Tuesday, November 30, 2010

The one with paying it off

I made an entry introducing cashcashpinoy.com and i'm so thrilled and surprised that a lot of friends replied positively to my invite.  I love how it works and i'm pretty addicted to it already, checking the site everyday.

A good and sweet surprise caught me when i saw my credits reached P1,200.00 effortlessly. hahaha. From the invite i posted, some registered and made their first purchase, thus, giving me P100 each for their first purchase. :) I was shocked to see that 12 of them purchased deals already. :) It's like one of those online affiliate programs that make you earn money in no sweat. try it for yourself! :)

The one with healing

I have unintentionally delayed posting about this but this is TOO GOOD to pass up. This is a praise report that continues to witness to me.  Remember months ago i made a post about a diagnosis.   and after three months, i took another ultrasound to check if the cyst is still there. Praise God for the right cyst (measuring about 5cm) is totally gone! praise God!!! I know that doctors usually say that it's just a follicle cyst, that usually it melts by taking in medicines but i still praise God because what if it's another thing, and im so glad that i'm done with that already. You're the Great Healer!

Now, i have a myoma (but it's relatively small) and no need for medication.  But my OB-gyn specifically told me to lose weight and that the next time i visit her, i should be able to lose weight already.  And now the battle begins! A doctor had to tell me that i need to lose weight for health concerns just so i can convince myself to really lose weight. hahaha. so typical. but it's good that i'm heading towards a healthier lifestyle.  diet pills with ephedra may not work for me, just good exercise, good diet and hopefully, that myoma will be gone in no time. I'll post another entry about my own search for physical fitness and hopefully (really), i'd be able to make this as my way of living :)

Merry Christmas everyone and a big happy bday shoutout to my bestfriend, Anne! i love you mare!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

The one with royal engagement

I know I'm a bit delayed to be making an entry about this, but they're just too darn sweet...
Prince William and Kate Middleton engaged!

I was less interested with royal weddings when Prince Charles and Princess Diana married, let alone when they announced their engagement. So this one had a greater impact on me.  I was all-smiles when i was watching the movie and after eight years (with two split ups), they still ended up together...and i hope it will be forever.

Congratulations! Oh and yes, the ring was humongous! (silent scream)

Tuesday, November 02, 2010

The one with pictures

As promised, here are the pics from our recent events:

 ang cute nilang dalawa! the cutest woody and jesse!

 we dropped by at my sister in law's office at sykes first and they got candies here too. :) sykes sponsored the event they attended :)

 thanks tita kuki for registering the kids!

 shot by simone :)

 achie, pretty. :) shot again by simone