Wednesday, November 30, 2005

The one with artista night

An evening with the stars...what can i say??! honestly, im not an avid fan...oh no, im not even a fan of Pinoy Big Brother pero attending ABS-CBN's party last night was a blast, i must say. it gave me a good break from all wedding preparations. it was a christmas party were there were lots of prizes raffled off, saw so many artistas (oh face it! every pinoy is a sucker for artistas at one way or the other!) so there, kahit di ko kilala most of them, we had pictures taken with them. haha. let loose and be yourself! saw really nice faces like nikki (coke), iya, heart, jericho, kuh (exotic i must say!), martin, kris, toni, john estrada(na gusto ko tapunan ng wine!hehe), anne curtis, sarah, erik santos, john lloyd, bea alonozo, shaina, claudine, pinoy cast like rico, bob, chx, jenny, rachel, direk, and of course...sam milby! my goodness, got to take pics with some of these people pero kay sam no puedo kc super dami tao. haha. i even talked to his bouncer and even asked if we can have a pic with him. hahaha, hindi daw fan o! i dont know, i really dont know them pero pa-picture pa rin me...that's when i realized that im a true pinoy..sucker for pictrues with artistas! hahaha...but the grandest pic i must make mention was that with Gabby Lopez. oh my goodness...ang gwapo! kahit oldie na. hehe.

On friday, i will come prepared. GMA will host a christmas party and this time, i'll bring simon's digicam and dress up in a partyish look. yey! one night with the kapamilyas won't make me a traitor right?! :)

rubbing elbows with Gabby. :)

naks! direk!

glimpse kay sam
nandyan ako katabi nya...di nga lang kita. hihihi...

victor neri and some rich guy
o cge na nga...nagpa-akbay na lang ako kay victor neri. paconsuelo. hahaha.

Monday, November 28, 2005

The one with sakit sa katawan

Eh bakit nga ba ako naghahanap ng sakit sa katawan?! ha?! i made envelopes for our invitation. mejo pricey envelopes nila phoebe so i did some, pero yung PS and ento invites we got from them. tapos, we asked them to make a one-page invite for other guests. additional lang kc kaya we just opted for a simpler one. it ended up that di ako masyado satisfied. for one, lumiit sya. oh well, di ko alam kc na liliitan nila eh. so nilagyan ko ng board to make it bigger in size. then, nag-print me ng ento list na hindi naman dapat! oh no! di talaga me mapakali eh. hehe. well, almost done na naman with the printing, cut na lang.

my super thanks to one of my bestest friends, jannet, for helping me out with my kaprichuhan. mare, super salamat for doing all the things na pinapagawa ko. i owe you big time! muah!

24 days to go! yahoo!!!

Saturday, November 26, 2005

The one with alta so

So...nag feeling rich kme ni simon last saturday. it was supposed to be a long weekend for us sa office since monday was declared a holiday by GMA. unfortunately, it was a working saturday. sa super katamad mag work nun, the Rustan's year-end sale made me file my half-day leave, together with my two ofcmates, Ritz and Lissa. hehe. sulit na rin. got to buy my mom a maidenform brassiere, from 1700 to 400! beat that. i got to buy a sports bra also na maidenform for 200 lang. tapos, citre shine gel, 140 only, the citre shine na hair serum is 165 only, big size na. bought also Denenes colognes for 15pesos only! grabe!

to add to that, we are scheduled for our bridal registry shopping at rustan's. ganun pala yun noh, feeling rich talaga kme, we were like, "gusto ko yan...cge 2...chaka eto..." then someone would write down all we want. haha. ang mejo off lang was the girl who assisted us. she's nice, pretty and accommodating. yun nga lang, may kausap lagi sa cellfone and nakikipag-away pa. nyeh! mejo may clients lang naman sya diba?! yun lang, pero the rest was okay. nakakapagod nga lang mamili. we had a "mixed" registry, meaning may generic items pa rin sa list and specific ones para guests can choose diba.

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

The one with a month to go!

Today marks exactly one month before our BIG day! yahoo! after all the preparations, hard work, decisions, and endless pangungulit sa suppliers...this is it! hahaha...and coincidentally, this post is my 112th! 1+1 = 2 and 2 is 22! hahaha...galing noh?! would want to make updates sana eh pero baka humaba pa itong post ko...tomorrow na lang. i'm also printing pa our guest sheets. super tagal bago ma-print dahil hirap makahanap ng ink.

started my day pala texting all our suppliers that one month na lang at wedding na namin. hehe.

nga lang, kung kelan naman one month na lang, had to change pa my celfone number...huhuhu...ang hirap pa naman maglipat ng contacts and inform everybody of my new number. haay! kapagod nga eh.

happy monthsary simon! i'am very excited to be Mrs. Simon Peter Tan! love you beh!

Monday, November 21, 2005

The one with our care bears

This is a little off the theme, pero tagal ko na pangarap to put two hugging teddy bears sa bridal car namin. hehe. found something before pero this is more perfect and even bigger than the first one so binili ko na. naku, lagot ako kay simon! hehehe.

the "i love you" thing is corny i know...will cover that na lang. hehe

back of our bears: magka-akbay sila

also, thanks to my w@wie friend cathy (pa-autograph!) who suggested to put a veil para mukha silang bride and groom. will try my best to dress them up both...naku, hanap na naman ng sakit sa katawan. actually, may nabibili na costumes, but they cost really mahal. so, gawa na lang tayo. wish ko lang diba?!

Sunday, November 20, 2005

The one with the Shower

What a way to spend a sunday evening than have it with our parents and godparents?! grabe, the Shower of blessings really blew our minds...and our hearts! as in! opening prayer pa lang, umiiyak nako coz i really felt that God was there with us, blessing each and every member there. we arrived 5:45pm, 45minutes late (what else is new?!hehe) and started at around 6:30 pm. the opening prayer was led by Pastor Super and and introduction made by Sister Tetess. Shower of Blessings is a tradition originated by the Hebrews when they send a person into his adulthood. There are actually 7 stages where one is being blessed and we are on the sixth stage already - coming to the adulthood, (seventh stage being that of receiving your womanhood/manhood) in releasing kc a person from their parents, kelangan sinasabi sya verbally eh. In that way, talagang dinedeclare mo to God and to people that you are being released from your parents in preparation to cleaving to your spouse. And this is the purpose of that Shower of BLessings. It's the first time our church did that and super nagalak kme and honored that Simon and I were chosen to be the first to be given those blessings. sabi nga dun, everything that they say and pray for, lahat yun came from God...kaya yun ang nakaka-blessed.

the first part was when I was released by my parents...they described me as a person, how my parents are confident that simon will take care of me (iba pala pag sinasabi nila tlaga), and how they will miss me. after hugging and kissing my parents, i walked down the little carpet wherein at the end of the carpet stands our ninangs ready to welcome me to the womanhood. ang saya! and then they hugged me and welcomed me. I then shouted, "I'm a woman na!" hahaha...

the second part was simon's turn, as usual...comedy na naman lumabas...hehe. kc his dad's kwento was not about up nya with simon's brother daw. kakatawa talaga. anyway, tita alma said her prayer for both of us. (all their prayers and blessings were written down so we can keep them) kaka-touch lang talaga. then he crossed over also and was welcomed into manhood.

the next part was when all our godparents gave us their blessings, and prayers...kaka-touched, superb! they really prepared for it. and everytime they say their blessings, naooverwhelm ako of God's goodness. feel na feel namin na andun talaga sya blessing us. i will post some of our favorite lines so you guys can be blessed also.

after that, we said our thanks and response and accepted their blessings. and i cried again. hehe, kc super happy ako. we really looked forward to this and it was really worth in! thank you Lord. never had i imagined that we will really experience the roles of our godparents (kc sabi nila sa regalo lang daw ang mga ninongs..hehe) we prayed for our godparents talaga...they were carefully chosen and now i know why...

everyone was saying while we were eating na dapat maging tradition na yun sa magkaron ng Shower of blessings to everyone who will get married. our special thanks to Pastor Super and Tita Tetess for welcoming us to their home and for the whole idea...we were so blessed. sabi nga ng dad ko and i quote, "kung sino man ang pasimuno nito...salamat sayo" hahaha.

pics to follow... we went home with smiles in our faces...haay!

The one with walang pahinga (part 2)

the following day, ganun pa rin. after church, had breakfast muna sa Hot Loops na baong opened lang lapit sa church(with SILs, simon, and lanlan) tapos fit sila gowns nila. hahaha. may mga alterations na natatawa na lang ako. pero overall, they exceeded my expectations. malinis sila tumahi and kahit masikip ang shop at may mga konting problems sa gowns, i can say, sulit na sila and didnt give me a hard time. pinipilit ko pa ngang sukatin gown ng MOH ko eh. hehehe...gusto ko talaga mag-try eh. :)

tapos, went straight to galleria na with achie. we met james and oliver there (her business associates) they presented their product portfolio to me. it was more of a mock-up presentation wherein im the client kunwari. then i'll give comments and suggestions to better understand their presentation. hope i was able to shed some light naman to them. :)

tapos, accidentally bought our first new christmas tree! simon showed it to me and gusto nya talaga. when i saw it and knew na P1,500 lang sya...go na kme! withdrew some money and bought it. it's a 6ft, fiber optic christmas tree! ganda talaga sa gabi. no need to put christmas lights as there are light already (coz of the fibers nga) nice talaga sya (pics to follow) then, bought cake din for the Shower of blessings...and the details on a separate post.

more busy days to follow... :)

si manong, nipapack-up christmas tree namin
our christmas tree

si simon, nitatanggal na. di mapigilan, set-up na sa house namin
di mapigilan
ayaw ma-rotate eh...sowee

first christmas tree
voila! no christmas lights...just the magic of the fiber optics. :) wala pa rin decor yan...our very own christmas tree!

Saturday, November 19, 2005

The one with palit lang ng damit ang pahinga

Super hectic...whew! went to meet clarice sa west avenue ng 1:00 (read: 1:45pm) as usual late kme as ever! ano ba ito?! kinakabahan pa kme kc muntik na talaga kme maubusan ng in! i dont usually look at the meter kc eh when im driving kaya ayun...tapos, it lasted for an hour ata. nakakatawa lang kc "pinapagalitan" nako ni clarice. ginagawa ko daw ang trabaho nya. hay! eh i cant help it talaga eh. the activities and schedules i did was very similar to what they will also do. pinakita nya pa nga sa ken yung format. haha, para lang daw matahimik ako. pero the thing hindi ko makayanan, is that di daw nila ako bibigyan ng copy nun.. as in "What?!" parang naloka ako nun. although i understand their (simon and clarice) point, di ko lang talaga ata kaya na i dont have an idea ng mga details ng wedding. haha, may sayad na talaga ako! kc naman sabi nga ni clarice, di daw pwede kc ang tendency will be for me to check every now and then kung may namiss or may nagawa na, etc. hahaha. mukhang papaluin talaga ako ni clarice sa wedding namin ha. hahaha. sabi ko nga, di pa OC yan kc di pa panicky ngayon eh...normal lang.

after the meeting, we went to Robert Camba for a meeting. met up with ate connie, chose na the motiffs, cover sa table, ceremony set-up, etc. na change na plans namin, same aread na kme ng venue and reception, although mejo malayo-layo pa rin naman ang reception. sabi ko lang kay clarice and specifically mentioned na ayoko lang may uupo sa reception table as seating there will make them draw their attention to kwentuhan and not listen to the ceremony. kaya we paid additional chairs talga para lahat dun lang nakaupo. yun, okay nako dun. syempre, food tasting kme ever!

after that, went to Printed Matter to get our invites! yey! tapos na! ganda! i asked phoebe that we will order more pero one-page na lang para P20 lang. this is for the guests lang talaga na di kelangan ng ento list. :)

after that, went home saglit and changed outifts tapos alis kme ulit ni simon. off to greenbelt for a bridal shower dinner with my college friends. ate at Italliani's and kwentuhan lang...saya!

tapos, umuwi na. (sa wakas! i thought i won't be able to end this post..hehe)

Friday, November 18, 2005

The one with accidental gimmick

It's a friday and i did'tn go to the office since i want to interview some breeders and dog owners for my work. anyhow, i was done after lunch and did'nt come back to the office na. naan texted us that she took a leave. so naisip ko to meet naan and jannet and have them try their gowns na. we went to the shop and stayed there for more than an hour. my goodness! ang dami nilang eche-bureche. hehe. tumagal kme coz of the corset kay jannet. kc when naan tried out the gown, okay na sya...ang may problem pala eh yung body ni jannet. (hehe, sorry mare, love you!) but we were able to make some alterations, so she can emphasize her body form more. their gowns are really simple, same design lang sila but really nice.

after that, we went to the mall. met na simon there and did some malling...namiss ko yun ha. simon was like..."oh no, kung si jacque pa nga lang napapagod nako mag-malling, tatlo pa kaya?!" hahaha. pero he had fun naman din to the point that we didnt watch a movie na and strolled with them na lang...mas masaya pa. we ate at jollibee, bought some stuffs like christmas decor, CD, cream puffs (yummy!), etc. we even bought penoy. after the malling, we went to jannet's place and watched TV lang and hang out. ate everything we bought na food. haha, ang sakit ng tyan namin ni naan coz we were lying down sa carpet while eating...(read: buhay baboy!)

truly, one accidental gimmick na super saya.

greenwich time!
just had to take a pic of this... 22 eh! hehe ;)

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

The one with Shower of Blessings

Among all the preparations we have for our wedding, this is by far, the one I’am looking forward to the most. This invitation was made by two of our godparents, Pastor Super and Ninang Tetess when we had dinner with them last month. We are so excited as all our ninongs and ninangs in the church will gather this Sunday and bring with them their prayers, speak blessings for Simon and me and for our future marriage. This is a first! Our parents will also be there so they can also give us their blessings. They want to incorporate it in the wedding pero matagal sya so we felt na mas okay if we set a separate venue for it. Haay! Ka-excite lang! There will also be a potbless for a sumptuous dinner. Wala lang, super blessed lang kme to have all of them prepare for this. Parang it makes us feel na everybody is so supportive of our decision and that they want to give their blessings to us. kaka-touch lang talaga...

this is their invitation they made for us:
shower of blessings

Sunday, November 13, 2005

The one with sipon...

i have sipon...sniff, sniff. but that didnt stop me from wedding preps! bwahaha. di pa naman ako pwede magkasipon coz hindi ko pwede mahawahan si simon, matagal kc sya magkasipon and it usually goes with ubo naman. haay. kaya mejo layo-layo muna. anyway, from what i wrote down in my last entry, here's what transpired over the weekend...

friday night - avenetto pa rin with simon. wasnt able to have dinner with my sistahs kaya nag soul food na lang kme ni simon. whenever we feel tired talaga and wasted, this is where we go to for comfort (tummy terms) hehe.

saturday - went to divi with SIL jane. hahaha. napabili kme ng christmas tree ng wala sa oras. my goodness! na sales talk kme! kahit ako na nasa marketing, tiklop! pero from 1,500 nabili nya ng 600 yung christmas tree. ( i wonder how much it really costs) we just took the LRT that day kaya ayun mega buhat sya. hahaha. we dropped by at printed matter na rin to finalize the invites and nag order na rin. will get it on nov. 19. which reminds me we have to finalize the number of invites. i ordered 50 muna eh. i bought some stuff lang sa divi. nag-canvass rin me ng tulle, pero naisip ko na lang yung cheap na chiffon na lang ang pang-drape ko. sana maging ok yung na-iimagine ko ang i hope it's feasible. i also started na with the misalette string na nilagyan ko ng beads. post me pics as soon as tapos na. misalette is for final editing pa ni clarice eh.

sunday - had counseling; fit my gown for the 2nd time. this time, fit na sya sa ken. mejo masikip pa nga coz i gained weight. that's why i really have to be serious sa mom fit her gown too. she also gained weight, as in ayaw masara...oh no!! so both of us have to really be serious na sa pagpapapayat. nagpa-add me ng colored beads which i will see next week. kung gusto ko pa rin dagdagan, dadagdagan nila ng handpaint na. i also dropped by at catahay na to check the ento gowns. whew! mejo lumuwag ang pakiramdam ko when i saw that the gowns are pretty naman pala. kinakabahan talaga ako sa kanila coz feeling ko hindi nila naaalala yung mga sinasabi ko. buti na are some of the tops ng gowns. i also brought my MOH dun para pa-measure sya. kakapanganak lang kc kaya ngayon lang sya nagpasukat. :)

top of ento gown
this gown has a drape...we actually got this design from one of Linoi's evening gowns...i did'nt expect na magagaya nila.

top of ento gown2
this design is for my two bridesmaids who are give them more body. nice din...di ko lang masyado nakunan ng maayos. hehe.

now, i only have to wait for the SS gowns and my MOH's...naku, sana okay din :)

Thursday, November 10, 2005

The one with dami pending for weekend

whew! i still have so many things to do and buy this weekend. Here are some things I noted para di ko makalimutan:

Nov. 12 - Saturday
Divi trip with Jane - 7am to 1pm
Pick-up invites from Printed Matter - 2pm
Fitting of gown - 4pm
DIY stuff (luminaries, misalette cover, others) - 5pm onwards
Ento gown fitting - 6pm in between DIY stuff

Nov. 13 - Sunday
Church - 8am to 10am
Couseling - 10:30 to 12pm
Caterer visit - 1pm or Spa at Tranquility Spa
Guest list and envelope printing - 4pm onwards

Other things di pa kasama dyan... haaayy..busy-busy-busy...

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

The one with thoughts, thoughts, thoughts

Wala lang...In life talaga, there are things we really can't understand. We usually have mixed emotions on situations that we are faced in. Pero one thing i know, God is good and God loves me. He will never forsake me and leave my side. I know He has a purpose for everything and I know that all His plans are for the best, even if there are times that i might not understand why things have to happen, I just know and feel comforted that He is there for me.

Cguro, sa dami lang ng mga nangyayari sa buhay, you just can't help but be overwhelmed. i feel happy knowing that i'll spend the rest of my life with the man i know God has brought me to. just the thought of it makes me feel of God's love more and more. He has answered my every prayer when He gave me Simon and I will forever be grateful for that.

i feel sad naman leaving my parents and all the memories i have in our house. as old as it is, i love that house. i can run around our house blindfolded and not trip. i love how big my room is and how i have all my childhood and teenage stuff all stocked under my bed. i love the fact that when i don't feel well, my mom and my dad are just by the other room, i can just knock on their door and receive the care and comfort they give. i love my kuya whom i always have arguments with, pero super lambing if he's in the mood. i love my small brother whom i share my kakulitan with and whom i share my kwentos with esp on my way to work, and his way to school. (both my brothers dont mind if we hold hands or embrace each other in public).i love our dogs and the smell of our puppies who turn to 'bratdogs' when i arrive home. i love the neighborhood i have grown up in. my childhood friends whom i've been with for the past 20 years of my life. i know not many are blessed with this kind of friendship and i know it's borderless. our geographical location is not the only reason why we are friends. all these, i will miss.

But then again, as I would always say this...God is good and He has a reason for everything. I will miss them terribly but I can always go to our house and meet my parents. To add pa, I have two more parents to give love and care to. I'll miss my room but hey, we have a new house that is ours alone, we can still run and shout all day long without no one to disturb. I still love my kuya, and at least we can have less arguments...hahaha. and my small brother (one year gap only) whom i have given the permission to get my room. at least, i've left him some remembrance..kalat ko. haha. i will miss my best friends but they can always visit us and have a new venue for our 'girls chika/bonding time'. it's always mixed emotions for me you know.

I'am excited to live everyday with Simon, to budget all our finances, to decide if we will eat chickenjoy today or cook, to clean the house with him, to watch all our DVDs and Friends episodes with him, to sleep beside him, wake up beside him, pray our morning prayer with him, and go to church together (as in coming from one house!) I feel secured that God will provide all our needs. human as iam, we all feel the need for security, but I know God is always there for us. We want to live a simple life, and a life that only God will be glorified. So no matter what life leads us to, I will always feel grateful and happy that we are together...and live to be Mr. and Mrs. Tan. I love you Simon!

oh no! and this is not yet a week before the wedding ha. hehe.

The one with the weirdest dream

Welcome me to the club! last sunday, after the bridal shower, i just had my own share of wild wedding dreams, or should i say, nightmares? it was really weird. pag gising ko na lang, natawa na lang ako coz i know it won't happen. well, here are reasons why:

parang sa dream ko, present time sya eh. and i thought na nov. 22 daw ang wedding namin and not dec. 22. after that, we rushed to finish so many things...and ended up getting married ng Nov. 21!!! halleeerr! how can i forget such things diba?! as in, wala daw guests kc nga nov. 22 pa ang wedding. and ang weird pa dun, an hour before the wedding, my MUA wala pa daw. si paul vincent (my photog) naghihintay lang sa amin to be finished dressing up. and most of all, my coordinator, Clarice wala rin daw. as in ako ang nagpapaka-coordinator running last minute preps! oh mi gas! kaloka talaga. but aside from that, lahat all set na...wala nga lang guests!!! hahaha

oh diba?! it's so weird....monday morning, i texted angie and clarice. natawa lang sila and texted na kabaligtaran daw ang mangyayari so wag ko daw problemahin yun. actually, di naman talaga. nakakatawa lang! :)

Monday, November 07, 2005

The one with the Surprise!!!

grabe, i'm still in shock and surprised about the bridal shower my best friends threw for me! as in! they are real blessings in my life. well, two weeks ago, while we were designing our fans, they kept on asking na about my schedule on nov. 5. knowing that i have work, we simply cant schedule any other plans for wedding preps, so i just said im free from afternoon onwards. after a few days, my friend jannet missent a text, so i had some hints about their plans. and man, they kept on asking me about nov. 5. parang so many plans agad sa nov. 5. hahaha. when that day came, nawala lang yung doubts ko when jill texted me of the final plans na dinner lang sa bayview hotel and walking sa baywalk, treat ng bf nya na si jhon. so i said to myself, "ahh, feeling ko lang pala yun" hehehe. upon arriving at bayview park hotel, wala pa sila sa dinner so nag ocular muna kme ni simon. baka lang magustuhan din namin yung hotel. after seeing the suite, we went to look for the superior rooms. and i don't know, ikot lang kme ng ikot na parang hindi alam nung bellboy kung saan nya kme papa-ocular. he was even listening sa mga pinto kung saan maingay. hahaha. and weird talaga. sabi ko nga kay simon eh, "taga-dito ba tlga yan?!" he even asked us, "ma'am, ano pong room ulit yun?" sabi ko, "nyeh! malay ko eh ikaw yung kausap ng reception" hahaha. finally, he knocked at room 1211. sabi ko, bakit kayo magoocular sa may tao na naka-occupy?. someone opened the door, and was shocked to see my friends! hahaha. i was dumbfounded for minutes. tapos i hugged lang simon kc gulat tlga me and mejo sad din kc uuwi sya mag-isa and di kme magkasama. hehe, OA! and so, when i entered our room, ang ganda. it was a "Honeymooner theme". pero sa totoo lang, it was more of a "Hooters theme" to me. bwahaha. they had costumes, pink spaghetti strap blouse, pink satin shorty-shorts...kulang na lang roller skates. hahaha. i cant even post their pics at baka di na sila pumayag maging 'abay' ko tlga. everything was coordinated and in pink, to match our motiff. haha. from the slippers down to the rose petals and bath stuffs they gave me for my warm bubble bath...delicious! all in pink! i had a 45-min bath. sa pag relax ko, i just cant help but pray and thank God for the gift of friendship i share with them. we've been friends for the longest time, as in naka-panty pa lang kme at dumedede pa eh freinds na kme. hahaha. and i know very few have neighbors who end up as real friends. and im one of those. anyway, we played games. the very original truth or consequence...or Strip!, charades where they had to act out something that describes me and i have to guess what that is. pag hindi nahulaan, kakain ng chocolate, iinom ng one glass of water, or kakain ng junk food. but the highlight of the party was they made me wear a gift they bought from Velvet Rose. i cant even describe what the lingerie is called, pero it barely covers the important parts. hahaha. luckily, it was my period that time so i had to wear the panty over the panty im wearing na. haha, my goodness, bat ko ba kinukwento pati ito?! pero in fairness, i love it on me. as in ang sexy! hahaha. tapos, we stayed til 3am i think and woke up at 8am to eat breakfast and chika-chika pa. super saya talaga! they really prepared for it, as in! and feeling ko talaga princess ako that time and pinagsisilbihan nila ako...literally! they prepared my bubble bath, which had rose petals, with candles, aromatherapy. on our bed was my pantulog na pink rin, pink rose, and a bag from velvet rose. the best talaga! sa carpet were candles and rose petals as well.

after checking out, we went to chowking for lunch (naubos na kc budget eh) and stayed there for like 1 and a half hours na as if di kme nagkita ng matagal. haha. then, we visited our venue and took pictures! ang saya! na-emote ko na naman ang venue namin...really nice! mejo humid nga lang at that time. hopefully, sa wedding namin hindi. :)

was really tired from the party but it was really fun! i'll post pics later.

since some of the pics are really censored (hehe), eto lang muna po.

bath tub
warm bubble bath they prepared for me

our slippers!

hooters' shorts nila!

more pictures to follow!!!

Thursday, November 03, 2005

The one with our proposal published

Upon my last check on my office email, I chanced upon an unknown name. I wanted to delete it agad coz i thought junk mail lang. when i read the subject line "proposal", i opened it thinking that it's business-related. (read:entrepreneur)

and then, the 1st paragraph he was apologizing for not replying agad. then, i read on. he then told us that our wedding proposal story will be featured in their book, First Filipino wedding proposal book! ang cool talaga. i have yet to post his email to me. super he made my day! he asked for our complete wedding info, a picture of us, and a little something about us. galing talaga!

launch date to be announced pa and we will be given free copies pa! yey! ang saya! hahaha. our wedding proposal is not something that you imagine na makikita lang sa movies ha. it's something anyone can relate to kc di sya superficial. hehe.

here is their email to us...

Hi there!

I’m terribly sorry for not having gotten back to you regarding your wedding proposal story. We’ve run into some issues, but we’re back on track.

With this, we’re pleased to inform you that your proposal story has made it into our book! Congratulations!

May I please ask that you send us a photograph of the two of you through email, 300dpi, and not larger than 4 inches in width and height?

Also, please reply to this email with the following information:
Your Names:
Your Ages:
Wedding Date:
Wedding Venue (Church? Garden?):
Any special information you’d like readers to know about you (limit to 2 sentences, please):

We’ll inform you of the book launch date so you can join us, get your free copy of the book as a thank you, and be recognized as contributors to the first
Filipino wedding proposal book in history! 

Thank you for all your help, and God bless your union!

Yours truly,

Ganns and Cathy Deen

The one with the big candle, not terno

hehehe. our Big candle does not match the two other candles. pero i cant change it na coz i love the design. ang gusto ko nga palitan eh yung dalwang small candles eh pero i've put so much effort na dun, i dont want to change a thing. okay lang naman siguro yun. it's our wedding anyway...hehe.

Jac's pics Ü(546)

The one with OUR house

yahoo! biggest thanks to God for giving us a quick answer to our prayer if we want the house/apartment in Marick Subdivision. galing! no sweat! went there last tuesday, Nov. 2 and paid the dp the following day. that easy! we fell in love with the place the minute we laid eyes on the house. no exag! it's not yet done and it's not an elite type of apartment, pero super ganda and gaan ng aura and ambiance. we can perfectly imagine ourselves running around the house and shouting lang with no one to disturb. saya-saya! we paid na the dp and simon will start to move in as early as december 1 para di kme mahirapan with moving in. yey! thanks to Abi ni Romy for referring the place. Hi neighbor!!! hahaha. blessing talaga ni Lord yun. when we showed the pics to my mom and simon's mom, they also like the place. yey ulit!

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Unit C (rightmost), UNit A is where Abi and Romy will live! yahoo, neighbor wawie!

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di pa to tapos ha, kaya ganyan itsura nyan. pero excited nako i-post. haha.

Jac's pics Ü(547)
once we're done designing the place, compare it ha. before and after! hihi

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

The one with lighting the way

Finally, im done with our unity candles. but have'nt posted the big one kc pinapatuyo ko pa. it's almost the same thing...puro beads. hehe.

here are a couple of pictures. well, i basically used tacky glue lang over an acetate film and poured the beads and voila!!!

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upclose shot...naks!

Jac's pics Ü(495)
100% pure love!!!