Saturday, April 02, 2011

The one with shop talk : SM shoes

I went to SM the other day and got excited that their new collection of shoes are just great!!! The algeria shoes i wanted before was nothing to these comfortable and really chic shoes and because of this, i'm starting to love Parisian shoes again. :)  The zebra printed pumps that i saw (black and white is my favorite lately) is to die for. i'm just so sad they don't have my size. huhu. i was trying to convince myself that it's okay to wear shoes a size bigger than your actual size, just so i can buy the shoes. hahaha. And there's this floral printed wedge shoes that i saw.  they look so girly and perfect for the summer.

Hmm, blogging about it makes me want to go to SM taytay today. hahaha.  Oh and the best part is there's a sale today. 

Go check out Parisian shoes and let me know what you think alright? I took some pictures of the shoes i was referring to but for some reasons, i can't upload them now here. :(

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