we did'nt have any choice. hahaha.

But the impulsive decision had its own advantages.  In the end, happiness still prevailed and the sadness of leaving a serene and very peaceful place while packing again for the city felt like forever. hehe. I'll post a separate travel entry about our bacolod trip. 

Travelling may be a luxury but once in a while trips can be priceless.  The quality time you spend with your family can never replace even diamond rings or the latest gadget in town :)

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