Sunday, November 20, 2005

The one with the Shower

What a way to spend a sunday evening than have it with our parents and godparents?! grabe, the Shower of blessings really blew our minds...and our hearts! as in! opening prayer pa lang, umiiyak nako coz i really felt that God was there with us, blessing each and every member there. we arrived 5:45pm, 45minutes late (what else is new?!hehe) and started at around 6:30 pm. the opening prayer was led by Pastor Super and and introduction made by Sister Tetess. Shower of Blessings is a tradition originated by the Hebrews when they send a person into his adulthood. There are actually 7 stages where one is being blessed and we are on the sixth stage already - coming to the adulthood, (seventh stage being that of receiving your womanhood/manhood) in releasing kc a person from their parents, kelangan sinasabi sya verbally eh. In that way, talagang dinedeclare mo to God and to people that you are being released from your parents in preparation to cleaving to your spouse. And this is the purpose of that Shower of BLessings. It's the first time our church did that and super nagalak kme and honored that Simon and I were chosen to be the first to be given those blessings. sabi nga dun, everything that they say and pray for, lahat yun came from God...kaya yun ang nakaka-blessed.

the first part was when I was released by my parents...they described me as a person, how my parents are confident that simon will take care of me (iba pala pag sinasabi nila tlaga), and how they will miss me. after hugging and kissing my parents, i walked down the little carpet wherein at the end of the carpet stands our ninangs ready to welcome me to the womanhood. ang saya! and then they hugged me and welcomed me. I then shouted, "I'm a woman na!" hahaha...

the second part was simon's turn, as usual...comedy na naman lumabas...hehe. kc his dad's kwento was not about up nya with simon's brother daw. kakatawa talaga. anyway, tita alma said her prayer for both of us. (all their prayers and blessings were written down so we can keep them) kaka-touch lang talaga. then he crossed over also and was welcomed into manhood.

the next part was when all our godparents gave us their blessings, and prayers...kaka-touched, superb! they really prepared for it. and everytime they say their blessings, naooverwhelm ako of God's goodness. feel na feel namin na andun talaga sya blessing us. i will post some of our favorite lines so you guys can be blessed also.

after that, we said our thanks and response and accepted their blessings. and i cried again. hehe, kc super happy ako. we really looked forward to this and it was really worth in! thank you Lord. never had i imagined that we will really experience the roles of our godparents (kc sabi nila sa regalo lang daw ang mga ninongs..hehe) we prayed for our godparents talaga...they were carefully chosen and now i know why...

everyone was saying while we were eating na dapat maging tradition na yun sa magkaron ng Shower of blessings to everyone who will get married. our special thanks to Pastor Super and Tita Tetess for welcoming us to their home and for the whole idea...we were so blessed. sabi nga ng dad ko and i quote, "kung sino man ang pasimuno nito...salamat sayo" hahaha.

pics to follow... we went home with smiles in our faces...haay!

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