Thursday, November 03, 2005

The one with our proposal published

Upon my last check on my office email, I chanced upon an unknown name. I wanted to delete it agad coz i thought junk mail lang. when i read the subject line "proposal", i opened it thinking that it's business-related. (read:entrepreneur)

and then, the 1st paragraph he was apologizing for not replying agad. then, i read on. he then told us that our wedding proposal story will be featured in their book, First Filipino wedding proposal book! ang cool talaga. i have yet to post his email to me. super he made my day! he asked for our complete wedding info, a picture of us, and a little something about us. galing talaga!

launch date to be announced pa and we will be given free copies pa! yey! ang saya! hahaha. our wedding proposal is not something that you imagine na makikita lang sa movies ha. it's something anyone can relate to kc di sya superficial. hehe.

here is their email to us...

Hi there!

I’m terribly sorry for not having gotten back to you regarding your wedding proposal story. We’ve run into some issues, but we’re back on track.

With this, we’re pleased to inform you that your proposal story has made it into our book! Congratulations!

May I please ask that you send us a photograph of the two of you through email, 300dpi, and not larger than 4 inches in width and height?

Also, please reply to this email with the following information:
Your Names:
Your Ages:
Wedding Date:
Wedding Venue (Church? Garden?):
Any special information you’d like readers to know about you (limit to 2 sentences, please):

We’ll inform you of the book launch date so you can join us, get your free copy of the book as a thank you, and be recognized as contributors to the first
Filipino wedding proposal book in history! 

Thank you for all your help, and God bless your union!

Yours truly,

Ganns and Cathy Deen

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