Saturday, April 30, 2011

The One With The Warmest Congratulations

My warmest congratulations to the royal couple who were wed yesterday at Westminster Abbey, The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, William and Catherine! The whole country watched their wedding live yesterday, and it’s still on the news today. Even their love story was aired earlier, showing Kate in a mount with an english riding boots and Prince William with her in one of the scenes.

It was a beautiful wedding and I know that my friends from the wedding industry are all having a field day drawing inspirations and ideas from the wedding of the century.  Don’t you just love weddings?

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The one with missing this

Yes, I'am totally missing my blogs soo much! I've a lot of updates to share, happenings here and there, parties to blog about but i can't seem to collect my brain cells to write about everything.  I've often feel the "oh-i-want-to-blog-this-moment" and i just wish that once i think about wanting to blog about something, it will just magically type on its own...without me on the computer. seriously, i would want that. hahaha.

To start off my summer kwento, let me just share with you that i got myself a new summer hair! wohoo!  I used my beeconomic coupon at david's salon and got myself into something like this, taken at Tagaytay with the families :)

oopps, i realized i have'nt taken a pic of myself yet so just indulge yourself with this pic. haha. :)
I'am so loving my short hair. I thought i'd regret cutting my long, dry, damaged, brown hair (so not meant keeping it that long) but it turned out, i got my old waves and even if it's just wash and wear hairdo, the waves and curls stay in place. :) plus, it's soo much cooler and lighter. yey! my friends and family loved it too, said the hair made me more "modernized" and younger. ahehe. ;)

I'll try to post stories separately, according to how the days went by... how we spent holy week, our couple's vanity day (super enjoyed this one!), preparing for simon's bday, 40 days of love with friends, simone's preschooling hunt, my GM diet...and soo much more!!! Oh and there's the royal wedding of course that iam so looking forward to watching on tv.  i even wanted to collect stuff form their wedding, like the custom challenge coin, the mug, and the stamp. so want to have that stamp! ;)

very controversial stamp. haha.

Off to bed first, long day tomorrow for an out-of-town event. :) this week is loaded with events, even on weekdays! thank you Lord! :)

Monday, April 04, 2011

The one with hexagon water

My dad in law introduced hexagon water alkaline generator to us and we bought a pair of magnet first to try it on.  Simon put it in the kitchen sink faucet and there are really changes that are beneficial.  Here are some information about hexagon water:

Most people can prevent diseases only by drinking water correctly.
~ according to the World Health Organization (WHO).
Our body is made up of 70% water.
• More than 80% of serious illnesses can be cured by water.
Hexagon Magnetic Water Generator at Home
Turn your ordinary water into hexagon water and use the water in:
• cooking
• in your kitchen
• bathroom
• laundry
• and more …
• KITCHEN Hexagon Water
• With hexagon water generator, you can wash dishes without using soap detergent. It will leave your utensils clean.
• Kitchen utensils will be free from residual soap detergent. Residual soap may give unhealthy effect to your body system.
• BATHROOM Hexagon Water
o You can wash your hair without using hair conditioner. It will leave your hair healthy and smooth.
o It can make your skin more smoother.
o It can improved skin conditions like eczema and other unhealthy skin conditions.
• LAUNDRY Hexagon Water
o By only using 1/3 the amount of water than usual, you can wash the laundry efficiently.
o The molecules of hexagon water can penetrate faster into clothes.
o It can soften your clothes and eliminates body odor.
• FOOD / COOKING Hexagon Water
• After washing with hexagon water, vegetables freshness will last longer.
• Brush your teeth with hexagon water, it removes plaque.
Hexagon Magnetic Water Generator at the Water Refilling Station
o Install after the series of filtration systems, at the final outlet faucet,
o The Magnetic Hexagon Water Generator will produce a consistent Pure, Ionized, Oxygenated, Magnetized, Alkaline (pH 7.96), Hexagonal Water
o Ideal for -
o cooking,
o drinking,
o cleansing and
o detoxification
o Added value to your business
o Added value for your valued customers
o And huge savings in overhead costs.
By a single installation, it meets all needs of water:
• Scale removal,
• Disinfection,
• Steriliztion, and
• Purification.

So if you're interested, please leave a comment and i'll get back to you. thanks!

Saturday, April 02, 2011

The one with shop talk : SM shoes

I went to SM the other day and got excited that their new collection of shoes are just great!!! The algeria shoes i wanted before was nothing to these comfortable and really chic shoes and because of this, i'm starting to love Parisian shoes again. :)  The zebra printed pumps that i saw (black and white is my favorite lately) is to die for. i'm just so sad they don't have my size. huhu. i was trying to convince myself that it's okay to wear shoes a size bigger than your actual size, just so i can buy the shoes. hahaha. And there's this floral printed wedge shoes that i saw.  they look so girly and perfect for the summer.

Hmm, blogging about it makes me want to go to SM taytay today. hahaha.  Oh and the best part is there's a sale today. 

Go check out Parisian shoes and let me know what you think alright? I took some pictures of the shoes i was referring to but for some reasons, i can't upload them now here. :(

The one with lesson 8

Lesson 8 of our CFA reading program and simone learned to read through sounds. I'am soooo proud!!! I got teary-eyed while hearing her read the words, "mass", "me", "mat", etc. Simone started reading at a young age but it's more through association method.  But now that she is really learning how to read on her own, i could'nt be more proud. 

I love that my March was not so erratic in schedule.  Simon was happier that I was able to spend even more time at home (although my work now entails more quality time rather than when i was an employee) and that he always reminds me that i'm in a better position because now, i always have a choice -- a choice to accept more clients or decline some when body says slow down. :) well, that's a different topic. haha.  He'd always tell me to delegate, make life easier.  If you have to hire a stay-out maid, do it.  If you have to get a Miele vacuum cleaner just so cleaning would cut me half the time, buy! So when I got to spend more time with simone just playing, reading, or whatever she likes to do, i'm so happy that she loves spending time with me too. :)

Thanks baby! More lessons to come! i just hope i'd be a good teacher. :)

Friday, April 01, 2011

The one with parenting

I've been thinking of how to put a title for this entry but i can't put my thought to my mouth.  I've been following several celebrity news lately and i was shocked to hear about katie holmes and suri's "unusual" gummy candies that brought such a big controversy.  They went to this super pricey ice cream restaurant (Serendipity)and Suri saw these weird-looking gummy candies (candies shaped to male private parts).  She grabbed the box and started opening it and some paparazzis just took pictures and made it to their headlines.  Katie Holmes explained it on Ellen's show but personally, i did'nt buy her excuse of it.  Her reason was that she did'nt want Suri to ask about it coz she's not ready to answer suri's questions.  I personally would have used a white lie as a method or "because-i-told-you-so excuse" of parents when we can't seem to answer their never ending questions.  i myself could'nt imagine eating a candy shaped into a male private part, moreso for my kid.

Lesson:  Paparazzis, please please leave them alone. haha. i thought the katherine heigl smoking an ecig photo before or vanessa hudgens' nude photos would be enough, i was'nt prepared for this news. hahaha. Lesson 2: Serendipity restaurant, for the love of God, you're a wholesome restaurant where kids fascinate your ice creams and sweets. stop selling these candies!