Wednesday, November 16, 2005

The one with Shower of Blessings

Among all the preparations we have for our wedding, this is by far, the one I’am looking forward to the most. This invitation was made by two of our godparents, Pastor Super and Ninang Tetess when we had dinner with them last month. We are so excited as all our ninongs and ninangs in the church will gather this Sunday and bring with them their prayers, speak blessings for Simon and me and for our future marriage. This is a first! Our parents will also be there so they can also give us their blessings. They want to incorporate it in the wedding pero matagal sya so we felt na mas okay if we set a separate venue for it. Haay! Ka-excite lang! There will also be a potbless for a sumptuous dinner. Wala lang, super blessed lang kme to have all of them prepare for this. Parang it makes us feel na everybody is so supportive of our decision and that they want to give their blessings to us. kaka-touch lang talaga...

this is their invitation they made for us:
shower of blessings

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