Thursday, February 28, 2008

The one with a peek

Official pictures soon!!!

taken by yours truly...looove this shot!

sleeping beauty or snow white?!

escort "cousin aladdin" hehehe

The one with summer na!!!

Just a few days away and summer time na! Actually, ngayon ko pa lang nararamdaman ang cold weather ng december. hahaha. pero what the heck, summer pa rin na! san kaya kme this summer?! last year, we did'nt have a decent summer vacation since simone was still a baby. this year, i hope we could do something better since simone has 4 swimsuits already and i hope i can buy one for myself as well. We also were'nt able to go to bangkok na so i hope the not going to bangkok will be replaced with going somewhere nice. hehe.

anyhow, here is a nice (actually very nice) pic of myself taken by my barkada jill last summer. i so love this pic kasi hindi ako mukhang mataba (kasi face lang ang kita..haha) to think that this is two months after i gave birth. bwahaha...ego booster! i miss my curls!

o diba, feeling model ito?! hahaha.

okay...i might have overacted a little...hahaha.

To buy or not to buy

Since moving to a bigger left us with of course, more space, i personally felt that we need more furnitures to properly arrange everything. For example, i need a book cabinet where i can compile all my books and magazines so i can see them easily. I also want to have a new tv lift cabinet so we can maximize the furniture and use the bottom part as a VCD/DVD rack as well. But since we are also tightening our belts right now, Simon and I discussed that adding certain furnitures or buying a new sofa set is not a high priority as of the moment. We will make the most of what we have as of the moment and save it up for our own house...hopefully.

The one with tagged by sheryll

Thanks sis for the post. hmmm, i think 6 is not enough for me. haha.

The rules: Link to the person that tagged you. Post the rules on your blog. Share six un-important things/habits/quirks about your self. Tag 6 random people at the end of your post by linking to their blogs. Let these random people know that they are tagged by leaving comments in their blog. Let your tagger know when your entry is up.

Six Unimportant things/habits/quirks about my self.

1. I always leave 3 or 4 pony tails / rubber bands in our bathroom. Since I always put my hair up, when it's time to take a shower, I'd hang it somewhere and forget about it until my husband notice that i have 4 of them in the bathroom.

2. I play "Friends" as my "background sound" when doing things. When i don't feel like listening to music, I just put any Friends episode. Since I've watched it the nth time, I can do away with just having it on the background and not being able to watch it. (although most of the time i end up watching it...haha)

3. I always have a notebook and a pen with me.

4. I always leave 2 to 3 pairs of shoes in the car. haha, don't ask me why!

5. I'm not OC but I love details and I love butingtings...

6. I loan from my own money...hahaha.

Whew! I hope you still love me after reading this. hahaha. Now I'm tagging Abi, Mec, and Jeng!

Emergency light

Last week, our car had its share of need for damage control. Its temperature went up and I had to stop at the nearest gas station to have it watered, or whatever term they call it. We still don't know what's causing the overheat since we already had it repaired and maintained. But since it's a second-hand car, we know that things like this happen and that eventually, everything else will wear out. That's why it's always good to be prepared and because of that, we have an rechargeable flashlight in the car and other tools that will go handy when you get a flat tire, or you need to open up the hood and check the fluids. Maintaining a car is not as easy as we all think but the convenience that it gives is something that we think is necessary for our baby so yeah, we're still keeping it. haha.

Sunday, February 24, 2008

The one with finally done!

Yey! It was a success! It's our first time to throw a children's party and we are so happy with the outcome. Everyone, kids and adults enjoyed the day. There were bloopers specially before we went to the venue but everything fell into place before the program started.

promise...birthday kwentos and ratings and PICTURES to follow soon!!!

we finally have a toddler!!! yahoo!

Thursday, February 21, 2008

The one with oyo

HAPPY BIRTHDAY SIMONE!!! grabe, i have a one year old already! waaah! we both woke up at 8am (simone and i) and i greeted her immediately with a big happy birthday! daddy simon heard us (he woke up earlier) and we sand the happy bday song to her while she was clapping her hands and smiling all throughout the song. haay, while singing the song, i felt so blessed to have a healthy baby who is now a toddler. haay, kaka-emote talaga. feeling ko sa super bilis ng panahon, di ko na mamamalayan na liligawan na sya. waahh!!!

we spent the whole day with preparing for her birthday. we were together the whole day and i got pretty tired coz since our yaya is new, simone is not that comfy with her just yet and i got pretty tired of carrying her all the time. there was even this one time a while ago that while driving, she was on my lap hugging me, not wanting to let go. my goodness!! im loving the "habol thing" but im not a fan. haha. i know my baby loves me and that we are her world but sometimes, i can just feel the pagod and the stress of her crying and whining when i dont carry her. she turned like this when she turned 11 months and it's a mystery really. I was not used to her to be very clingy to me, but now, she's like "please dont leave me mommy" attitude. haha.

we just bought a small cake and spaghetti to celebrate today's event. while driving home, simon texted me, "beh, about this time, malapit ka na manganak..." hehe. she was born 9:32pm and about this time (1:15am), I'm in my room already trying to get some sleep. haay! i can still feel the clean sheets in the hospital room, the smell of the soap in the bathroom and simon's whispering voice telling me that our baby is sooo cute and lovely. my mom was there telling me not to talk coz i just got stitched. haha. everything is soo perfectly remembered and i will tell the story on a separate out for it soon!

We are excited for sunday and i hope it does'nt rain! see you all on sunday!

I love you simone. no matter what, you will always our baby, our little princess, our oyo. :)

The one with a February wedding

Congratulations to the newlyweds, Jason and Naan. Finally, tatlo na tayo sa barkada na kasal!!! I had fun in this wedding simply because i really loved their theme. Naan thought about it, a spoon and fork theme. honestly, it would make you wonder out of all the themes there could possible be, why this? but you know, it was conceptualized very well and everything seemed to be perfect. a spoon and fork can exist separately but they are at their best when they're together. and that's how naan and jason are when together. quoting from naan's words in their avp, "i love jason because he has the qualities that i don't have" aaaawww...i was so touched and realized that yes, God knows the perfect person for us and He knows it even before we are born. cool!

Here are what I will always remember in their wedding:
1. looove the weather that day. although a bit windy, but it was perfect...and sooo cold!
2. love the church! very picturesque talaga and caleruega
3. love the spoon and fork souvenirs!
4. love the song which was written by naan and sung by yours truly and my husband. haha. there was a CD also with our recording. naks! parang album launch! haha.
5. super, super love the AVP made by our barkada jill. as in super ganda! it's full of emotions. i love how the storyboard was made, comic but romantic.
6. love how naan was sooo herself that day. i love its spontaneity, we had a mini program when we bid goodbye to them while they ride the golf cart and she threw her bouquet and had the kissing game. as in the american style. nice!

to the blancos...forever friends! we love you so much! God bless your married life! here are some pictures...

candle sponsors kme...

actually, gusto ko lang pakita tong pic nato kasi i look slim here. hahaha.

mahangin ba sa labas? hehe.


Tuesday, February 19, 2008

The one with not the usual self

Haaayyy...I still have a lot to do for simone's birthday and I hate it that I'm being my cramming attitude again. In fairness, I was not like this on my wedding where everything was ready and prepared. Now, I really don't know. Well, the budget concern, I think, has something to do with it pero it's not the main reason at all. yung feeling lang na since tight budget, I can't do many things at all. tamang prepare lang, parang ganun. Isa pa siguro is what my mom and husband would always tell me while I'm preparing..."beh, wag masyado magastos ha...marami pang susunod na bdays." hahaha. i want to tell them na "wait til you meet the n@wies." hehe. i mean, my budget is sooo way below what other parents would spend for birthdays. of course i have no qualms about it since it's a choice and everyone is entitled on how to celebrate their child's birthday.

i felt that i had to really act on things already when i met with my cake supplier-turned-friend emily uy of sugarbox. she knew that i still don't have a backdrop and she knows that i'm having second thoughts on the tarpaulin since it's a one time use. she suggested to have balloons instead and i told myself, "why did'nt i think of that?" as in ang nice nung idea and i want to share it with jhoane. i hope the budget would still fit.

and so i felt kinda guilty that i was not my usual self of being soooo prepared for my baby's birthday. parang feeling ko dami ko pa kulang e. haaayy...oh well... please pray for us.

Monday, February 18, 2008

Sports talk

I never considered myself as a sporty person. I will always love to learn a sport but will never be really addicted to it. I learned volleyball, table tennis and badminton. Among the three, I got pretty hooked up with badminton with the intention of losing the fats aroung my legs. haha. But i had to stop when i got pregnant.

Out of all the interesting sports there are, I was never fancied on golf. Having to walk on an expensive golf shoes and try to get the ball (is that how they call it?) after you hit it is something that I don't find amusing. Although I have to admit that the prestige and the elegance any sport can have is all found in golf.

Saturday, February 16, 2008

The one with the birthday preps

Hmm, I know I still have a lot of things to do but I don't know, I'm in my relaxed mood again. I really don't know if i'm pretending to but I know I have this tendency to be a little too relaxed and then cram when it's near the event already. hahaha. Probably, I'd get tense and tarantatitoy this week. So far, here's what I still have to accomplish: (and this is still a lot!)

~ give the thank you tags to emily uy
~ kulitin simon for the avp and the background music (yeah, we still don't have this yet)
~ ask Pastor mar if we can really borrow the lcd projector. otherwise, no avp :(
~ finalize food cart, if there is any
~ finalize program with jhoane
~ finish the photo confettis
~ buy prizes for the games
~ get tarpaulin design from tina on monday or tuesday and have it printed
~ photograph simone with her snow white costume and have it made to a standee
~ make some styro Disney character whatever to be hung sa hallway of the venue. (wala, kaartehan ko lang to)
~ if time permits, make a styro lettering of "Simoneland" (forgive me, i really love DIYs)

o ayan ha, see, dami ko pa kulang!!! and let the countdown begins!!! see you all at the party!

Friday, February 15, 2008

Home, sweet, home

Yes, we've moved to a bigger and "better" place. We miss the apartment already and our good neighbors there (the paraynos) but we really have to move to a bigger place since we look like sardines already in our previous apartment.

Now, we live 10 minutes away from where we used to live. It's a 2-storey, 3-bedroom house, with garage and attic. we have a big living room where simone can glide her walker to her heart's content. we have a bigger kitchen and a laundry area. it's not a new house but we love it nonetheless. Since it's an old house, we need home improvements which we hope to do on a periodic basis (read:budget) and hopefully we can start with buying a new sofa set to go with the big living room.

it's exciting...haha, but it's also pricey. good luck to us and welcome to our new home! pictures to follow as always.

The one with a week to go

Exactly a week from now, my baby Simone will turn one already! everytime i think about this, i get mixed emotions. i don't know, but it really makes me emotional thinking that my baby is "not" a baby anymore.

~ She used to be so fragile (well, not literally coz she was a big baby but you get what i mean) and now she does'nt want to be assisted when she tries to stand up on her own. when she falls down, she will just laugh it off.

~ She used to make this little cries which i will immediately respond into...but now, even if she makes loud cries and i know she's just trying to make her way out of something, (oh yes, she knows that already) i will be firm and make my mommy voice saying "NO"

~ She used to just lie down on her crib, the most that she could do was tilt her head from one side to another and I'm a proud mommy...but now, she can make a tour around the bed while sleeping and hug me and put her legs on my face which makes it harder to breathe. haha.

~ She used to be just clingy and dependent on she wants to prove to mommy that she can walk around her crib and show mommy that she can do it on her own.

~ She used to be just a tiny baby that lights up our day and more...NOW, she's soon to become a toddler who wants to explore more and more...AND we are becoming the parents who will run after her.

And so i thought pregnancy was the most fulfilling thing i'd have to go through...i almost forgot all about motherhood and parenthood where everything that you do is a reflection of who your child will be in the future. God bless all the parents!

Oh and pardon for the emotional attack that i just did. hahaha.


Finally, we had our internet relocated to our new home! and we are so excited, simon and i are racing over who's going to use it first. we bought some HDMI cables so we can use the internet simultaneously. we had the computer set up on the second floor, along the hallway. and what's nice about it is that the internet guys were able to configure my laptop for the internet as well. yey!

The one with the heart's day

It's Simone's first valentine's since she was born exactly a week after Vday and it's our first as parents. so did we still have a celebration?! we still did! as always, we're low-maintenance people. our date, we scheduled the day before so as not to go with everyone else on the 14th. we had a good lunch at the Recipes and just strolled at megamall. had donuts and coffee at Dunkin' Donuts. hahaha. we are so cheap but we still had a great time.

To top it all, this is what i got for Valentine's, which was sooo unexpected. thank you beh, you really don't have to...but thanks! hahaha.

Asus Eeepc 7" size (exactly as big as my starbucks planner)

actually, i was with him the whole time and he already told me about the gift that day, before he bought it. but i was still surprised since we are really on a tight budget right now. simone is turning one and her party is getting a lot from our funds. anyway, that's another story. but he really wanted to get me this since he believes that it's one way for me to be motivated more into doing what i want to do and the things that i'm juggling right now (read: karaketan) we do share a laptop and siguro it's also his way of telling me not to use his laptop anymore. hahaha. what i really love about my husband is his attitude of selflessness. ganyan yan e, even before when we were in college, when i had more "baon" (allowance) than him, he treats me more or buys me donuts kahit wala na sya baon. aaawww... and until now, even if everything is just "sakto", he makes sure he provides for me and simone. hehehe, love you beh! (uy, not just because you gave me this, but you know how much i love you naman)

super dream ko tong notebook computer. as in, i drool over a laptop that is actually portable and wi-fi ready! Asus rocks!

hahaha. thank you beh! as a thank you gesture, i cooked my specialty seafood pesto (from which my MIL commented that it has the perfect taste) for him and made caesar salad that can be compared to the ones that you can get from a resto. we had a late valentine dinner at home and a good dessert afterwards. hahaha.

Everday can be Hearts day so make sure to tell your loved-ones that they are loved! God bless you!

Friday, February 08, 2008

The one with the shameless plug

Since we've been getting so many feedbacks from simon's latest project at work, siguro dahil na rin sa plugging ng show, i just want to post and announce this and brag about how good my husband is! hahaha.

ONE PROUD MAMA, the new show of QTV 11 hosted by Jaya. Simon made the music!!! It's the theme song performed by no less than Jaya herself. hehehe. dami namin nakuha texts and emails here, kahit sa mga di pa namin close friends even and they're commenting how nice the song is and kung talaga bang si simon ang gumawa. hahaha. la lang, im soooo proud of him. and to brag about him more, here is a list of some of his works pa sa kapuso:

Marimar BM (background music)
Whammy theme song
Emergency theme song (performed by Shamrock)
The Chef show in QTV11

AND MANY MORE!!! hehehe, Jacque po, Proud to be Kapuso! naks!

Real estate

And since we're on the lookout for a really nice property for our dream house, i chanced upon a site on Wilmington NC real estate and got some cool information on sea coast realty. Well, it's not something that we're interested with since it's abroad but it's still nice to get more information on realty so we are more informed of what we are getting into. we're really praying that this year, we can at least start on something more concrete.

pray for us!

The one with 2 weeks to go

Haaay! two weeks to go before simone's birthday bash! and i have tons of things to do pa. waah!

Venue and caterer : done - ive talked with superbowl's AE na for the menu and will send him layout na lang of the venue
Photo: dp made with ging lorenzo
Video: barkada jill and lan (either of the two)
Cake: emily uy (done with the details)
Lootbags: done!
invitations: waaah! i flared up a while ago with printed matter but after my kamalditahan kanina, i'll get the invites tomorrow. hopefully, maging ok naman sya. haay! distribution of invites this weekend
AVP: DIY by hubby
guestbook: super sorry to jacq for being such a pain in the ***. sis, just do what you can do with the pics. im so sorry.
tarpaulin: i'm still thinking if i want a tarpaulin as the backdrop. super nanghihinayang kasi ako for something that you'll spend na thousand tapos isang beses mo lang gagamitin. what do you think? was thinking of making the cake the highlight for picture taking. hmm, what do you think?
balloons: will finalize pa with jhoane kung ano talaga needed kong balloons.
costumes of simone: MIL is sewing it already.
costumes of mommy and daddy: to buy pa and to think pa what to wear! hehe.

i think i have everything covered already. am i missing out something?

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

The one with don't grow up too fast

February is a busy month for our family. Aside from Valentines, we will be celebrating our 9th anniversary as boyfriend and girlfriend. (yihee!) and of course the birthday of our baby whom we refer now as our "one-year old"

The other night, when simon went home from work, and we're all on our bed, ready to sleep, we just stared at our already sleeping and snoring baby. and after a few minutes, simon saw tears falling off from my eyes. hahaha. i also don't know why i cried. i just felt a sudden overwhelming love from God that He gave us a beautiful baby...and we still can't believe that we have one already...and that she's turning one soon. haay!

she grows up so fast. now, we're already discussing what to give her when she turns one. we feel so strong on the veggies and fruits but reconsidering table food soon. kaya nga, Simone, please don't grow up soo fast or mommy will cry again...

i love you baby