Monday, July 12, 2010

The one with diagnosis

I have a cyst.

Well, before anyone becomes emotional about this, im staying positive and hopeful that God is in control and above this condition.  And I know that He has a greater plan why everything happens.

I had to go to the doctor because of severe UTI.  The doctor had to find the cause since i was on my second batch of antibiotics already and it's still there.  The doctor asked that i undergo an ultrasound.  My kidney ultrasound was clear.  So next step was my ovaries.  They found the cyst on my right ovary, sizing about 5.1cm.  The surgical size is 6cm so i'm on my borderline size.  Moreover, i'am polycystic on my left ovary.  The doctor told me that it's thin-walled so the family planning pills she prescribed me should make it smaller.

I have a bout of mixed emotions.  I thought of a lot of things, things that i should'nt be thinking.  I also know that i should'nt stressed myself with this.  I know a lot of my friends have this.  I guess I could'nt take in the fact that I'm not as healthy as i used to be.  And that i missed being younger and healthier.  I thought with getting older, all i have to think about is how to lose weight and that sooner or later, i would have to resolve to diet pills just so i'd bring back the old bod i used to have. and now, i have this. i forgot all about losing weight and would like to focus on being healthier again.

I know everything has a purpose.  I just have to find it out. :)

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