Thursday, November 10, 2005

The one with dami pending for weekend

whew! i still have so many things to do and buy this weekend. Here are some things I noted para di ko makalimutan:

Nov. 12 - Saturday
Divi trip with Jane - 7am to 1pm
Pick-up invites from Printed Matter - 2pm
Fitting of gown - 4pm
DIY stuff (luminaries, misalette cover, others) - 5pm onwards
Ento gown fitting - 6pm in between DIY stuff

Nov. 13 - Sunday
Church - 8am to 10am
Couseling - 10:30 to 12pm
Caterer visit - 1pm or Spa at Tranquility Spa
Guest list and envelope printing - 4pm onwards

Other things di pa kasama dyan... haaayy..busy-busy-busy...


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