Tuesday, February 19, 2008

The one with not the usual self

Haaayyy...I still have a lot to do for simone's birthday and I hate it that I'm being my cramming attitude again. In fairness, I was not like this on my wedding where everything was ready and prepared. Now, I really don't know. Well, the budget concern, I think, has something to do with it pero it's not the main reason at all. yung feeling lang na since tight budget, I can't do many things at all. tamang prepare lang, parang ganun. Isa pa siguro is what my mom and husband would always tell me while I'm preparing..."beh, wag masyado magastos ha...marami pang susunod na bdays." hahaha. i want to tell them na "wait til you meet the n@wies." hehe. i mean, my budget is sooo way below what other parents would spend for birthdays. of course i have no qualms about it since it's a choice and everyone is entitled on how to celebrate their child's birthday.

i felt that i had to really act on things already when i met with my cake supplier-turned-friend emily uy of sugarbox. she knew that i still don't have a backdrop and she knows that i'm having second thoughts on the tarpaulin since it's a one time use. she suggested to have balloons instead and i told myself, "why did'nt i think of that?" as in ang nice nung idea and i want to share it with jhoane. i hope the budget would still fit.

and so i felt kinda guilty that i was not my usual self of being soooo prepared for my baby's birthday. parang feeling ko dami ko pa kulang e. haaayy...oh well... please pray for us.

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