Tuesday, August 13, 2013

The one with breastfeeding month

August is breastfeeding month too! Yay! And since i have a lot of friends who are breastfeeding counselors/advocates, indulge me with promoting their event tomorrow.
see you there!!!

The one with music in our blood

I'm so blessed that our family is a family of musicians, singers and artists...and they're not just musicians...they're good at what they do. They are gifted musicians (haha, got to love your own!) And so when i saw a bass clarinet at musicians friend, i wondered if any of my family members can play it. they can easily adapt to learning something new and i'm sure it will not give them a hard time. I wonder what musical instrument simone will learn in the future???

The one with birthday month and christmas feeling

It's my birthday month this august!!! wohoo!!! I'll be changing the age on the left part of this blog again...ugh! haha. but i'm grateful for the 34 years of my life. i'm blessed. And after my birthday, Chrismas air is just around the corner. Wow, time flies really fast..as in! Before you know it, you'd be shopping again at radko from christmasplace and wrap some gifts again for family and friends. i love it! Sooo excited for my favorite season of the year! and super excited for our Hongkong trip too! wohoo!!!

The one with Simone's painting lessons

Simone has always been in love with crafts and paintings. So we decided to ask someone to go to our house once a week and teach simone the basic strokes and techniques in painting. I think it will be more beneficial for her as she will be guided accordingly as to what brushes to use or what to do when painting. If it's just me, nothing will happen as admittedly, im not good in painting. haha. Here are here pics from her first day with kuya marvin:

The one with dream vacation

I was browsing online deals and was actually surprised at how affordable vacations are now. there are like P9k deals with airfare and hotel accommodations included. Soo sweet! But I really have to say that my most ambitious dream vacation will be a trip to europe. I'd love to stay on one of those luxury paris vacation rentals and just enjoy eiffel, strolling around the country and shop. I heard LV stores there are huge! Someday...somehow... :) in the meantime, asian travels are not bad at all. haha ;)

Sunday, August 04, 2013

The one with Uniwide sale

It's been ages since i last stepped on a Uniwide warehouse. Back then, there was a Uniwide branch near our place. I always remember going there with big smiles thinking that i'd be able to buy something with a very good deal. I've always loved good deals and I always enjoy doing it in this warehouse. So to cut the long story short, when i went there last weekend, I intentionally stopped myself from buying a lot of things. I needed to control my purchases as we are trying to declutter but going to Uniwide will not help in doing any of my plans. I was able to buy plates, ikea pot holders, coin banks, owl figurines, etc. :) Here are some pictures of the place

The one with small reunion

My husband has a group of friends since childhood. These friends are musicians as well. One of his friends, Dino, migrated to Los Angeles ten years ago and he went home because his mom passed away and had to hold a service here in Manila as well. Dino accepted his mom's passing already that's why he did'nt have a hard time with it. They even scheduled a jamming session just like the last time he was here four years where they stayed at my brother in law's studio. The equipments here are really high end. You can't find any cheap audio technica microphones at musicians friend because everything is well chosen and of high quality. They recorded their jamming session. It was nice seeing you again Dino. :)