Saturday, April 02, 2011

The one with lesson 8

Lesson 8 of our CFA reading program and simone learned to read through sounds. I'am soooo proud!!! I got teary-eyed while hearing her read the words, "mass", "me", "mat", etc. Simone started reading at a young age but it's more through association method.  But now that she is really learning how to read on her own, i could'nt be more proud. 

I love that my March was not so erratic in schedule.  Simon was happier that I was able to spend even more time at home (although my work now entails more quality time rather than when i was an employee) and that he always reminds me that i'm in a better position because now, i always have a choice -- a choice to accept more clients or decline some when body says slow down. :) well, that's a different topic. haha.  He'd always tell me to delegate, make life easier.  If you have to hire a stay-out maid, do it.  If you have to get a Miele vacuum cleaner just so cleaning would cut me half the time, buy! So when I got to spend more time with simone just playing, reading, or whatever she likes to do, i'm so happy that she loves spending time with me too. :)

Thanks baby! More lessons to come! i just hope i'd be a good teacher. :)

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jeng said...

Sis, what's a CFA reading program?