Monday, December 19, 2011

The one with Christmas gifts

It's hard to think of gifts for families.  For friends, we decided to go with a uniform gift for everybody.  I hope they all like the biscuits we bought at Marks & Spencer.  It has its own advantages, preparing the same gifts, at least it's easy to buy again in case you still need to purchase.

But for families, man, it's hard to think of gifts for them. Even harder to know what they really want, where to buy it and if the budget will still fit.  Last time, i remember giving my mom a set of Swarovski Crystal beads which i made myself.  She loved it so much, she still wears it til now.  Also, i think i had a good buy when i bought our moms nice bags just last Christmas.  They both loved it. 

Now i have to think of gifts for my brothers, my brothers in law and two sisters in law. :) Waaah! and i thought i'm done with the shopping!

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