Thursday, February 28, 2008

The one with summer na!!!

Just a few days away and summer time na! Actually, ngayon ko pa lang nararamdaman ang cold weather ng december. hahaha. pero what the heck, summer pa rin na! san kaya kme this summer?! last year, we did'nt have a decent summer vacation since simone was still a baby. this year, i hope we could do something better since simone has 4 swimsuits already and i hope i can buy one for myself as well. We also were'nt able to go to bangkok na so i hope the not going to bangkok will be replaced with going somewhere nice. hehe.

anyhow, here is a nice (actually very nice) pic of myself taken by my barkada jill last summer. i so love this pic kasi hindi ako mukhang mataba (kasi face lang ang kita..haha) to think that this is two months after i gave birth. bwahaha...ego booster! i miss my curls!

o diba, feeling model ito?! hahaha.

okay...i might have overacted a little...hahaha.

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